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Chapter 1177: Unt.i.tled

Liu Dongxu did not speak, but his eyes became increasingly sinister.

That night, he went to a club that he frequented for drinks.

“Mr. Liu, you’ve been drinking all this time. Is there something bothering you?” a s.e.xy and enchanting woman asked delicately as she leaned forward.

Liu Dongxu pushed her away. “Get lost.”

He was so frustrated that he could not bear to look at anyone.

“Mr. Liu, don’t be like this. If you have anything troubling you, say it. Maybe I can help you.” The woman smiled and leaned forward again.

Just as Liu Dongxu was about to wave her away again…

The woman whispered into his ear, “There’s a big shot who wants to work with you to destroy Mu Huan and Bo Junyan. If you’re interested, I can introduce you.”

Liu Dongxu narrowed his eyes and looked at the woman beside him. After taking a closer look, he realized that she was different from those alcohol peddlers.

“You don’t have to guess my ident.i.ty. I’m just a messenger.”

“Who is the other party?” He couldn’t believe her just because she said there was such a big shot.

The woman whispered something into his ear and then took out something from her clothes for him to see.

Liu Dongxu took the item and looked at it carefully for a while. He confirmed that it was real.

“Where is he?”

“Bring me out.” The woman smiled charmingly.

Liu Dongxu hugged her waist and stood up to walk out.

As Rui Hui was currently in a rather tricky situation, Gong Zeye was called over by Bo Junyan to help.

That night, he and Bo Junyan were busy with work. Mu Huan and Li Meng, on the other hand, were playing games together.

Seeing that they were having so much fun, Gong Zeye was instantly unhappy and upset.

“Sister-in-law, you can’t be so aggravating.” He was a person who liked to play games. He could watch, but he couldn’t play.

“My husband said that he has to watch me to have the motivation, so I can only play here,” Mu Huan said apologetically.

Gong Zeye: “…!!”

“Can you not be so lovey-dovey and agitate a bachelor like me?”

“Bachelor? It’s been three years, and you’re still not married to your chivalrous bandit fiancee?” The past few days of interacting with Gong Zeye had made Mu Huan recall some memories related to Gong Zeye intermittently.

This made her increasingly feel that Eisen’s hypnotism was unreliable.

“We got married and then got divorced!” Gong Zeye said unhappily.

“Why? Did she dump you?”

Gong Zeye: “…”

“From the looks of it, you’re really the one who was dumped,” Mu Huan affirmed.

Gong Zeye: “…”

“Alright, since you’re so pitiful, I won’t agitate you,” Mu Huan said as she went up to kiss Bo Junyan. “We’ll go upstairs to play.”

“Okay.” Bo Junyan kissed her back.

Gong Zeye: “…”

Li Meng: “…”

When they saw the two of them separating, their hearts ached and they felt terrible. But now that they were seeing the two of them together again, while it was so good and so beautiful, for singles like them, it really hurt!

They wished they had such a lover.

But they didn’t.

Hence, it really hurt!

Single dogs can’t bear this hurt!

After the two of them went upstairs…

“It feels like Sister-in-law is regaining her youth,” Gong Zeye said.

Bo Junyan: “…”

What kind of a.n.a.logy was that?

“If only those things had never happened and Sister-in-law had remained like this. Previously, when I saw that the Sis-in-law who was so lively and adorable became so depressed, my heart really ached!” Gong Zeye said as he clutched his chest.

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The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO Chapter 1177 - Untitled summary

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