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Chapter 553: The Belly of The Shade

At that moment, Qin Feng did not show a trace of hesitation!

“We’re going too!”

He wrapped an arm around Bai Li’s waist before unfurling the Blue Flame Peac.o.c.k Wings, soaring out of the decrepit building he had been hiding in.

There was no point in using Bai Li’s teleportation, everyone was paying attention to their point of arrival after all.

It was at this point that the prodigies who were unaware of what was going on realized that something impossible was happening. The ones who were charging straight into the Shades were not because they had gone mad.

The Shades did not just sit around either. They would start to look for prodigies that were too far from the pack. For those prodigies that did not have a way to escape, they would definitely get surrounded and piled onto.

Qin Feng’s flight speed was not fast enough. Soon he found a fair number of the Shades drifting his way, trying to surround him and cut him off from his path.

“Fire Dragon!”

A ma.s.sive flaming dragon blazed a straight path forward, breaking through the incoming Shades as Qin Feng followed after it. With the way clear he blitzed past more than a hundred meters in a single blast.

In the blink of an eye, he found himself getting closer to that terrifying ma.s.sive Shade Behemoth.

As he got closer, he began to see less of the creature’s features as his sight was filled with something that looked like an ocean’s worth of water trapped behind a flimsy film.

When he pushed his head in, it felt just like he had plunged himself into water. What surrounded him was not water though, it was actually some kind of seemingly endless energy.

He was not clear if he was feeling the power from the Divine Star’s light or the Shade Behemoth’s own body.

He did feel that the energy around him was constantly being cycled through by his body. If he stayed here to cultivate then he truly would exceed beyond his normal progress.

The problem was, who would want to think about meditating at a time like this?

About twenty meters away from him was a large piece of metal. From what he understood, this piece of metal was a very special kind of material.

Of course, it was a kind of metal that caused what it had been made into to get stronger as its user got stronger.

As he tried to get closer to the item, he realized that his speed had plummeted greatly and the Blue Flame Phoenix Wings on his back were starting to flicker.

He looked at the other prodigies who had also begun to stop using their abilities and were using their physical power alone to move around.

“I see, if that’s the case then I don’t need to worry about anyone else!”

While Qin Feng might not be the most knowledgeable in this environment, he knew that n.o.body could match his body’s raw power.

“Dragon Steps!”

He activated his internal force, sending ripples through the water-like energy around him as he zipped toward the object. Within the blink of an eye, he had the metal in his grasp.

“I’m going to! We should split up!” Bai Li called out.

“Okay, be careful!”

“Don’t worry! I’m not a little kid!” Bai Li waved her hand dismissively before going the opposite direction.

Qin Feng trusted in Bai Li’s own strength. For one, it was hard to pin her down thanks to her teleportation and if she encountered any trouble she could just reappear by his side.

The two parted ways and went off to grab the items that were scattered around them.

A dragon-borne spotted Qin Feng and revealed rows of sharp serrated teeth as it opened its mouth. Its eyes glowed a bright red in the gloom around them.

“Haha! Little human boy, wormed yourself into a trap eh? Since you’re here now, you have to die!”

The dragon-borne rushed toward Qin Feng as if like a missile, sending violent ripples through the energy surrounding them.

When they were outside, the little human Qin Feng was a ma.s.sive threat due to his abilities but in here, where abilities were diminished and everyone had to rely on their raw physical powers, the dragon-borne naturally thought it had a chance in taking on Qin Feng.

Dragon-borne were always superior in strength.


A fist came flying in. Normally it would have just been a normal punch but due to the energy around, the force of the blow had wrapped the fist with a small whirlpool.

Within the Shade Behemoth’s body, it was more obvious when someone activated their powers.

“You want to die? Fine by me!”

Qin Feng also raised a fist. He was a meter shorter than the Dragon-borne he faced and his opponent’s fist was three times his own size.

However, what was terrifying about him was the power that he could unleash.

As the two fists collided, they could hear a painful ear-grating sound.


The Dragon-borne’s finger bones had been crushed and there was a dent where a joint used to be. Blood began to pour from the open wound.

“How?” The Dragon-borne’s face was contorted with a mix of disbelief and pain.

Qin Feng did not stop and explain. He unleashed his murderous aura. If someone was going to kill him, he was not going to let them go.


He delivered a punch into his opponent’s stomach. While the dragon-borne was strong, it was not as fast as Qin Feng!

It was about as durable as a C3-tier beast emperor, but no matter how strong this dragon-borne was, Qin Feng was on an entirely different level.

Upon impact, its stomach concaved and the organs inside were crushed by Qin Feng’s attack!

His opponent curled up like a shrimp would and Qin Feng delivered another swift punch, this time directed toward its heart!


It was as if a giant hammer had just slammed into its weak point.

Blood gushed from the dragon-borne’s mouth as its heart was smashed into paste, its eyes starting to lose their glow.

Three strikes. It only took Qin Feng three strikes to take down the dragon-borne!

Its overconfidence had turned into its downfall within a matter of minutes.

The others that saw this scene quickly fled the area, none of them decided to try and fight Qin Feng anymore.

The dead dragon-borne quickly began to dissolve, its body, the energy within and the cosmetic clothing it had on all began to fade away. The only thing that remained was its equipment.

Qin Feng collected the items before continuing on his way.

As he continued to loot, he encountered another batch of challengers. Not all of them were trying to fight Qin Feng and those who tried to kill him were killed in return.

“There’s a lot of treasures in here. The kind that even the prodigies would want!” All Qin Feng had to do was move a few meters ahead and he would find things floating around, being pocketed by prodigies left and right.

After an hour’s time, the things within the Behemoth began to lessen and the numerous prodigies began to gather.

This was the Shade Behemoth’s central core.

By now, there were tens of thousands of prodigies all gathered around the area.

As Qin Feng saw the amount of powerful prodigies around him, his eyes widened.

They were prodigies from all manner of places, people that Qin Feng would have never even imagined meeting before his rebirth.

They were all gathered here because of one thing.

The Soul Tribe’s most powerful G.o.d Weapon, the Sacred Armor.

A countless number of rune equipment floated around the Sacred Armor like the rings of a planet. The sheer amount of spatial rune equipment that flowed through the area shone with a silver light, making it resemble a small galaxy.

It was just that there were too many people around the Sacred Armor!

Up, down, left, right. They were everywhere!

The people surrounding the armor were staring intently at it but n.o.body made a move.

Suddenly, a consciousness transferred a chilling voice that boomed with malice.

“Mung, test the Sacred Armor’s power for me!”

Everyone looked to where the transmission had come from and saw a prodigy of an unidentifiable tribe grab someone else and throw them toward the Sacred Armor.

“Wait! Nooo!”

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