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Chapter 435: Gambling Odds of 400

Most of the goodies were all scattered at the lower areas.

Thus, when the trash was poured down from above, some of the good loots were flushed up to the 10 or 20-ish levels.

As dust burst out into the air, several glimmers of s.h.i.+ning reflection of the loot could be seen from the outside!

The energy that was vibrating from these rare loots were quite attractive to everyone who had seen it!

Even Qin Feng, an extensively knowledgeable man, had never seen some of them. However, they were definitely good loot!

Everyone’s eyes widened as they saw the loots in the air.

Several C-tiers even lost their cool as they saw them.

Even though they were not able to scan the items for long, they quickly ordered their teammates to start moving.

Meanwhile, Qin Feng’s communicator started ringing.

“5 minutes before Registration!”

“10 minutes before Betting!”

Oh, there was still time to register?

Suddenly Qin Feng had an idea as he quickly scanned the area.

The people that were scanned by him did not even notice Qin Feng’s scanning.

These people were E-tier apt.i.tude users.

Suddenly, Qin Feng was stunned when he saw a young man.

This man was just about 18 or 19 years old, about 170 cm tall, and looked as thin as a matchstick!

However, his eyes were glowing with red glares, like the eyes of wolves.

Despite his weak appearance, he was actually tough! Yet, his tier was a measly “E”.

In the City of Death, the E-tiers were the weakest of the weak. Most of them could only get a janitorial job in the tower and City of Death. Yet, this kid seemed different. He was strong.

He was a man who lived all his life in the Secret Tower of Death. Being able to live through that whopping 19 years in this dog-eat-dog world was enough to toughen him up.

He was now as tough and as fierce as a true champion!

Qin Feng knew who that kid was.

This kid, in the future, would fight his way out of this Secret Tower of Death and become the best bounty hunter in the Bounty Hunter Network and fiercest hitman in the Dark Hitmen Network!

An A-tier Super Star—Jin Fei!

Qin Feng was so surprised to see him here.

Right now, Jin Fei was still struggling in the City of Death, still finding his way out of this h.e.l.l hole!

Qin Feng cultivated some of his internal force and vibrated his voice into Jin Fei’s ears, “I’ll get you an Exit Ticket and bring you out of the tower later. And I’ll share 1% of my earnings in this raid, deal?”

Jin Fei was stunned when he heard Qin Feng’s words!

1% was probably around 100 power credits. It might not mean much in the world outside but in the City of Death alone that was a lot of money. And Jin Fei did not come to the Tower to gamble.

He had no interest in gambling. He had no money to gamble.

Yet, whenever the Secret Tower of Death opened up, Jin Fei would always show up. Because he wanted to observe and learn. He was a genius in learning ancient warriors’ martial arts.

However, Qin Feng’s words were quite surprising to him.

Jin Fei knew just how dangerous the Secret Tower of Death was.

Qin Feng said he would give him some shares of his loot. That sounded good and all but to him this meant asking him to give up his life for him.

Besides, Jin Fei had no idea who this person was! Still, even if this came from a D-tier apt.i.tude user, he needed to heed to this demand. Or else, he would be murdered by this person.

The first thing that crossed his mind was—just who had he offended and crossed lately!

Suddenly, a man walked by him, and lightly pushed him!

In the next moment, there was a small bag in Jin Fei’s hands!

It did not take long for him to realize that the heavy stuff inside the bag was tons of power credits!

1,000 power credits. This was a sudden increase of fat for Jin Fei’s wallet. But this was also a huge problem for him.

“Go. Time for registration is going to close up soon.”

Qin Feng’s words were firm and unwavering, giving him a sense of threat.

Of course, Qin Feng did not intend to threaten him. His only purpose was to help Jin Fei find a way out of the City of Death. If he got out, he would become one of the sharpest blades on the planet. He did not want to lose any chance in capitalizing this human a.s.set.

Yet, all he saw in Jin Fei’s eyes right now was fear. Nothing but fear and dread.

He suddenly realized something—Jin Fei, at this time, was still a weakling!

He was so weak that this “golden opportunity” that Qin Feng thought he was offering him was nothing but a glorious death sentence!

Still, Qin Feng did not intend to give up on him yet. So, he decided to threaten and urge him to register.

Of course, this did not work too well either. Only 3 minutes left before the registration would close up and Jin Fei was still hesitating.

“Bai Li, do it.”

Qin Feng could not wait anymore; so, he ordered Bai Li to help him out.

In an instant, Bai Li’s psionic energy bubbled up around Jin Fei.


Jin Fei’s eyes were filled with despair as he realized what was going on—Psionic Control!

Bai Li was a C-tier beast emperor; so, her Psionic power was quite strong. It was quite easy for her to control Jin Fei.

Under the influence of Bai Li, Jin Fei walked toward the black-robed men and registered a place in the Secret Tower of Death with the 1,000 power credits.

The black-robed men were surprised when they saw Jin Fei registering.

Jin Fei was an E-tier apt.i.tude user so he also had a communicator. This meant that he had some personal details recorded in it too. After double checking it, the black-robed men confirmed that he was indeed an E-tier!

“E-tier? Do you have a death wish? Know that if you regret later, we won’t return this money to you!”

After collecting the power credits, they gave Jin Fei an invitation card to put on his chest.

It was Number 444!

“Death Death Death”! What an unlucky number!

Jin Fei marched to Qin Feng step by step and then stood behind him. It seemed as though he was doing this against his will.

Finally, the time for registration was closed up. The bets were raining into the pot.

In the vast number of bets, Jin Fei was like a thorn among the roses in the midst of all the D-tiers. And no one dared to bet on Jin Fei.

Most of them who were betting were C-tiers that were renown in the City of Death. They would usually bet on their own underlings and win the winnings. And meanwhile, their underlings would need to work together to snipe others so that their bosses could win their bets.

Of course, these underlings also needed to come back alive. If they were to win and acquire loads of loots but died along the way, their bosses would not get even a dime.

As for Jin Fei, his odds were quite ridiculous!

His betting odds were stacking by tens and hundreds after pa.s.sing the 5th levels. If he could survive till the 30th level, the one who bet on them would get 400 times their money!

Of course, this was probably to draw some spectacles for this raid by the authority!

“Bai Li. Lay down your bet on Number 444. It’s 400 times your money. You could get 10 billion in one go!”

“Okay, I’ll put all of my money in. We could get 4 trillion this way!”

Bai Li walked away giggling, laying down her bet!

Jin Fei was still under Bai Li’s control so he could not move a muscle at all. Yet, he was still conscious.

It felt as though Jin Fei’s body was a house and Bai Li had taken control of it, forcing him to a corner of a wall. Yet, he could still hear whatever that was said outside.

Jin Fei did not know if he wanted to roar out in anger or smirk in amus.e.m.e.nt!

“400 odds? In your dreams!”

It was not just Jin Fei, even the black-robed men thought the same too. They thought Bai Li had totally lost her mind! Number 444 is just an E-tier!

Yet, this was not an uncommon sight. There were also some people who tended to opt to protect a certain partic.i.p.ant to earn the winnings of great odds. Still, the chance for him to survive until the 30th level was quite ridiculous!

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