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Gu Bailu chuckled. “I thought that he only liked chopping up people like carrots every day.”

That was why it was impossible to fully understand a person based on someone else's words.

Considering how Lu Fenying loved and cherished Su Muwei, it wasn't necessarily that he didn't have a heart, but that he had given it exclusively to Su Muwei, so everyone else was just dust to him.

The master of the Su family walked lightly in the front and even held his breath, as if afraid to disrupt Lu Fenying's enjoyment.

Was Lu Fenying so dreadful that even the master of the Su family had to be so careful?

“He's temperamental. Once he's unhappy, he'll kill people,” said Qian'er in a low voice as she tried to make herself less scared by talking.

Even the master of the Su family had to be prudent in front of such a man, not to mention her.

She had once been confronted with this man's malice and heartlessness when he ravaged and humiliated her.

She was so terrified of Lu Fenying that she might not even be able to hold the knife steady to kill him.

“Don't be scared. Remember that Su Muwei's life in your hands, which means that his life is in your hands as well,” Gu Bailu whispered to Qian'er. Qian'er lifted her head, and she almost screamed when she saw Lu Fenying, who was half-reclining on a couch.

She subconsciously ducked behind Gu Bailu, her body shaking and her legs soft.

Gu Bailu looked at the man. The pavilion curtains parted in the wind to reveal Lu Fenying on the couch. He was wearing a loose robe which exposed his chest. His face couldn't be seen, but he had black hair.

It wasn't as if the man had three heads and six arms. Why was Qian'er so scared?

Gu Bailu entered the pavilion with Qian'er.

The master of the Su family bowed first. “Your Highness, I've brought them with me.”

Lu Fenying was completely absorbed in the singing and dancing, and didn't even bother to lift his eyes.

Gu Bailu raised her head for a look, only to have her breath taken away. This was Lu Fenying? Wasn't he supposed to be a ruthless monster? How could he be so handsome?

Not only couldn't she sense any malice from him, he seemed as bright as the sun and as beautiful as an orchid.

Not receiving a response, the master of the Su family stood obediently and didn't dare say another word.

How scary could such a gorgeous man be?

Gu Bailu blinked and kept staring. She wasn't afraid at all.

Lu Fenying suddenly got up and stood on the wool carpet in his bare feet. He was tall and magnificent.

He was magnificent because he was captivatingly muscled all over his body. Coupled with that gorgeous face, he exuded masculinity.

His hair was unique too. It was black but curly, and with his face, he was as beautiful as a Greek G.o.d.

Lu Fenying glanced at the master of the Su family. “Sit.”

The dancers were smart enough to withdraw.

Only the master of the Su family was invited to sit, and only after that did Lu Fenying's gaze sweep over Gu Bailu. “You are the first one in years to look at me like that.”

“Your Highness, you're too good-looking, and I couldn't stop staring. Please don't worry, I am a nun. It was pure admiration,” Gu Bailu said with a laugh.

Lu Fenying, however, ignored her and looked at Qian'er behind her. “Step forward.”

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