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The master of the Su family, as well as his wife and his children, were waiting at home. After Gu Bailu and Qian'er were invited in, they paid their respects and were seated.

The Su mansion was extravagantly decorated. Even the pillars were inlaid with gold as the family blatantly flaunted their high status.

Naturally, the Su family was very arrogant as well.

Who knew which lady opened her mouth first. “Daoist nuns going out and about with looks like that – who knows what kind of trash they are.”

Gu Bailu thought that her current appearance was only mediocre and she was far from any sort of beauty.

And Qian'er was ten times uglier than her real appearance.

So Gu Bailu really felt that this young lady's scorn was absurd.

Is this face anything to brag about? Miss, you don't know what attractive means, do you?

What she didn't know was that while she and Qian'er could only be described as pretty at most, their temperaments sent them apart. Gu Bailu looked very intelligent, as if she had achieved enlightenment, while Qian'er was captivating down to her bones; even just standing there and doing nothing, she was like a fresh and plump peach.

Lady Su pretended to yell, “What nonsense are you saying?”

Gu Bailu smiled and said virtuously, “I don't bicker with vulgar people.”

“Hey, you really think you're something, do you?” The young lady stood up and cursed. She didn't sense much spiritual power from Gu Bailu and thought that she was a liar.

There was no way that a liar could save Sister Muwei.

Gu Bailu stood up and sneered. “Since the Su family isn't sincere, don't waste my time. The Su family is so grand, there's no need to make fun of two Daoist nuns.”

She made her way out as she spoke, and Qian'er hurried to follow her.

“Stop. What kind of place do you think our Su house is? You think you can come and go as you want?” The young lady chased after them and blocked their way.

Gu Bailu smiled coldly and threw two coppers in her face. “This is for the tea.”

The young lady hadn't antic.i.p.ated Gu Bailu's move, and she was. .h.i.t in the face by the coppers, which left two red marks on her fair skin.

Before the young lady could react, Gu Bailu had already led Qian'er out of the hall.

“Stop her!” the young lady roared, and guards immediately blocked Gu Bailu.

Gu Bailu looked at the guards calmly. She had already prepared herself for this visit to the Su mansion; she knew it wasn't a good place, and there was a high chance of them getting into a fight.

“What? Is the money not enough? The grand Su family serves their guests such terrible tea, two coppers is already generous.” The Su family was infuriated by Gu Bailu's words.

The second son of the Su family laughed. “I didn't know that our tea is so bad.”

“Mr. Su, drinking tea is a state of mind. In the face of an uncouth and vulgar person like Miss Su, even the best tea will lose its flavor,” Gu Bailu said calmly as she held Qian'er's hand.

Having never been humiliated like this, Miss Su flew into a rage and wanted to charge forward, but the second son stopped her. “Xiaoxiao, stop making a fuss.”

“I'm making a fuss? Second Brother, didn't you hear what she said about me?”

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