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Chapter 1221 - The Enemies Of Reality! I

Since he came in contact with Edicts, Noah had been wondering to what extent the Architect of Edicts could 'see' or 'know' when it came to those utilizing their own Edicts.

Now, he could find out for himself as his Universal Body closed its eyes, its consciousness diving into the glimmering silver crimson line within his Origin as he sought to understand just what the Authority of Cessation entailed!

"Then, there's also the issue of the girl that has seen the end of Reality...the girl who has seen the Apocalypse!" The eyes of the clones of the Universal Body gazed towards the direction of the Primordial Empire while the main body undertook the mission of better understanding Cessation.

The eyes of the clone pierced across the layers of s.p.a.ce, towards the hidden Realm within an unnamed Cosmos Halcyon had brought his Primordial Ruination Clone into as she talked about the Apocalypse.

'This word…' Noah's Primordial Ruination Clone had a smile on his face as he thought about the word Apocalypse...and just how many of these Apocalypses he had faced and overcome in the past!

The Apocalypse of his Homeworld that was facing invasions of Beasts and existences from other worlds. The Apocalypse of the Dark Universe from being ravaged by the Sea of Ruination after it finished all of its vital Primordial Essence from the Primordial Cosmos.

Then the Subjugation of the Primordial Cosmos that would have come under the hands of a being with the same name as him! And now he had learned of the myriad of Cosmos, and even parallel Dimensional Realities as the Reality he himself was in...was under threat of Apocalypse from Primordial Beasts that had the sole purpose of returning things to how they once were.

As he thought about all of this and reflected, he wondered if he would ever escape some form of Apocalypse.

If he would achieve everything there was to achieve as he retired on a farm in the future and surrounded himself with those he loved and raised a bunch of little guys just like him!

No threats from reality ending Beasts! No threats from Champions raised to protect reality! No threats from ancient beings that split apart Realities!

'What a thought that is...huh' His smile deepened as he entertained such a thought, and he quickly returned himself back to the current situation. To the current reality where there was an Apocalypse.

In the Realm glistening good all around, his Primordial Ruination Clone gazed at the exquisite figure of Halcyon whose eyes seemed to currently be dripping with sadness.

"There lies a possibility in preventing the collapse of Reality...but even I am not sure of it."

The rims of her eyes were filled with a golden light as she took herself out of her reverie and allowed her hands to play with the liquefied essence around them.

"I saw you- recognizing you pretty quickly in the Cosmic Battlefield and confirming everything when the Tainted Ones and those they work with attacked you. I've even seen other scenes that also show you or something a.s.sociated with you that is always fighting. A Penguin roaring out madly, a Slime devouring entire Cosmos, a Ten Headed Dragon tearing apart a Grand Primordial Beast..."

She paused as if she could see these very scenes reflected in her eyes, letting them play out once more before she continued.

"...b.a.l.l.s of fire flas.h.i.+ng out as they erased everything...everything but the thing they have to wipe out the most as even after all that, it is not enough."


With her golden eyes watering, she smiled sadly as she released the next set of words!

"It is not enough...and that is why over the past millions of years I have tried everything in my power to change what I can. I took it upon myself to try and emulate what I saw in the future, try and copy the fusion of laws and daos that others showed. Tried to emulate the Edicts that our Great Conqueror showed-"

"Hold up."

Amidst her monologue, Noah's forehead wrinkled as he let out a sigh while confirming with her.

"You said Edicts? The Great Conqueror plays around with multiple Edicts?"

His brain was buzzing actively with this new information, Noah not helping but think just what sort of System or unique power Aegon was given from the Primordial to make such a terrifying being.

He saw how his whole body was filled with Runic Dao Lines of countless Daos, and yet he apparently also had multiple Nomological Edicts which contracted this reality...unless what the Primordial did was close to or the same as what Noah had done when he designed a new Trait to traverse both the paths of Runic Dao Lines and Nomological Edicts!

"Yes. Edicts. This is one of the things I saw that have been most helpful to me, giving me an edge over many others as I've glimpsed a few of the Edicts I saw...but I just cannot put them together."


She had Glimpsed multiple of the Edicts and she just couldn't bring them together! Noah was reminded of the cl.u.s.ter of multiple daos and Laws not too long ago that he had experienced, and he brought it all together with nothing other than...the Cosmic Dao of Fusion.

'If she's glimpsed them to such a stage and learned the Cosmic Dao of Fusion, would She be able to bring together all the Edicts she saw?' Such a terrifying thought danced on Noah's mind as he found the golden eyes of Halcyon locking with his once more, this time the sadness within them fading away as they turned serious.

"But my efforts alone won't amount to anything, but you...there lies a possibility with you. I have seen you stand against the enemies of Reality multiple times, and I won't presume I know what you need in order to succeed or even what I can contribute to help in your success, but the least I can do is provide you with information. With information, preparations can be made...and you could make other choices."

Her words rang in Noah's mind as he looked at this woman closely. His churning destiny and fortune showed him that she was stating important things and there were no lies in her words, making the many plans Noah had seen for himself when it came to the Primordial Cosmos begin to s.h.i.+ft and change.

He thought he had more than enough time, and there was even the Protector of the Bastion of Reality himself- Aegon!

Even the Champion raised by Primordials would not be able to complete his mission? What about the Primordial that was interfering with this Reality herself?

There were many questions and no answers, some also falling on the Primordial Beasts and Tainted Ones- and just how much the factions of the Primordial Empire were affected by such things.

"Information...I do have a lot of that." Halcyon's voice took Noah out of his reverie as he focused on her once more as she spoke with a serious expression!

"Among the many things I saw, the most interesting ones involved the ones to destroy our Reality…a particular existence always standing at the root cause of the Apocalypse. It is this existence that is the reason I stand beside you seeking your help in shouldering this immense weight."


The surroundings shook and trembled at this moment as Halcyon enunciated the next words very clearly.

"Will you help me stand against the Exterminator of Reality? The one who will move to bring us all doom...Aegon the Conqueror."



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