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Chapter 245 Secondary Addition To The Rocket Cannon: Exploding Goth Loli

However, Little Hus's track record of 'never failing in battle' still made Su Yang feel like he should trust it.

The main reason was that he didn't have any other better options right now. If he had one to give himself, the bronze point should be able to add photography skills as well.

However, he didn't have any right now, did he?

So although Su Yang was a bit puzzled as to what the cannon had to do with photography, he still turned on the addition point system and was ready to try it out.

With the system turned on, a translucent [+] sign appeared on top of the rocket cannon erected in the courtyard.

Su Yang hesitated and didn't add points directly, but went to the shop to exchange it for a (Guardian Talisman). This cannon's ability was still very useful, so he used the Guardian Talisman to be safe.

After obtaining the Guardian Talisman, Su Yang affixed it to the rocket cannon.

After the Guardian Talisman was affixed to the cannon, it slowly seeped in, and eventually, a red glow surrounded it.

Su Yang knew that the process was a success and didn't hesitate to click the [+].

As the [+] sign was clicked, the entire rocket cannon suddenly turned into a ball of light!

The ball grew increasingly larger as it floated into the air, changing its form rapidly. Su Yang brought out his (Small Bench That Refused To Eat Melon Seeds), sat down, and began snacking as he patiently waited for the process of adding points to complete.

However, the ball of light seemed to take longer than what he was used to. Su Yang had already waited five minutes but still, the end wasn't in sight.

Su Yang looked three or four meters from the area where the rocket landed, deep in thought. Fortunately, he moved the launcher to the courtyard. If it were in the kitchen or living room while he was waiting for the point addition process to complete, the rocket launcher smas.h.i.+ng down onto the ground would probably destroy more than a few tiles!

While Su Yang thought about this, a piercing beep was suddenly heard from the ball of light as it began violently changing its form once more, becoming increasingly dazzling. 'What is this?'

Su Yang was so shocked that he couldn't help but stand up and squint at the ball of light. Everything in his hands, along with the food and drink beneath his feet all disappeared into thin air but he didn't even have time to notice. The reason he was so preoccupied was that it seemed like the rocket was about to go through an advanced evolution.

'Is this rocket launcher going to take human form?

'I wonder what a rocket launcher looks like in human form?'

Su Yang racked his brain, fantasizing about the possibilities. He imagined a large, muscled man that was at least six feet in height to appear!

'Let's hope not…

'We already have two good fighters at home. If we have another one, we'll lose our position in the top three.'

As Su Yang was thinking this, a dripping sound sounded in his mind and he opened the system. Surely enough, there was a prompt with an exclamation mark from the system's interface. (Advanced Life Leap discovered. Please, treat it properly!]

Suddenly, a loli's voice was heard from the light cl.u.s.ter, “Hey yah! Where is this?”

'Huh? A loli's voice?'

Su Yang was surprised at first but soon calmed down. After all, despite having a beautiful face, Janet was a man. So despite having the voice of a little girl, it was still possible that it was a six-feet hunk!

As Su Yang was pondering the possibilities, the light cl.u.s.ter dissipated, and a little loli that looked like a princess in a dress fell from the air, crying. “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Su Yang was shocked but reacted quickly to catch her. Suddenly, he had a pet.i.te loli in his arms.

Su Yang lowered his head and saw the little loli looking up at him.

Seeing Su Yang looking at him, the little loli grinned, revealing a pair of cute little tiger teeth, “h.e.l.lo Uncle Su Yang.”

Su Yang was speechless.

Su Yang put her on the ground and then knocked her head. “Who are you calling uncle! Call me brother! You look like a teenager, and we're just five or six years apart. What nerve! How can you call me uncle!?”

Little Loli's head shrank as she threw out her tongue and sweetly said, “Okay. Uncle Su Yang.”

Su Yang was speechless.

'Forget it, whatever.'

