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Chapter 592: Planet Destruction Ability: True Water Of Yin And Yang

Old Zhang was obviously very happy as well. “Is it settled? That was quick! Are they willing to help us get listed?”

The middle-aged man said excitedly, “That's right! Our efforts for the past few years have finally been worth it! When we get listed and earn money, our company can develop even faster. Our dream of becoming the pioneer within the industry isn't impossible anymore! This has been our dream for the past ten years!”

Old Zhang laughed and said, “Haha, that's right. We can finally hold our heads high! We can finally prove ourselves to our wife and children!”

The middle-aged man was obviously in a good mood. As he held the steering wheel, he said, “That's right. Jialin has been with me for more than ten years. Ever since we started our business, she has been by my side without ever complaining. No matter how busy I am, and no matter how busy I am, she will not complain.”

“Now, I've finally made it!”

“When our company goes to the market and stabilizes for two years, I'll buy her a big house! Plus, it has to be a house by the sea. When that happens, I'll take a good rest for a month to accompany her! Then, I won't care about anything, even if you call me every day!

Old Zhang laughed and replied, “We're not going to call you! We're going to spend some time with our family too. To be honest, we've done too little for our family in the past few years. For example, that fat kid of mine is already in primary school.”

“Two days ago, I got off work early and went to his kindergarten to pick him up. I waited for more than half an hour, but I didn't get to see him. I called his mother to ask and found out that he was already in primary school.

“His mother was laughing hysterically, but I felt like crying. I've let them both down…”

As the two chatted, they felt a little sad. The middle-aged man advised, “Old Zhang, we've been doing this for the hundreds of people in our company, so our families will understand. But now, we've finally made it!”

Old Zhang was also motivated by the middle-aged man. He said, “Yes! We've managed to wait out the storm!”



The two chatted for a while before the middle-aged man hung up.

After hanging up, he removed the Bluetooth earpiece from his ear, tossed it to the pa.s.senger seat, and focused on driving.

Just as he was driving, he suddenly heard a strange click. It sounded like it came from the car's air-conditioner. He glanced at it and realized that the air conditioner was leaking.

'Eh? Why is there a leak?'

The middle-aged man glanced at the rear-view mirror. After confirming that there were no cars behind, he reached out to touch the air conditioner. 'Hmm, there really is wind, but it's hot wind.'

The middle-aged man lowered his head and pressed the air conditioner b.u.t.ton. He switched it on and off, but it was useless.

'Strange, what's going on with this wind?'

The middle-aged man tried a few more times but still failed.

In the end, he decided not to do it anymore. 'Forget it… I've been driving this car for many years now, so it's probably going to break down soon. When the company gets listed, I'll change to a new car…'

The middle-aged man raised his head and continued driving.

The moment he raised his head, his eyes widened and his pupils contracted!

“Boom!” “Bang!”

“Shanghai Television Station would like to report that there has been a serious car accident on Zhongchuan Avenue. An overloaded truck driven by a tired driver turned into a corner and crashed into a BYD sedan. The driver was heavily injured on the spot and has been sent to Shanghai Hospital for emergency treatment.”

“Old Zhao! Old Zhao! Hang in there! You're going to be fine!”

“Hubby, sob… Hubby! Don't scare me!”

“Brother Zhao! Brother Zhao!”

At that moment, Su Yang did not know that his circus was about to welcome its first guest. After changing the circus mode to 'guest mode', he left the circus and returned to the castle.

In the courtyard of the castle, the countdown timer for [Neptune Divine Oil] had pa.s.sed by more than half and there were only 20 minutes left. Su Yang sat down on the stairs in boredom and instructed the Little Monster Beans to go to the study room to bring out the [Masked Guitar Master's Second-hand Guitar].

'Just now, when Wu Feng told me that “Wolf Warriors” is going to be released on New Year's Day, it suddenly hit me that I should make use of my Findme app and that VIP account on TikTok to promote it.'

