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Chapter 658: War in Subterranean World: Aftermath

With the help of the warriors from the Fourth Set, the Third Set defeated the Red Matter a.s.sociation in the Aekr Republic in just two hours.

It was a victory for the Athen's Champion this time but the casualty of the battle wasn't small. Hundreds of warriors had died. Precisely, three hundred seventy nine warriors perished in this battle.

And half of them were heavily injured. The potions that they brought too were consumed leaving only a few in their storage.

The Grain Leader of the First Grain War, Banni, was also heavily injured. He wasn't in a condition to fight anymore. The warriors that knew healing spells already gave him first aid but he was still exhausted from the battle against Jayden.

With his condition, he could only fight low-level enemies. If he fought another executive, he would surely die.

Three hundred warriors had died from this battle. Most of them were the warriors that got their mana pool sealed. It was understandable since they could only fight the enemies using their physical strength.

Although combat arts didn't need mana to use, they still imbued their mana in their combat arts to make it more powerful. Aside from that, the natural energy barrier around their bodies had disappeared since they couldn't use any mana.

Along with them, two Grain Leaders had died. The Grain Leaders of the Ninth Virgin and Tenth Wise. It was a huge loss since these two people were warriors at Four Shackles Realm. The initial stage of SSS-rank.

Four Shackles Realm was one of the requirements if one wanted to become a Grain Leader. It was the minimum power level.

As for the warriors of the Fourth Set, three Grains were only present in this mission. The Sixth Grain Wise, Fourth Grain Wise, and the Third Grain Virgin.

Souta was walking around. Unlike many warriors, his body didn't have any wounds.

It's not that he didn't suffer injuries from fighting the enemies. It's just that his regeneration ability was greater than any human and demi-human.

After walking around, he found his group. Looking at them, he realized that the number of warriors in the Tenth Grain War had decreased.

'It seems that some warriors in our Grain had perished.'

Souta walked over and saw the Blue Cross Squad at the corner. He turned his head and saw their conditions. They were all heavily injured.

"Aha, I'm glad that you're still alive, Souta!" Leilus said with a laugh. Beside him was the rest of the Blue Cross Squad.

"Well, something happened..." Souta smiled as he shrugged his shoulder.

"You look like you didn't even partic.i.p.ate in a battle. Ah~ I thought that I was going to die." Drami said with a wry smile on her face. "I'm tired. I want to go back and drink alcohol."

"You sound like an old man," Marcus said to her.

"My regenerative ability is higher than human and demi so..." Souta said as he sat down beside the group.

"Ah, that's cheating! I want to have that kind of ability too! Argh! My wounds!!" Drami raised both of her hands but she immediately brought them down and held her wounds.

None of them weren't in any condition to fight. He could see with his [Galaxy Eyes] that the energy in their mana pool was drained.

"What did you experience in the battle, Souta?"

Souta turned his head and saw that it was Sekmet. She was staring into his eyes.

"Yeah, what happened to you? What you did was very eye-catching. We saw tons of blood flowing in the air." Leilus said.

"You know, most of the warriors that died came from the western region. I do not have a choice but to protect myself to the best of my abilities. I tried to protect my fellow warriors from sealing runes using my blood control ability." Souta slowly explained to them. "What about you guys?"

"Ah, d.a.m.n! We were defeated." Leilus said in a low voice as he tightly clenched both of his fists.

He slowly explained what happened to them from the start.

They basically found the device to remove the sealing runes but it was heavily guarded. They fought and a lot of warriors perished in the battle. In the end, they succeeded in getting the device but it only removed the sealing runes for a short amount of time. They thought that they were going to die when the barrier was broken. The warriors from the Fourth Set rescued them.

"Oh..." Souta listened while rubbing his chin.

When they remove the sealing runes, it was the time when Souta was observing s.h.i.+ela. It was the moment before he killed her.

"In the end, the sealing runes were removed," Leilus said.

"The important matter is that you guys are still alive," Souta said to them.

"I'm thankful for that." Paolo forced a smile on his face.

Souta glanced at him. Paolo loses his left arm in the battle. It was chopped by his opponents when they engaged him in a close-range battle.

"Oh, right?" He suddenly remembered something. He opened the small bag on his waist and took out several health potions. "Here, I think these potions will help recover you guys."

"I will gladly accept it." Leilus smiled. This will help them recover a little bit.

"Are you still going to join the battle?" Souta asked.

"No, the injured people had to stand by. Our job right now is to rest and provide support if an emergency occurred." Leilus said. "Be careful. The Red Matter a.s.sociation is tricky."

"Be careful. Don't die before us! We still need to return to headquarters! You're a monster so use your instinct!" Drami said.

"Don't die," Sekmet said.

"I don't have a plan to die," Souta a.s.sured them. He didn't want to die and that's the reason why he kept fighting.

He shook his head and looked around.

Grain Leader Carmel stood in front and said something regarding the next battle. The injured warriors will stay here to recuperate but they should prepare for the emergency. If something happens they will have to fight.

Two squads perished in the Tenth Grain War. They already expected that some of their fellow warriors would die in this war but personally experiencing it was hard.

"Attention, warriors!!"

A loud voice echoed.

The warriors stopped what they were doing as they turned their heads. They saw the First Grain War Leader, Banni, in front. Besides him was s.h.i.+rley, Vandal's a.s.sistant.

The Chief Captain was missing so as the second strongest warrior Banni will take the position to command everyone. He didn't need to fight on the frontline since he was injured. Instead, he would take the role to command them in the rear.

Most of the potions were given to him. Although he said that he wouldn't fight, if a situation arrives he would fight alongside the warriors. That's why the other warriors prioritized him in healing.

But then... They had no idea where to find the headquarters of the Red Matter a.s.sociation in this place.

Souta had no choice but to step forward. "Permission to speak, Grain Leader Banni!"

"I'll give you my permission." Banni glanced at him.

"I've discovered that this place had four nations. The Aekr Republic is only one of them but I don't know where to find it." Souta said.

"Are you sure about it?" Banni said as he narrowed his eyes. If Souta was right, then this place was bigger than they had imagined.

"Yes, sir! I learned this when I went through the place where Chief Captain Vandal has a meeting with the officials of this country, and also from the book in the laboratory in the southern region." Souta paused before he continued, "I think we should ask the officials of this nation. They are on the other side."

"Okay, I will ask them. Thanks for your contribution, warrior." Banni said before he turned around.

He said something to s.h.i.+rley and after a while, s.h.i.+rley flew away.

Souta stared at her figure until she disappeared. She must be heading toward the people of the Aekr Republic in the eastern region.

"I'll give everyone one hour before we move out. Prepare yourselves, warriors." Banni said to them.

Souta sighed as he sat down on the corner. He opened the small bag on his waist and looked at the things inside it.

All the potions that he brought with him were gone. The only things left were the monster orbs of a fifth stage monster. This will be a good time to recover his energy.

He excused himself. He went to find a desolate place and after finding the right place, he used [Burrow] to create a small place underneath the ground.

"I only have one hour..."

He sat down and took out the monster orb before closing his eyes.

[Archetype: Vajra Extremity]!

[Third Form: Serenity of the Vajra]!

He guided the energy inside the monster orb towards his own monster orb to replenish his energy faster. While doing this, he was slowly refining increase its capacity.

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