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"By the way, How did you know that there is something that doesn't seem to be matching senior?" asked Zhi Ruo

"It was very simple. If you think logically. The suspect only wanted to meet her and explain her and ask her to not leave him. But why would he follow her around, keep calling and texting her when he already had the pa.s.scode for her door.

A straight minded person would go to his girlfriend's house and wait for her to come back instead of following her around.

This point sole was my reason to think that that the culprit is someone else." explained Senior Xu

"That actually makes sense. I didn't think it of that way though." said Zhi Ruo.


Inside the custody room,

"h.e.l.lo, I am the psychologist incharge of your case. This is my team. You can tell us what you want to speak about the charge of hara.s.sment against you." spoke Senior Xu

"Will you listen?" asked the suspect with sad, emotionless face and raised his head painfully to look at the people who came to speak to him

Looking at Zhi Ruo he said, "I guess miss should leave my presence or else...."

Before completing the sentence he started sobbing.

Giving Senior Xu a look Zhi Ruo started speaking while pa.s.sing him a tissue, "Yes, we will listen. We will listen and believe whatever you say. Because we are here to listen your side of the story.

About me, then I believe that you are not the kind of person who can make a lady feel uncomfortable.

So calm down and tell us all that you want to, we will try to help you in the best possible way."

"Are you serious?" asked the suspect while wiping his tears with a shocked face.

It had been three days that he was caught in the charge of hara.s.sment which he did not have a idea of. Everyone who came to speak to him had asked him to accept the charge, asked him about the evidence that they had found out. Though he tried to resist but no one listened. There was evidence against him. Just when he was about to lose hope two people arrived and said they wanted to hear him.

Giving him a new hope of life.

"Yes we will. That is the part of our job." spoke Senior Xu.

"That day, I got a message from her number saying she needed my help and was in trouble. The address which she gave, it was a hotel, scared I quickly went there, but suddenly another girl popped up and then she saw me with that girl. Thinking I was cheating on her, she broke up with me. I tried to explain her but, her colleague stopped me from going to her office. Later he even beat me up saying I should stop hara.s.sing her.

I....I just wanted to explain her....

Later I got to know she was happy without me then I stopped thinking about her and started moving on with my life, but suddenly one day... The police came and caught me with hara.s.sment charges. They say they even got the evidence. I tried explaining them but....they also did not listen....."

Looking at the suspect who had lost his job, had got his reputation ruined over a single charge of fake hara.s.sment which he had no idea of Zhi Ruo felt pitiful. Pa.s.sing him a gla.s.s of water she said, "We know you are innocent. So do not worry, we will help you with this."

Unable to believe what he heard, the suspect got excited and quickly caught Zhi Ruo's hands tightly while asking,

"Are you serious?


Do you really believe me?

Will I be released?

Will you be able to help me ?"

Understanding his mental state of mind Zhi Ruo calmed him down by saying, "Yes, I believe my senior will help you and make sure that your innocence is proved. But you have to keep calm.

Do not think useless things.

Revenge is never the solution."

Feeling ashamed that his thinking was revealed he hung his head low with shame and nodded.

"No need to be ashamed, we are psychologist, its our specialty to unmask people's thoughts. Keep your head high and lead a good life." saying Zhi Ruo left along with Senior Xu

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