Su Yang took a look at her and found that this little loli was wearing a gothic princess dress. Her whole body was black and white. Her face was a little round with some baby fat, and she looked incredibly cute. She was only about five feet in height, reaching only up to Su Yang's chest.

Just as Su Yang was sizing up the little loli, the system's interface finally popped up. (107mm Light Rocket Launcher +2: Advanced Life Leap occurred. Gained Intermediate Spiritual Intelligence, Humanoid Body, Photography Ability, and Director Ability). Surely enough, an advanced leap life occurred and it gained a humanoid body.

This could be seen from the fact that the rocket launcher had disappeared, leaving only the little loli. Su Yang could tell.

'However, a rocket launcher turning into a little loli, what was this? Gunny? Rocket Mother?'

'Moreover, this little loli has acquired two bronze abilities at once, which was really… It made one envious!'

Fortunately, these two abilities were related to filming. Little Hus's (Opportunity Senses] didn't fail, and the follow-up filming of “The Monster Family” had also been sorted out.

It seems that Little Deeny could study artificial intelligence wholeheartedly in the future.

Su Yang looked at Little Loli, touched her head, and said, “Since your original body is a rocket launcher, you'll be called Bubbles from now on.”

Little Loli nodded her head with a cute nod, her eyes blinking, “Okay. Uncle Su Yang.”

'What a cute and well-behaved little girl.'

Su Yang introduced Bubbles to the little monsters at home, telling them that there was a new addition to the family. The little monsters in the family were also very friendly to Bubbles. After all, everyone loved a pretty young lady.

After that, Su Yang put Bubbles in Little Deeny's care so she could teach her more about the filming of “The Family of Monsters.” After that, the pre-production task for “The Monster Family” would be given to Bubbles, while the post-production would be edited and handled by Su Yang.

Su Yang himself, on the other hand, took Janet out of the virtual s.p.a.ce, intending to go investigate the person who was stalking him! Being followed and watched twice in a row, Su Yang's heart was filled with a sense of crisis. He felt that if he didn't take care of that person, he'd have trouble sleeping and eating.

He had a little suspicion about the person who was following him. He hadn't gotten into any trouble this time except for the Longteng Jiayuan incident, so his first suspect was still the Longteng Jiayuan security team and the mysterious person who pushed w.a.n.g Shan into the lake.

As for why he brought Janet with him because Janet was extremely strong! With the physique and strength of a shark, no one in the family could beat him except for his other three lackeys who could match him in strength.

Su Yang had practiced a few moves against him, and even if Janet stood there without moving, Su Yang couldn't do much damage to him. This demon's physique was simply too perverted.

Out of the virtual s.p.a.ce, Su Yang and Janet took a taxi to Longteng Jiayuan.

On the way, Su Yang received a call from w.a.n.g Dong. Now that Qidian E-Commerce was well funded, with everything was back on track, the company had no direction to move toward since Su Yang was missing from the company most of the time.

Su Yang hung up the phone, Su Yang did not say anything, in fact, Qidian E-Commerce was just a starting point for him. He got his first bucket of gold through this company so he'd have the funds to continue to develop.

However, the focus wouldn't be on the Qidian E-Commerce because this model was too easily replicated.

In fact, most business models in this world could be easily copied and duplicated!

Only the special items and monsters he obtained from the system were unique things that only Su Yang had in the world. They were things that would carve the future direction Su Yang would develop in because this, was one thing that other companies couldn't copy!

Su Yang's goal remained the same. It was to use his special abilities and monsters to change the world, to stand at the top of the world, and to become a behemoth who could influence the future of the world with every move he made.

However… Even future behemoths needed time to grow. So, Su Yang would still need to focus on his safety before anything else.

The taxi brought Su Yang and Janet to Longteng Jia Yuan, and as soon as the two of them got out of the taxi, they attracted the attention of several security guards.

It wasn't that they didn't look like good people, but it was mainly because Janet was too eye-catching. A beautiful Western woman in a foreign country would always catch one's attention.

