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"I'm screwed," Zoe muttered gloomily under her breath. She glanced sheepishly at Erin, who was looking daggers at her at that exact moment.

'What in the world entered my mind that I invited an absolute stranger to our homecoming? I barely know the rules of the party,' she desperately wanted to walk out right then and there.

It was her first time to voluntarily attend their cla.s.s reunion after so many years. Because she has been working hard to promote herself and get the highest degree she could attain, she willfully skipped each annual bash.

This year will be accurately a homecoming welcome celebration for her, wherein she will be competent to face her cla.s.smates together with her a.s.sailants once again.

She went haywire for a few seconds as she was very apologetic to what inevitably happened between her and Lady Zhou, Veronica's mother.

As much as she hates Lady Zhou badly, she is different toward Veronica. She was sympathetic towards her as she identified the feeling of being a daughter who appreciates her mother terribly.

She perceived that in Veronica when she forcibly stopped them from getting in deeper trouble.

Although it was clearly her mother's personal fault, she merely stayed by her maternal side and humbly apologized on behalf of her.

It is the same response that she will also give to someone if they try to hurt her old woman in any way. A thing that she wasn't capable to carry out for her mother.

She peered wistfully at Erin with her puppy eyes, as if she was proposing to her to help her out of her mess. Erin must have picked on when she intentionally tried to b.u.t.t in. But, Veronica considered other things in mind.

"Sure! When will that be? I'll make certain I have no necessary appointments, then," she responded warmly, though Zoe noticed a gentle hint of coyness in it.

Zoe wondered if she were like her mother, Lady Zhōu, on the inside. On the outside, she looked like an amiable, accommodating woman who would gladly be of service to anyone.

"It's on, so I don't know if you'll be available then. That's a peak day for your successful businesses, right?" Erin grinned at her, hoping she could change her mind. Zoe sensed that she didn't like Veronica, for whatever reason.

It seemed to affect her as she tilted her n.o.ble head and viewed sideways to think coherently about it. Zoe and Erin exchanged glances and wiggled their eyebrows at each other, eagerly expecting that she will back out.

"Where will your exact location be?" she urged them, thinking about whether she could come up with an idea to rejoin them at that time.

Zoe glanced at Erin, who possessed more information on the social gathering than her. Erin replied to her as a matter-of-factly. "It would be at the Sweet Escape Restaurant. Are you familiar with it?"

As soon as she heard her reply, she smiled ironically and crossed her arms. "I'm extremely familiar with it. In fact, I could support you with the setup of the venue if you like."

'Wait, is she the local owner of that iconic restaurant or something?' Zoe reflected on as she looks at the aristocratic woman in front of her. It is not impossible. Though they looked like they were the same age, she seemed more satisfactorily accomplished than her.

"What will be the key theme of your function?" She inquired politely, possibly trying to help out. 'She sounded considerate,' Zoe contemplated, even though she still has some doubts.

Erin was finally won over. "Oh, yes. I fondly remember you had a direct connection with the owner of that gourmet restaurant. Can you honestly a.s.sist us with the theme setting? I want it to be really memorable since it will be celebrated on this picturesque island, and I was the one who eagerly suggested this place." She babbled on with glowing cheeks.

Veronica smiled wryly and responded favorably. "It's my genuine pleasure, dear. So do you include a particular theme, so we can set up the place then?" Zoe glanced at Erin. She didn't know there was a theme for that affair.

"Yup. It's an imperial themed party. Kings, queens, prince, princess, and the likes. You think you could aid us with that?" She was tremendously thrilled as she divulged the information on their upcoming gathering.

Veronica held on to the ends of her dress and curtsied in front of them. "It's an honor, your Majesty."

Erin flung her hand and jumped in delight in response to Veronica's reaction. She glanced at Zoe, who was grimacing at her. A while ago she was forcing this woman away. In an instant, she was promptly even requesting her service.

"What?" Erin glared at her with a smile as she continued to discuss with Veronica her opinions on the juncture.

"It will be a one-day get-together. During the day, we will have a team-building with challenges that used Lord Howe Island's services and outdoor activities. Since we were on this lovely island, why not maximize our time and enjoy it, right?"

"That's right. Allow me to jot that down." She brought out her tablet from her bag and type in Erin's schemes. Erin heartily agreed to it as she paused thoughtfully and recollected her ideas for the reunion. As soon as she properly finished typing down, Erin continued sharing her plans.

"As a result, whoever succeeds the compet.i.tions like Survivor challenges will be announced as the Survivor King or Queen. That's why the primary venue will be set up like a Great Hall where the royal dinner will be held. There will be luxurious food with sentimental music in the air which will fill the ambiance with a desire to build and deepen relations.h.i.+ps." Erin babbled with a dreamy gaze, obviously excited at the turn of events during that memorable day.

Zoe's mouth dropped wide-open. "Wow, you should be our Alumni President." Erin grabbed both of her hands and squeezes it. "And you should be our Queen Of The Island."


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