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Chapter 1176: Unt.i.tled

She was a person who never liked to say much, and she had already shown her sincerity. She had no more time for him or for drama.

Liu Dongxu looked at her back and his eyes became colder.

She’s going to be rude to him?

He wanted to see how she would be rude to him!

Let’s see how she’s going to deal with this mess!

Although Liu Dongxu was the second-largest shareholder of Rui Hui and Rui Hui had suffered damage, he had made other arrangements before doing this. To put it simply, Rui Hui had suffered serious damage, but his interests had not suffered much.

Hence, he could totally stand by and watch Mu Huan make a fool of herself. He wanted to see how she would salvage the current Rui Hui.

If she couldn’t lead Rui Hui out of this, he could team up with someone to take her down or take the opportunity to swallow Rui Hui.

Although Liu Dongxu had said that he would pay close attention to Mu Huan and not underestimate her, he still instinctively felt that she was not good at business.

He felt that the evidence of her comeback could only mean that she was a scheming and cautious person.

As for business matters, it wasn’t all about being cautious and scheming.

Business matters required more professionalism, especially when Rui Hui was facing a crisis of bankruptcy, a credit crisis, and all sorts of investigations by the relevant departments. This would ruin Rui Hui if she did not take a step well.

He wanted to see how capable she was!

Liu Dongxu still did not know that Mu Huan had reconciled with Bo Junyan. He thought that he had bribed the servant in Mu Huan’s house. In fact, Mu Huan had long known about it, and the messages she had asked the servant to give him were harmless.

Liu Dongxu quickly saw how capable Mu Huan was.

Those troublesome matters, those things that he felt she should find difficult to deal with, were all handled well by her.

This made him feel disbelief. It wasn’t that he was underestimating Mu Huan. It’s just that through his conversations with her, he was very sure that she didn’t have any experience in the business world. She was only an ordinary high school student in the past. In the last three years, she had been studying and researching with those professors in the laboratory. No matter how talented she was in business, it was impossible for her to have become so formidable in such a short period of time.

After some investigation, he realized that Bo Junyan was behind all this.

This made him stop watching and waiting to see a joke. Instead, he went all out to obstruct Bo Junyan from helping Mu Huan consolidate her power and resolve those matters.

However, when Bo Junyan had helped Mu Huan previously, his ident.i.ty had not been exposed. There had been many aspects where he could only give her suggestions. Furthermore, because she’d kept a distance from him and she was rather soft-hearted, there were many things that she did not do very well.

Now that Mu Huan had given him full authority to deal with Rui Hui’s matters, coupled with the fact that Liu Dongxu wanted to put Mu Huan in jail, Bo Junyan was extremely ruthless in suppressing him.

Even though Liu Dongxu tried his best, he could not take it.

After having his sovereignty stolen again, he was in a terrible mood.

His trusted secretary said worriedly, “CEO Liu, if this continues, you’ll probably be taken down.”

Even if their CEO Liu had more shares than before and was the second-largest shareholder of the company, if all the people and executive rights of the company’s various departments were taken away by Mu Huan, their CEO Liu would become a dry shareholder without any real power.

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The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO Chapter 1176 - Untitled summary

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