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Chapter 750: Wiped Out

The man whose head that Qin Feng kept was someone that he was sure was from the Dark Coalition he had seen on the bounty hunter network.

This ancient warrior, however, was just a small corporation’s president. There was not much loot he could get from him. And if he left his corpse lying around, there would be others that would use it against him within the politics of the Human Alliance.

As such, it was best for him to burn his corpse whole.

With that, even if some people suspected him, Qin Feng could just pretend that he did not know about it. Also, no one had solid evidence that he was the one who killed him too—no one knew that this man was that president because he had his face covered behind a mask seconds before his death.

Then, Qin Feng started to move from one cube to another again to kill every single A-tier that challenged him.

Bai Li was too powerful. As such, even if these people were able to retaliate in time, Bai Li could still shuffle them around in a split second with her spatial powers. Not one of these men were able to survive this onslaught.

A few minutes later, Qin Feng had killed all of them—about thirty one men in there. When he walked out of the Cubic Clasp, his hand was carrying twenty six heads.

The ability users that were looking on the outside did not know what happened inside. All they saw was a huge silver rubik’s cube emerge and then Qin Feng and Bai Li dashed into the cube before the gigantic black flower started to descend toward the ma.s.sive cube.

All they knew was some eerie scent of blood that could be sniffed from the sea as minutes went by.

They were as clueless as a slime when they saw Qin Feng walk out of the Cubic Clasp, with a steel chain binding all the twenty six heads together in his hand.

The A-tiers were all wiped out!

And they did not dare to move a muscle, fearing that they would provoke Qin Feng’s wrath against them next. Some of them started to back away, preparing to flee.

A cold s.h.i.+ver ran down their spines as they breathed heavily.

This Qin Feng was quite a terrifying monster. He could kill thirty A-tiers in one go!

Qin Feng dragged the chained heads and leaped into the air. He did not activate the Phantom s.h.i.+ft this time. In fact, he did not use any ability at all other than the ordinary qinggong.

He looked completely defenseless.

Yet, no one dared to attack him.

They backed away one step after another in the sky as Qin Feng approached them slowly.

Then, he got closer. The B-tier crowd quickly split apart, leaving a path for him to go through. They moved rather quickly and were as quiet as mice, fearing that they would invoke Qin Feng’s wrath.

As Qin Feng flew away, he could feel that none of these men’s consciousness dared to lock onto him. All they did was stare at him in awe as he flew away.

Qin Feng stopped and turned toward them; these ability users’ faces turned grim when they saw this.

Letting out a smirk, Qin Feng summoned his hovercraft.

It was too much trouble to fly back himself. He would rather use a machine to go home.

As Qin Feng and Bai Li got onto the hovercraft, they tossed the heads into their pocket dimension before leaving.

Seeing this, the five A-tiers that decided to back off earlier wiped off the cold sweat on their foreheads.


Guan Jinhau gulped down his saliva and was thankful for his faith as he hid amongst the B-tier crowd.

When everyone got back later, word about Qin Feng’s feat on h.e.l.l Island spread like wildfire.

In just one night, everyone knew about how a B2-tier ability user had slain over thirty A-tiers.

Of course, Qin Feng did not care about these gossips.

After heading back to the Dark Citadel, Qin Feng went straight back to the hotel. The people at the reception were quite shocked to see him alive and well—he was, after all, being hunted by dozens of A-tiers when they last saw him.

On the other hand, the owner of the hotel had caught wind of what happened. He was fearful of Qin Feng that he could almost wors.h.i.+p the young man like a G.o.d, fearing that Qin Feng would murder the c.r.a.p out of everyone if he was offended.

After getting back into his room, Qin Feng started to meditate to digest the powers he had absorbed. Out of the thirty one A-tiers that he killed, there were twenty three of them that were ancient warriors. After absorbing their internal energies, his internal energy had grown by 900 pools in strength.

Meanwhile, Bai Li was busy handling the loot. She took out the A-tiers’ power credits and put them into her little “wallet dimension” while tossing everything else into BattleG.o.d Tomb, leaving Xue Xingfu to handle the rest.

They acquired over 5 billion power credits from each of these A-tiers. As such, there was an increase of about 150 billion power credits in Bai Li’s wallet now.

This in turn meant that Qin Feng, who was utterly broke a while ago, was now rich once more.

Qin Feng looked at one of the loot. It was a G.o.d weapon—one of the goods that was auctioned earlier.

“Wow, these greedy c*nts!”

These people even had their own G.o.d weapons. Yet, they still wanted to hunt down Qin Feng to get more treasures.

If they were not this greedy, they would most likely be basking in fame and glory right now.

Then, as he saw the sheer amount of money they got from killing those A-tiers, Qin Feng smirked, “What good timing. Just when we are penniless, these people flocked to us to give us their power credits. Well, since it’s not our money to begin with… let’s use up every penny of these in the auction tomorrow!”

Indeed, it was just the first day of the Dusk Dragon Auction.

This was a five-day event. As such, there were still going to be more items to be auctioned in the upcoming days. After that, h.e.l.l Island would appear.

Thus, Qin Feng and Bai Li had a restful night in their room. After learning what Qin Feng did, no one dared to attack him that night.

Meanwhile, Guan Jinhau had received about ten requests that asked him to Qin Feng. Of course, he had declined all of them.

He still wanted to live. Qin Feng was able to learn his Phantom s.h.i.+ft in a matter of seconds. And that girl, that weird Spatial-powered girl!!

There was no way he would try to these two again. h.e.l.l no!


The next day, when Qin Feng arrived at the Dusk Dragon Auction, he could feel that over hundreds of eyes were staring at him.

Some of them were looking at him in awe; of course, there were also many that were glaring at him with hatred.

Qin Feng scanned his surroundings and saw that the people who were leering at him with anger were B-tiers. The A-tier that was leading these B-tiers noticed that Qin Feng was looking at them coldly. He quickly broke eye contact fearfully and shepherded the B-tiers away.

Bai Li frowned. “These are from the Human Alliance.”

Qin Feng nodded. “One of the people I killed yesterday was an elder from an ancient warrior family. Or, it could have been one of their family members. So, it’s quite natural for them to hate me!”

Of course, Qin Feng felt nothing wrong in killing these people yesterday.

The post-apocalyptic world was a dog-eat-dog world. If one dared to show mercy, he would lose and forever be d.a.m.ned.

As such, no one would hesitate to kill one another in this world.

And if they wanted to kill someone, they should always prepare for the consequences.

And speaking of consequences… Qin Feng spotted Liu Hang from afar. Qin Feng smirked and walked to him.

Cold sweat was rolling off of Liu Hang’s forehead when he saw this. He did not know if he should flee or hide.

“Oh? Weren’t you the one who told the others to chase after me yesterday? Why did you not join the chase back then? Are you all bark but no bite, hmm?” Qin Feng smirked.

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