Just like Sixth Liu said, most of the security guards at Longteng Jiayuan had shady backgrounds. One of them was armed and tattooed while others had visible scars on their bodies.

However, since Longteng Jiayuan probably had a hand in controlling these thugs, they took a few glances at Janet before resuming their guard duty. They looked like the kind of scoundrels who liked to provoke others and look for trouble.

Su Yang took a look around and found that although these security guards were of varying heights, they all had good figures. In their tight tops, it was clear from their muscle ma.s.s that they worked out.

However, Sixth Liu and Fat b.a.s.t.a.r.d were the black sheep among the rest. One was as skinny as a bamboo pole while the other was chock full of fats.

This allowed Su Yang to immediately recognize them in the guard room.

After recognizing them, Su Yang also suddenly understood why Sixth Liu and the others were given the job of a doorman. It was because they were too weak and would be unable to do anything the rest would.

Su Yang walked up with Janet, and the two guards at the door immediately greeted them. Although they looked like regular people. Their shady backgrounds were still exposed, as they sounded like thugs the moment they opened their mouths. “Hey, hey! What do you two want? You lookin' for someone?”

Su Yang stretched out his hand and pointed to the guard room. “I'm looking for Sixth Liu.”

The two security guards sized up Su Yang, then looked at Janet and whispered between themselves before one of them said to Su Yang, “Wait a moment, we'll ask first.”

Saying that, the other security guard went to the guard room.

The whole time, Janet was standing behind Su Yang, like a vase on display.

With Su Yang's (Perception), he could see the security guards entering the guard room and saying a few words. Sixth Liu and Fat b.a.s.t.a.r.d looked at each other in surprise, but Sixth Liu still got up to welcome them.

Arriving in front of another security guard, Sixth Liu was seen with a smile. “Brother w.a.n.g, my friend, my friend.”

The two security guards looked at each other, then shot Su Yang a glance and walked away.

After the two security guards left, Sixth Liu looked at Janet and pulled Su Yang towards the guard room. As he walked, he said with a slight grumble, “What are you doing here?”

Su Yang smiled and replied, “Sixth Brother, did you forget that you said we are good friends that should help each other and communicate more?”

Sixth Liu was only trying to be polite. However, Su Yang was now using his words against him, putting him on a leash.

Sixth Liu was speechless.

Right, since the leash is already in my hands, we might as well exchange some ideas so you don't look that much like a dog, right?.

Thinking so, Sixth Liu led Su Yang into the guard room, and Fat b.a.s.t.a.r.d said very consciously, “I'm going to use the toilet.”

Sixth Liu nodded at Fat b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

After he left, Su Yang made himself at home. He took a cup, poured a gla.s.s of water, sat on Fat b.a.s.t.a.r.d's chair, looked at Sixth Liu, and asked, “Brother Liu, how's the work on the Longteng Jiayuan?”

Sixth Liu hesitantly looked out the door, sat back in his seat, and replied, “It's fine. There's nothing out of the ordinary.”

Su Yang switched on (Angel Halo) along with (Verbal Cannon) as he began extracting information from Sixth Liu. “Then, Brother Liu. Have you heard about the two college students being pushed into the lake not long ago?”

Sixth Liu looked out the window and said matter of factly, “I've heard of it. Our security chief has been arrested. How can we not know about it.”

This bland appearance of Sixth Liu surprised Su Yang.

“There was a murder where he worked, an entire household was arrested, and even the head of security along with the employees who left before was arrested. All that and Sixth Liu was still so calm? There must be something fishy going on.' Thinking along that line of thought, Su Yang asked, “Sixth Liu. Brother, aren't you the least bit worried about what's going on?”

Sixth Liu slanted a glance at Su Yang. “Is it a big deal? I think something similar has happened here several times in the past.”

Su Yang's heart stopped. 'Several similar incidents?'

It looked like this was the only incident in the information Little Deeny looked up…

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