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She must've transformed herself with the flowers and escaped.

The world was so big and she had changed her appearance; it would be very hard for his men to find her.

He would be able to recognize her at one glance, but the problem was… where should he go to find her?

Feng Qingtian was very uncomfortable. He was worried that she couldn't take care of herself, or that she would fall in love with another man.

He knew that she must be disappointed in him.

But he never had a chance to explain himself.

“My lord, I think the princess may have escaped to another country, or Senior Hu would've tracked her down,” Qin Shou suggested.

Feng Qingtian nodded. “That's very likely.”

“My lord, didn't Miss Qian'er go missing with her too? Is it possible that they left for Heavenly Wind Empire?”

Feng Qingtian hesitated, before he said, “Isn't she trying to hide from Lu Fenying? Would she dare go to Heavenly Wind Empire?”

But he knew very well what Gu Bailu was like. She was often unpredictable.

It was possible that she really had left for Heavenly Wind Empire.

“I do feel that the princess is someone who would do that.”

Feng Qingtian stood up. “I'll write Lu Fenying a letter and ask him to help with the search.”

“My lord, as long as you point out that Miss Qian'er is with the princess, the crown prince of Heavenly Wind Empire will surely try his best to help,” said Qin Shou.

Feng Qingtian did write Lu Fenying a letter with his unique seal on it.

“Have it delivered to Lu Fenying in person as soon as possible.”

Qin Shou accepted the letter and left.

Feng Qingtian leaned back in his chair in frustration. Ever since he regained his memories, he had been trying to protect Gu Bailu, and he wanted the best for her.

He had thought that he could soften Gu Bailu's heart.

Little did he antic.i.p.ate an outcome like this.

This had all happened before. It was a repeat of his previous life.

But he never wanted to go through that again!

Was Heaven's command truly inviolable?

No! He had put everything he had into this. He couldn't afford to fail again.

At the very least, Lulu had only run away this time… He still had a chance to get her back.

He just hoped that Heavenly Palace Cliff hadn't sent down more men.

At that moment, the butler reported from outside, “My lord, the third prince of the Bai family is here, and says it's important.”

Narrowing his eyes with fierce intent, Feng Qingtian said, “Send him in.”

He really wanted to kill Bai Yunyi at that moment. If he hadn't babbled, Gu Bailu wouldn't have left at all.

He shouldn't have spared his life years ago! He should've completely obliterated him!

Bai Yunyi was quickly brought in. The moment he stepped into the room, a rainbow-colored ray of light sent him flying into a corner. Feng Qingtian flashed over to him and grabbed his neck. “You dare come here again?”

Blood dripped from Bai Yunyi's mouth, but he had no time to bother with his injury as he said anxiously, “Heavenly Palace Cliff has sent more men.”

Feng Qingtian loosened his grip and his eyes turned sharp. “What did you say?”

“It seems Heavenly Palace Cliff is aware that the heavenly retribution struck the wrong person, and someone has been sent to correct the mistake. Gu Bailu is in danger,” said Bai Yunyi nervously.

He now knew that Gu Bailu was the person he loved in his previous life.

Therefore, he had to protect her no matter what.

He thought that his love had faded, but his heart had moved when he met her again, even when his soul had been rea.s.sembled.

That was because Yan Anchun was fake.

Even though Gu Bailu had wronged him before, he couldn't bear for anything to happen to her at all.

Feng Qingtian glared at him. “Were you the one who told them?”

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