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Chapter 986: So He Loves Her (4)

Was he that bad? He made these good brothers of his look forward to his suffering.

But when he thought about the past, he didn’t need to ask anyone else. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he was really a sc.u.mbag…

Just as Bo Junyan had said.

Fu Siye’s pain had only just begun.

The current him was still in a daze of loss. He still didn’t know what he had lost, but he couldn’t accept that the person who had always loved him didn’t love him anymore.

It was just that he was panicked and afraid, and his heart felt congested. He didn’t feel much pain.

When he reached home in the dead of the night, that loneliness and darkness that he had never felt before slowly engulfed him. He looked at the half of his wedding photo on the bed and slowly felt pain.

Pain welled up from the bottom of his heart.

It was thin and deep.

Then, it quickly spread to his entire body.

At this point, he still didn’t understand where this pain came from and why it was so painful. Even if he didn’t want a divorce, it shouldn’t be like this. It shouldn’t be painful.

Shangguan Yu was five years younger than Fu Siye. She had liked him since she was young and liked to follow behind him. This made people tease him. Not only did they say that he was an old cow eating young gra.s.s, but they also said that he was raising a child bride. There were even people who said that he loved children. This made him tell everyone that he only doted on her like a sister and would never be with her.

Hence, his subconscious had been resisting her. He could dote on her in all ways, but he was unwilling to accept her as his girlfriend and wife.

However, there was no need for anyone else to be asked. He could ask himself.

He also knew that if he really didn’t want to marry her, no one in this world could have forced him to get married.

He had always known this, but he had never been willing to think about it.

Now, when he shouldn’t think about this, he did.

Then, the more he thought about it, the more he couldn’t control himself. That pain, fear, and panic filled him.

This made it difficult for him to breathe…

After a sleepless night, he still went to work the next day.

“I heard that Shangguan Yu wants to divorce you.” Gu Lingyin handed the doc.u.ment to Fu Siye and did not leave.

“This has nothing to do with you.” Fu Siye lowered his head to deal with work.

“How can it not have anything to do with me? If you have nothing to do with her, my old feelings can be rekindled!” Gu Lingyin said jokingly.

She had such expectations, but… she knew that it was impossible.


“You and I will never rekindle our old feelings,” Fu Siye said in a low voice.

Although she knew why, Gu Lingyin still asked, “Why?”

“You should go to work.”

“It’s because you’ve never loved me!” Gu Lingyin smiled sarcastically.

“Get out.” Fu Siye’s voice turned colder.

“Don’t be anxious. I’ll leave after I’m done talking.” Gu Lingyin had been waiting for this moment. Now, she had to finish speaking.

Fu Siye looked up at her and felt that she was a little strange today.

“I feel that you’ve never loved me. When we were dating, Shangguan Yu was always more important than me. No matter how much I begged you, you would leave me because of her. At that time, I felt that the person you loved was actually her. Because, let alone a brother figure, even a biological brother wouldn’t treat his sister so well!

“And when Old Master Shangguan introduced a boyfriend to her, every time you heard that she was going to meet someone, you would be especially frustrated. The boys who were with Shangguan Yu were all ruined by you.”

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The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO Chapter 986 - So He Loves Her (4) summary

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