Therefore, he planned to play another song.

It just so happened that the short video function on Findme app had become pretty decent and had its own fixed data flow. Hence, Su Yang wanted to kill two birds with one stone. He wanted to use the opportunity to advertise the short video function on his Findme app. At the same time, he wanted to bring all his fans on TikTok to his Findme app.

Su Yang had long wanted to transfer his fans, but he did not have the time to do so.

After all, it was not a simple matter. It was not something that could be resolved by Su Yang posting a video saying that he wanted to head over to Findme app. If Su Yang dared to post such a video, his data flow would definitely be restricted, maybe even banned.

Therefore, Su Yang intended to record a few more videos on that day. He would mention Findme app and “Wolf Warriors” in each video and advertise them. Then, he would slowly start to update both platforms. In the end, he would only update at his Findme app. In essence, he would gradually transfer platforms.

After making up his mind, Su Yang started recording his video.

Since he had to match “Wolf Warriors”, Su Yang had to choose a song that was as bold as possible. However, since his ability was [Guitar Playing], he had to choose a song that could be sung with a guitar.

This made it difficult for him to choose a song.

In the end, he chose a new song called “Hua Xia”.

With the pluck of his guitar strings and the beating of a rhythm, Su Yang started singing.

“How can dust hide the vast beauty of Yan Huang and the clouds!”

“Five thousand year have flowed like quicksand, but my soul did not enter Hua Xia in vain!”

Su Yang got more and more excited as he sang. [Advanced Guitar Guitar Playing], coupled with his talent [Voice Specialty] and [Guitar Master's Second-Hand Guitar], which had [Voice +2], [Performance Effect +2] and [Emotions +3] made his voice extremely heroic and pleasant to listen to! It was like the sound of nature!

“If you want to ride the horse over the Heavenly Mountain, you have to cross the southern sea!”

“The sun s.h.i.+nes over Mount Emei, The moon glistens over Lou Lan!”

After the song, Su Yang felt as though there were thousands of ravines in his chest. He was proud of the people of China!

This also filled him with confidence towards “Wolf Warriors”.

'At a time when society advocates foreign affairs, “Wolf Warriors” needs to awaken people's national pride!

'In fact, I've noticed that Wu Feng is a responsible director during our interactions. Not only does he love the film industry, he also loves his country.

'This can be seen from “Wolf Warriors”. China is the most awesome! “Wolf Warriors” is invincible! If you dare bully our comrades, we will f*ck you up! If you dare to bully our country, we will destroy you!

'Although it's a little nerdy, but even if I drink ice water for ten years, it still wouldn't cool down the pa.s.sion that's running in my blood!

'In times of internal and external troubles, such people are needed. Such movies will influence and awaken the dignity and pride of the people.

'If someone as selfish as myself is able to be infected by Wu Feng and “Wolf Warriors”, I believe that more people would be influenced after the movie is released. I also believe that more people would love their country, their people and be proud of them.

'Furthermore, even though “Wolf Warriors” is finished, there's still “Wolf Warriors 2” and even “Wolf Warriors 3”. I've got a feeling that this kind of movie that depicts patriotism will definitely be able to influence a great number of people.

'At the same time… It will bring me a lot of people who will get influenced and a whole mountain of coins!

'Hmm, if I don't add this sentence, it would have seemed like a patriotic speech. However, if I add it, I would sound much more utilitarian.'

However, Su Yang felt that it was fine enough as long as he was right.

After recording the song, Su Yang recorded a few more songs and added his own speech into the video. After all, he was promoting “Wolf Warriors” and his Findme app.

After making the video, Su Yang uploaded the first video to TikTok and Findme app.

After uploading the video, Su Yang refreshed it. In the end, he realized that in just 15 minutes, the video he had just uploaded had already exceeded a million views on TikTok.

Similar to his previous video, his likes, comments and reposts were all very popular. With a million views, he had 300,000 likes, 100,000 reposts and 70,000 comments.

