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Chapter 688: Found Evidence (4)

“Xiao Huan found the prescription from the Song family’s secret prescriptions. Besides, she didn’t have the prescriptions in the past. She only had it after someone pa.s.sed it to her when she became an adult. And on top of that, she’s still so young. Even if she had the secret prescriptions in her hands, who would believe her if she went to treat someone?” Bo Dingjing couldn’t stand it and defended his daughter-in-law.

“Who said this? Was it Mu Huan?”

Bo Dingjing: “…”

“It’s what she said so it must be the truth, huh? How can you believe the words of a person who points at a man and says that he’s a woman?! Have you both become stupid in your old age?

“Did you find out whether the bartender was a man or a woman? Did you find out that he was a woman? No way! How could you believe her words even in this state?! Are you guys really stupid or something?!”

Bo Dingjing: “…”

He felt so tired that he could no longer speak to his father-in-law.

He looked at Meng Yueman and said, “I’ll leave this to you. Let me rest!”

Meng Yueman: “…”

“Dad, Dingjing didn’t have a good rest last night because of the pain. The weather isn’t good today, and his leg has been tormenting him for the entire day. He’s tired too. Let’s let him rest and talk outside, alright?”

Seeing that Bo Dingjing was indeed tired, Old Master Meng did not say anything else and got up to leave.

After they left, Bo Dingjing heaved a sigh of relief. This old man was even more troublesome than the most troublesome thing he had encountered in his life!


“From the looks of it, it’s most likely Junyan who got this recipe to make you have a good impression of Mu Huan!” Old Master Meng said.

Meng Yueman: “…”

She knew that her son had arranged for this specialist to confirm the prescriptions so that they could use them without any worries. However, she did not believe that the prescriptions did not belong to Mu Huan. From the conversation between the specialist and Mu Huan, she could tell that the prescriptions were indeed from the Song family.

Besides, she knew her son well. If he had such a prescription, he would have given it to his father long ago. How could he only use it to make them have a good impression of Mu Huan?!

However, she knew that her father would not believe her words, so she decided not to say anything.

“Dad, let’s wait for a while. Didn’t we agree on a week? If Junyan can’t prove Mu Huan’s innocence after this, I’ll definitely not believe her anymore and will definitely oppose them being together!” Meng Yueman changed the topic at this point.

“But Dad, if it turns out that Xiao Huan is innocent, please don’t create trouble for Xiao Huan anymore. If you say that she’s hard to listen to, then that makes her your granddaughter-in-law. Our family must live a peaceful and harmonious life! Don’t keep making me do this. I’m already so old, and it wasn’t easy for me to come to enjoy life. If you make me have such a headache every day, my body won’t be able to take it!”

Old Master Meng was about to say something.

“Dad, that’s it. Dingjing’s leg is in so much pain that it’s inconvenient for him. I have to guard him inside. I’ll go back to my room first!” Meng Yueman said as she turned around and left.

She had told her father everything she could, and she didn’t know what else she could say!

Old Master Meng looked at Meng Yueman’s fleeing back with a darkened expression. “We can’t let Junyan create any evidence to prove Mu Huan’s innocence!”

Once he could prove her innocence, that would be the end of it!

“I’m not afraid of him faking it. What I’m afraid of is that the bartender is really a woman. If it’s true, Junyan will definitely be able to find evidence.” Ling Wei felt that with Mu Huan’s intelligence, even if she died, she wouldn’t say such things just because there was no proof.

Hence, the bartender might really be a woman.

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The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO Chapter 688 - Found Evidence (4) summary

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