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666 Never Take Back

Feng Qingtian rubbed her head affectionately. “My Lulu is awesome…”

While praising her, he pulled her to the bathroom to wash her hands. “Have a good rest after dinner. I won’t bully you tonight. We’ll leave tomorrow morning.”

Gu Bailu nodded. “Okay!”

She smiled. Finally, she could leave the crown prince’s residence.

At the break of dawn the next day, Feng Qingtian and Gu Bailu had already packed up, and went to say goodbye to Lu Fenying.

Lu Fenying met them in the study.

Su Muwei did wake up two hours later, but her body was still in pain. However, he checked her pulse and confirmed that there was no reverse flow in her body.

“You’re leaving so soon? Muwei’s wounds haven’t healed yet.”

He didn’t know how Gu Bailu did it, but she cut Muwei up.

The knife had clearly cut her open, but Muwei was still alive.

He didn’t know that a person could be st.i.tched back together after being cut open.

Looking at Su Muwei’s wounds, he had almost wanted to kill Gu Bailu.

He only accepted it with much difficulty after the maid explained it to him.

“As long as you take good care of her according to my instructions, her wounds will completely heal in a few days, and her body will return to normal. We have to rush back to Southern Glory Empire.”

Lu Fenying didn’t think that what they said was an excuse. Feng Qingtian had abandoned matters of state to come after Gu Bailu.

He was someone who wielded power, too. He knew how things could pile up after just a day.

“What about Mo Qian’er? She hasn’t woken up yet.” Lu Fenying didn’t want Gu Bailu to leave right away.

“I can’t bear to part with my disciple, either. If possible, Your Highness should let me take her away. If not, I’ll have to leave her to you. My husband has important matters to attend to, and he has to return immediately.”

“How long before she wakes up?” Lu Fenying asked.

“She just lost too much blood. She’ll wake up in three days, but remember, you absolutely mustn’t disturb her in the next few days.” Gu Bailu looked worried. “I’m really worried about Qian’er. Your Highness… Miss Su is fine now. Just let me take my disciple away.”

Lu Fenying smiled coldly. “I never take back what I say. You can leave if you want. Red Wolf, send them out.”

Lu Fenying didn’t like hearing that they wanted to take Mo Qian’er away.

Gu Bailu was annoyed when she heard that, and left with another word.

She winked at Feng Qingtian, and the latter played with her fingers as they left the residence.

The carriage left Three Lives Capital.

Gu Bailu took out a black sandalwood box from her sleeve in satisfaction. “Husband, when do you think Lu Fenying will discover that the Sky Splitting Mirror has been stolen?”

Feng Qingtian hugged her affectionately. “Probably the next time he uses it.”

“That should be a very, very long time later.”

The Sky Splitting Mirror was a treasure that was usually hidden away. It wouldn’t be taken out unless it was needed.

Lu Fenying would never guess that the Sky Splitting Mirror was a fake. Even if he looked for Gu Bailu in the future, she could deny it and say that that was the piece which he had given to her.

Gu Bailu had wanted to take the Sky Splitting Mirror since the beginning, but she had to do it secretly and without Lu Fenying suspecting anything. The best way was to make a fake mirror.

So, before she had gone to the crown prince’s residence, Gu Bailu had made a fake mirror that looked exactly the same, based on Qian’er’s description. The light it gave off also looked especially real. Gu Bailu had cast a lot of invisible runes on it, and the mirror would light up when an incantation was chanted.

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