Su Yang clicked on the comments and wanted to see what they were talking about.

The first comment left Su Yang dumbfounded.

'Am I first?'

Su Yang was confused.

'Is this what people do nowadays? Should I reply with a “Yes”?'

Su Yang continued reading.

'I listened to this song with my brother and cried after listening to it. However, he didn't cry, so I beat him up. Now, we're both crying. So, this song is really nice, it's so nice that it makes me want to cry.”

Su Yang was confused.

'What the h*ck? This is hilarious!'

Su Yang was confused as he scrolled down.

'The Almighty has finally released a new song. I've been looking forward to this for a long time. I haven't watched it yet, so I'll like it first.'

'Nice, this song is really nice.'

'What's the song t.i.tle! This is so nice!'

'The commenter above me, the song t.i.tle is “Painted Man”, you're welcome.”

Su Yang was speechless.

Su Yang realized that he could no longer keep up with the silly netizens' way of thinking. It had only been a few days, but he could no longer keep up with their jokes.

'I've lost, I've lost, I've definitely lost. Time for me to retreat!'

As Su Yang admitted defeat, he exited TikTok. Then, he closed the virtual interface and got up to look at the [Neptune Divine Oil].

When he was singing, the [Neptune Divine Oil] had finished having its point added and had dropped to the ground. Now, he could finally see what kind of ability Little Hus was struggling with.

Su Yang walked over and opened the system interface.

Immediately, the system interface of [Neptune Divine Oil] appeared before him.

[Liquid+3: Gained a new ability. The new ability is compatible with the old ability and can coexist with each other.]

'Eh? I've indeed obtained a new ability.'

Curious, Su Yang clicked on the new ability of the [Neptune Divine Oil] and took a look.

[Special Ability: True Water Of Yin And Yang]

Ability: When this water gets flicked out, it will stop when it encounters an object. Before it stops, it will maintain a constant line of movement. As it moves, its power will gradually increase and there is no upper limit.

Note: In the blink of an eye, planets would be reduced to ashes.

Su Yang was speechless.

If it was just from the introduction, Su Yang would not have been able to understand the value of the drop of water. However, when he saw the note, he was dumbfounded!

'In the blink of an eye, planets would be reduced to ashes!

'What does that mean?

'All I need to do is flick out this drop of water into s.p.a.ce and it would keep on moving until, years later, it chanced upon a planet and… Blow it up.

'In the blink of an eye, a world would be destroyed!

'So I now have the power to be able to even destroy planets?'

Su Yang was stunned!

'However… Should this time also be close to infinity? Even humans might not be able to survive until the day of their own planetary extermination!

'Besides, why would I have to destroy a planet for no reason? The planet hasn't offended me!

'Could it be that in the future, I'll have to shoot at any planet that I don't like?

'I actually quite dislike the Big Dipper, should I destroy one of them and turn it into a six-starred Big Dipper?'

Su Yang felt that he had really become too arrogant. He would set off fireworks at the sea, blow up the earth and destroy the planets for no particular reason.

'In all seriousness, even though I feel that this item is pretty strong, it's impractical to real life!

'So, I can only treat this as my trump card and see if I have a use for it in the future.

After he was done adding the point and had finished reading its ability, Su Yang stopped playing around. Instead, he turned on the system and started to [Decompose] his special items according to his plan!

Author's note:

The ability was not written wrongly, it was just a straight line movement:

No matter what happened in the universe, the drop of water would remain unchanged. It will maintain its slow but unchanging speed as it flies forwards. As it flies longer, its power increases. Finally, it would touch a planet and explode.

In addition, the [True Water Of Yin And Yang] and the [Neptune Divine Oil] are the names of magical equipment from fantasy novels which is meant to be a joke instead of changing it into the cultivation of being an immortal. It's just like the names of certain abilities like Quantum and Schrödinger.

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