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Chapter 768: The Best Female Genius (1)

Mu Huan planned to follow them. After confirming what they wanted to do, she would tie them up and then inform the girl’s family to pick up the girl. She only needed a short time to deal with such matters. If Liu Changfeng followed her, he would be too much of a hindrance.

Liu Changfeng: “!”

Although he really didn’t want to admit that he was a hindrance, he had to admit that he was really inferior to this young lady when it came to fighting. He would really be a hindrance when he followed her.

This made him blush with shame.

Even so, when his a.s.sistant came to pick him up, he did not leave. Instead, he sat in the car and waited opposite the hotel.

This was a small hotel with only two exits. One was the entrance to the hotel, and the other was the exit for vehicles. No matter where Mu Huan would come out, he could see her. If she didn’t come out, he would go up and save her.

Although she knew that with her skills, dealing with two ordinary men would not be a problem, she still had to be cautious.

When Mu Huan was sure that the two of them wanted to bring the girl to that hotel, she contacted Wu Xingye and asked him to hack the surveillance cameras in this hotel.

When she reached the hotel room, the two of them had started to move.

Mu Huan used her phone to take a few pictures of the scene showing they had ulterior motives. Then, she threw the two of them down and tied them together with the hotel’s bedsheets. She stuffed a towel into their mouths and found the girl’s phone. She made a video call to her mother to let her mother see her daughter’s condition and let her see the two men tied up.

After telling the girl’s mother the exact location of the hotel, Mu Huan said that she had helped them out of a sense of justice, but she was afraid of creating trouble. Hence, she could not stay here and wait for them to come over. She told them that it was best for them to come over quickly.

After hanging up the video call, she sent the photos of the two of them proving their crimes to the girl’s phone, then deleted all traces.

She got up and left.

She did not notice that someone had watched her teaching someone a lesson.

Just as she had said, the entire process took only a short time.

Because of her past habits, she always wore a cap, a mask, and gloves. The two people who were tied up by her did not see her face and only knew that she was a woman.

As for the girl’s mother, because the camera was reversed, she could only see the hotel’s image and hear Mu Huan’s voice when she spoke. She deliberately lowered her voice so that the other party could not tell if she was a man or a woman.

Although with Mu Huan’s current status, she wasn’t afraid that these two people would find trouble with her, she didn’t have the time to get involved in these matters. Don’t think that it was a small matter. It would be very troublesome if she got into trouble.

Mu Huan walked out of the hotel’s car park.

She was wearing a cap and a mask. No one could see her face clearly. If Liu Changfeng didn’t know what she was wearing today, he would have missed her.

Just as he was about to get his a.s.sistant to drive the car to catch up with Mu Huan, he saw a car driving over from not too far away. When the car reached Mu Huan, it stopped. Mu Huan got into the other party’s car. The other party was driving toward him, but they did not drive very far. Instead, they stopped not far behind him.

Seeing that the other party’s car had no intention of leaving, Liu Changfeng wrapped himself up tightly and got out of the car.

He walked up to the car and knocked on the car window.

In the car, Wu Xingye looked at Mu Huan and used his gaze to ask who he was.

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The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO Chapter 768 - The Best Female Genius (1) summary

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