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Chapter 436: You Won’t Die

Nonetheless, the black-robed men laid down an order and asked a dozen of D-tier apt.i.tude users to lock onto Jin Fei.

He was just an E-tier. Just kill him.

Most casino owners had one thing in common—they hated the unpredictable!

Even if Jin Fei would surely die down there with his lack of skills, they could not risk it. They, after all, had to give up 4 trillion power credits if he were to survive the raid!

This, naturally, had attracted the attention of other spectators.

After all, Bai Li had laid down a 10 billion bet.

The other C-tiers went and had a look before mocking in laughter.

“Whelp, we should leave some room for the youngsters to make something!”

“Yeah, what if he survives? The true way of living in the City of Death is to not fear death!”

“Hehe, what nonsense. The ones who don’t fear death have mostly died though.”

Thus, Jin Fei’s betting odds had risen up by at least 5 times.

The betters were not stingy spenders. Many of them had earned hundreds and thousands via killing ultra beasts whenever they stepped out of the City of Death. Some of them even had their own business enterprises in the human societies.

The likes like Lei Ying, Gao Yukang, had earnings of over 500 billion power credits.

And there were about two hundred C-tier apt.i.tude users in the scene. Each one of them laid down a bet of 5 billion. With that, the money in the pot was rising by the minute!

Of course, they were only betting on Jin Fei to last till the 5th level. They did not think he could reach the 30th level.

Well, even him reaching the 10th level was something unthinkable to most.

Meanwhile, after being locked on by ten apt.i.tude users, if Jin Fei was not being s.h.i.+elded by Bai Li’s Psionic Energy, he would have probably been crushed by the intense pressure and died!

Sure, he was one of the best killers in the future. He was going to be the king of the killers!

However, right now, this young man was still an E-tier weakling.

“Beep Beep Beep! The betting’s off!”

Suddenly, the levels of the Secret Tower of Death started to spin.

It was like the levels had turned into several ma.s.sive roulettes, spinning in different directions all at once. The garbage that was poured onto the levels was ground into dust, vanis.h.i.+ng into thin air, leaving only the invaluable, highly-prized loots in them.

Still, something fearsome started to happen.

It seemed as though even those loots were also starting to melt in the spinning levels!

“It’s started. Get down quick!”

The dimension that they were in was just an entrance.

It was like the Secret Tower was the boxing ring and they were now standing in the waiting room.

The Secret Tower of Death was a ma.s.sive place, one that could fit thousands of people. Yet, it only had one huge plaza in the middle, forcing everyone to stand close to one another like in a can of sardines.

Only when the levels were spinning fiercely and spurring out destructive energy, a “door” would then show up.

“Be careful. If there’s any danger, I will bring you out using my pocket dimension!” Bai Li said.

Unlike Bai Li, it was quite impossible for the others to bring someone in and meddle in the affairs inside the tower.

There were countless dimensional runes inside the tower. And most of them did not have even the faintest idea of how they worked, only able to fight and work under the specific rules set by the runes.

Suddenly, a surge of powerful air started to whirl at the place they stood. Although the wind was not too strong, several E-tiers Apt.i.tude Users took a few steps back from the spectator area, fearing that they too would fall into the Tower!


The ancient warriors, who had already gotten ready, leapt into the stage.

As the wind started to whirl even stronger, countless items were blown up into the air. A half-broken ultra beast crystal core that was lying at the 30th level was blown up to the 8th level!

Everyone’s eyes were glimmering with envy!

It was a C-tier beast king’s crystal core! Right in front of them!

How valuable was that? This thing was a C-tier! It was worth about 50 billion power credits! Even if it was now broken in half, it would still be worth about 20 billion power credits!

Even if this meant very little to Qin Feng, to the others this thing was worth quite a lot!

A D-tier ultra beast would require most to have trained a dozen of years to kill. And that would only give them a few billion power credits. And this thing was C-tier! This thing was worth ten times more than what they usually killed. Thus, this thing would naturally attract them to fight one another to grab it, even if it would cost them their lives!

The 8th level in the tower was only about eighty meters away. It would only take three seconds for a D-tier ancient warrior to reach it!

Whoosh Whoosh Whoos.h.!.+

The ancient warriors quickly dashed down.

Meanwhile, Bai Li’s Psionic Energy was pulled out of Jin Fei’s body.

Suddenly released from the Psionic influence, Jin Fei fell down on the ground.

The C-tier ultra beast crystal had attracted the attention of others, distracting them from Jin Fei.

“Come with me if you want to live!” Qin Feng looked at Jin Fei coldly.

Jin Fei had always been careful throughout his life. His awakened ability was a simple one—Photographic Memory. As such, every single person that Jin Fei had seen, no matter D-tier or C-tier, if he had seen them, he would remember them all his life.

He even knew which E-tiers had which D-tiers as their protectors. Like, if a certain E-tier were to die, he would know it was due to him offending a certain E-tier, who was under a certain D-tier’s protection.

Jin Fei had always been careful all his life. That was how he was able to stay alive until today!

Yet now, Jin Fei’s life was in Qin Feng’s grasp!

“I am not strong enough. If I am strong, I would not be controlled by anyone! Too bad… I’m about to die now… I’m going to die…”

Jin Fei mumbled in his heart in despair.

Meanwhile, Qin Feng did not pay much attention to the young man’s predicament. Instead, he took out a white thread that was as thick as his wrist.

It was the spider thread from the D-tier broodmother!

In just a few moments, Jin Fei’s waist was tied tightly with the spider thread by Qin Feng, and then the other end of the thread was tied onto Qin Feng’s own waist.

Qin Feng needed to do this so Jin Fei would listen to him and keep up with him.

Jin Fei was then being dragged along by Qin Feng using the thread to the 1st level.

A surge of destructive energy suddenly flowed straight toward his face, causing some scratches to appear on his skin.


Before Jin Fei was able to open his mouth, a powerful internal force, one that was three meters wide, enveloped and s.h.i.+elded his body.

“Ah! You…” Jin Fei stared at Qin Fei in surprise. “Your internal s.h.i.+eld! How does it work like that?!”

D-tier ancient warriors could use their internal energy for various purposes. Jin Fei had seen a lot of those. Yet, this one that Qin Fei was emitting was quite different from the others.

His internal s.h.i.+eld could extend to as wide as three meters! This was something that only someone who was C-tier or stronger could do!

Besides, without a powerful supply of internal force, it would be too exhausting to do this.

Nonetheless, it was not quite uncommon for someone to reach the height of power like Qin Feng’s.

There was a specific “secret” in the Secret Tower of Death. On the surface, this place seemed to be a ma.s.sive casino for gamblers and fearless warriors to grab loot. Yet, only the ones who had been to the tower knew the destructive energy that this Secret Territory emitted could help one to cultivate their internal energy.

This destructive energy could suppress one’s internal strength, thus causing their aura to be even more potent than usual.

If Qin Feng was someone who had partic.i.p.ated in all the eighteen times of the Secret Tower raid and then had acquired this powerful internal strength, Jin Fei would believe it.

Yet, the problem was, Jin Fei had never seen Qin Feng in his life, ever!

“You won’t die. You have my word.”

Qin Feng calmly laid down a promise. A promise that sparked a glimmer of hope in Jin Fei’s eyes.

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