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Chapter 978: A Wicked Smile on His Face

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

With Elder Qiu leading the way, Ling Chuxi and the others walked into the sect. On the way, they met many disciples of the sect who greeted them respectfully. When they knew the ident.i.ties of Ling Chuxi and the others, not only did they not show any contempt, but they were also extremely enthusiastic. But it made Ling Chuxi feel a little uncomfortable.

“Feiyu, aren’t your fellow disciples a little too enthusiastic towards us?” asked Ling Chuxi to Duan Feiyu helplessly.

“Our Celestial Sect isn’t like other sects that fight and scheme against each other. The disciples of our sect treat each other like siblings. When we heard that you cured Xiaomo, we naturally felt grateful.” Duan Feiyu explained.

“Oh, so that’s how it is.” Ling Chuxi suddenly understood. But at this moment, Ling Chuxi heard whispers again..

“Eh, that’s strange. Young Sect Master and Second Sect Master are both back. Why isn’t Lu Chengfeng?” asked a young disciple curiously.

“You still don’t know?” Another fat young disciple looked at him strangely.

“What happened? I just came out of seclusion.” That disciple also looked at him with a strange gaze.

“Lu Chengfeng suffered a lot at Golden Pill Sect and embarra.s.sed himself. How could he still have the guts to come back?” The fat disciple informed with a wicked smile on his face.

“Tell me more, tell me more!” said that disciple excitedly.

“I heard that when Lu Chengfeng arrived at Golden Pill Sect, he immediately tried to pick a fight with their sect leader. In the end, he was slapped away by Xiaomo, and was severely beaten up. His face became bruised and swollen, and he didn’t even have the chance to fight back. Later on, he was too ashamed to see anyone and pretended to be sick for a few days. When he recovered, he encountered someone who came to pick a fight with Golden Pill Sect. Lu Chengfeng wanted to regain his dignity, but he overestimated himself. He insisted on pretending to be an expert, but in the end, he was slapped so hard he became dizzy and couldn’t even get up. How could he have the nerve to come back and embarra.s.s himself even further?” The fatty could not help but laugh out loud.

To be honest, Lu Chengfeng was not pretending to be ill. His anxiety had actually made his slight illness worse. However, it was true that he was too ashamed to meet anyone.

“So that’s how it is. That old fellow always relied on his ancestors’ fame to act as if he was almighty. He deserved his bad luck. Too bad I did not witness any of it. That fellow acted like he was an expert, always exuding too much confidence. That slap on his face would have been satisfying to watch.” The disciple couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he imagined Lu Chengfeng being sent flying with a slap after pretending to be an expert.

Ling Chuxi’s face was covered in cold sweat. No wonder Lu Chengfeng didn’t want to come back. Rather than good news, bad and embarra.s.sing news of him had spread far and wide. His ‘great achievements’ had long spread throughout Celestial Sect. If he returned to the sect, he would probably be depressed to the point of committing suicide in less than three days.

Ling Chuxi looked at Duan Feiyu with a strange look. He had just said that the disciples of Celestial Sect were like brothers. But after hearing these words, it didn’t seem like that was the case.

“Ahem, you know Mr Lu’s character. Although he doesn’t dare to be too presumptuous in Celestial Sect, he doesn’t have a good relations.h.i.+p with others. However, they didn’t mean any harm. They were just casually joking. If they really had ill intentions, they wouldn’t have laughed out loud like this but secretly discussed and gossiped behind our backs. That’s actually even worse, right?” Duan Feiyu blushed a little as he explained. In fact, Lu Chengfeng really didn’t have a good relations.h.i.+p with the people in Celestial Sect. He always acted high and mighty, but unfortunately, he had a strong background. “Mr Lu doesn’t have a good relations.h.i.+p with people, but he isn’t bad in nature. So, no one really has malicious intent toward him. To use an a.n.a.logy, it’s just like how Jiang Wuhen was in Golden Pill Sect…”

“Stop, what does it have to do with me?” Jiang Wuhen couldn’t take it anymore. “I’m a good person, the most good person out there. I don’t pretend to be an expert all day only to get slapped away…”

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