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"It's alright. Maybe they've forgotten to send you a notice," Li Xiuying tried to console him with a small smile. "They actually called me in the middle of the night to inform me. I have to ask Song Zexi this morning if I was dreaming when I received the phone call." She let out a low giggle and tried to cover her twitching lips with her hand. 

Mu Jianyu was bewildered why his wife was acting as usual. As if the event three days ago never happened. He wasn't sure if she was in denial or not but it wouldn't change his decision to part with her. 

They arrived at the boardroom fifteen minutes before the call time. Chairman Li's secretary was waiting for Li Xiuying's arrival before he took her to one of the empty conference rooms to relay the family's decision about her husband and how to deal with the issue he'd started. 

Mu Jianyu was in a complex mood as he partic.i.p.ated in the shareholders meeting. As his wife and the official representative of the Li family, Li Xiuying sat next to him. When he first joined the company, the shareholders were apprehensive of him, eyeing him with suspicion and displeasure. 

In these old farts' eyes, Mu Jianyu wasn't worthy of becoming Miss Ying's husband. They believed there wasn't anything spectacular about him and didn't have notable achievements so far. They were disappointed that Li Xiuying had to step down from her post and let her husband a.s.sume the position while she tried to become a full time wife for him. 

It was rare for Li Xiuying to join their meeting unless her grandfather, the Chairman of the Board, requested her partic.i.p.ation or if there was a big problem that needed her a.s.sistance. Mu Jianyu wondered what could be the reason this time. 

His question was answered when someone raised the issue about their newest product being copied and released by a startup company. While the Li family was known as a military family, the Li Corporation was in the IT and Computer Science business. 

 Apparently, someone leaked or sold the original design of the next product and now the shareholders were panicking that this might affect the sales and reputation of the company. Two weeks before the launching of their newest product, the start up company released a product that was strangely similar to what they would be launching. From aesthetics to specifications, there was no doubt that the two products were the same. 

"How could something like this happen? Did someone from the Ru0026D leaked the information?" Someone asked. 

"How brave. We haven't encountered any problem like this for years." 

"Mr. Mu, are you aware of this?" One of the shareholders put Mu Jianyu in the hot seat. Everyone's eyes were on him in an instant, waiting for him to defend himself or make a mistake. 

For the past three years since Mu Jianyu became the CTO and OIC of Li Corporation, the growth of the company had become stagnant. The shareholders weren't pleased with his performance and have been wondering why the Li family was allowing him to represent the company when he wasn't even a Li. 

However, Mu Jianyu didn't give them the satisfaction to humiliate him in front of his wife. He'd learned over the years how to deal with these old businessmen. 

"I've heard of it but I wasn't certain if it was true and was about to conduct an internal investigation.

Although Lu Xiuying didn't actively partic.i.p.ate in the company, the shareholders thought highly of her. 

"Miss Ying, what do you think?" 

Li Xiuying was given a brief report of the issue and had been thinking of the best solution. While it was true that Mu Jianyu was the OIC, the Li family and her words were the law within this boardroom. 

She stood from her seat, her eyes swept around the people within the boardroom before a slight smile bloomed from her pretty face. 

"Before I discuss my grandfather's opinion with all of you, I would like to inform you that I, Li Xiuying, will resume working as the CEO of the company. I hope you'll continue to help me and my husband at this critical time." 

The shareholders clapped, their mood lightened up upon hearing her announcement while Mu Jianyu froze in his seat. He wasn't expecting any of these. If Li Xiuying was to really discover his underhanded tricks, she wouldn't be able to protect him from the Li family's wrath. 

She's returning to the company? Did this mean that the Li family intended to ensure a clean cut between him and Li Xiuying? 

Mu Jianyu took a side glance on his wife. Li Xiuying appeared to be thoughtful and indifferent. There wasn't even a hint of worry on her face. How could she be so calm right now? He wondered.

"At this point, we believe that someone purposely leaked the project. We have decided to continue the plan and ask the Ru0026D Head of Department to add more specifications to the product." 

"Miss Ying, should we move or delay the launching date?" 

"But it's too late to make drastic changes now!" Someone complained and hit the table with his fist.

 "Delaying the launching would be problematic but keeping the schedule on time would also place the company under scrutiny." 

All of the departments had worked so hard to make this product launch possible but for Li Xiuying this was definitely one of the worst schemes Mu Jianyu staged for the Li family. The audacity of this man was absurd that even Li Xiuying couldn't believe that her husband was able to plot something like this. She wondered what else had he been doing behind her back. 

She was so tempted to ask him what he had been doing to the company lately. She faintly understood then what was happening. A barely mocking smile curled her lips and she laughed inwardly. 

'So it was like this, Mu Jianyu?' 

Li Xiuying suddenly wanted to leave his side right now. She was no longer willing to face his betrayal or else, she wouldn't be able to control the inevitable sarcastic comments that were threatening to spill from her lips. 

They couldn't delay it anymore as it was already announced a week ago, however changing the product concept this late would surely leave an impact. Li Xiuying had to deal with the problem caused by her own husband. 

Her face was expressionless, she seemed to be thinking of many possibilities. Mu Jianyu had no time to guess what she was thinking of as she immediately handed out the will of the Li family over the matter. They wanted to catch the snake as soon as possible. 

"Is there something I could help you with?" Mu Jianyu asked after their meeting ended. He grabbed her arm, failing to notice how Li Xiuying became tense on his touch and Su Ling and Song Zexi's eyes sharpened at him. 

"There's no need. Grandpa wanted me to do it anyway. I will have a thorough investigation done, you do not have to worry about this." 

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