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Chapter 1245 - The First Billion Is Always The Hardest I

Apart from Noah and Aegon, there were Halcyon, Springforge, Havenbreaker, and Stormdust.

Existences with their own unique features as each one had their own reasons for their utmost Confidence.

Halcyon had seen things that had yet to occur, her heart was serene as she moved with knowledge others only wished they had.

Havenbreaker had her own source of confidence as even when she knew how unruly her own daughter was, she still kept her at hand as she had the confidence to reign her whenever she wished!

All of these beings and the levels of Confidence and arrogance they would be one of the features that contribute to their shocking rise and grandeur, or their ecstatic falls in the future to come.

In the throne room that Halcyon was just thrown around in like a ragdoll, Havenbreaker returned to her seat calmly as a second later, spatial waves of essence erupted around her to cause the appearance of a certain crimson haired suave man.

"Nearly killed your daughter there, Havenbreaker."

Stormdust released a deadly smile as he spoke, as if he hadn't just ordered an a bit over a day ago that had Halcyon as one of the targets!

"She still has her uses, especially now with her connection to this Osmont." Havenbreaker replied languidly as she wasn't the least bit surprised at Stormdust's appearance, this shocking meeting that would cause turmoil if any beings saw occurring in this hidden s.p.a.ce as the essence of an Edict had spread around the room in case there was anyone prying.

"Why are you here?" Her golden eyes filled with coldness turned to Stormdust as this being nonchalantly stepped towards her figure on the throne, his coa.r.s.e hands reaching out towards her as she raised her brows while continuing to speak out calmly.

"If you want Aegon to rip you apart without any more reservations of your friends.h.i.+p, you can go ahead and try that."


At the mere mention of Aegon, the smile on Stormdust faded as he stood up with sharp eyes, his voice ringing out.

"Springforge has made her move. You need to make yours afterwards."

His voice carried a unique tone that always pulled others' attention towards him, Havenbreaker nodding her head nonchalantly as she replied to him.

"As we agreed. We will take things a step at a time and see how all the cards will fall. This Osmont…"

"He is not just a piece that Halcyon and Springforge are using. You need to be careful of this creature." Stormdust replied languidly as he stepped away from the throne with a smile, his figure becoming wrapped in spatial essence as he continued.

"I've already been here too long for comfort. Let me know if you want to meet again."

His devilish smile was dazzling as with a glimmer of crimson, he faded away!

Havenbreaker looked at the area as she released a harrumph, her cold eyes staring out at the area she had just smacked her daughter onto as many thoughts danced in her mind.


As all of this occurred, Noah continued to follow the s.h.i.+mmering River of Primordial Essence as his Primordial Eye and the Eye of Ruination still released terrifying lights, Noah learning to better control them as he continued to take in everything around him.

At the same time, he had duplicated the Resplendent Runic Dao Line Enhancers as the moment he felt a certain level of control on the new eyes, he wanted to enhance the Runic Dao Lines of Ruination and the Primordial Daos that made them!

From the 190, he now had 380 Resplendent Runic Dao Line Enhancers after the duplication to work with as he could further elevate the parameters of his power.


His figure was going who knew how many light years every second as if there was anyone strong enough watching, they would simply be seeing a multicolored blur flash on the chaotic Ruination Sea. But Noah's eyes showed him that he was swimming towards a certain location as with this time he had, his essence moved onto the Resplendent Runic Dao Line Enhancers as he began to direct them onto the Primordial Eye.

The colorful lines shot from his expansive s.p.a.ce and into the Runic Dao Lines that made up the unique structure of the white gold left eye, one Enhancer after another being eaten up as Noah's aura could feel the three stacked triangles that formed his iris and even the circular rims of his eyes…resplendent golden circles began to etch themselves around them as they began to create for such colorful eyes that common Protagonists would feel shame.

Lines of gold weaved themselves into his left eye as they gradually caused its structure to have prominent minuscule golden rings, Noah watching as the number of Enhancers absorbed by the Primordial Eye reduced by ten, thirty, sixty…until he reached 100!


The light that the Primordial Eye released became even brighter as normally, the 100 Resplendent Runic Dao Line Enhancers limit should have been reached…and yet!!!

"That's just beautiful…" Noah watched with a smile as the 101st Enhancer sank into the Primordial Eye seamlessly, the number continuing to shoot up higher.

The Cosmic Primordial Dao Line was a stage higher than Annihilation and all the others. Naturally, its limits would also be above them. Such was the reality displayed before Noah's consciousness as he saw another 50 Enhancers after the 100th sink into the Primordial Eye that these Dao Lines created, giving birth to the white gold eye that had many concentric golden rings wrapped all around it.

150 Resplendent Dao Line Enhancers was the limit for Ruination and the Primordial Dao Lines!

A single Resplendent Runic Dao Line Enhancer was a 10% increase to the base attributes of the Runic Dao Line. Wondrously, the Primodial Dao Line had 20,000,000% for its base attributes as every single enhancer going into it was an addition of 2 million percent…and 150 Enhancers had sunk into the Primordial Dao Line.

The results were stellar, to say the least.

:: A unique manifestation of a deconstructed and reconstructed Primordial Dao that should normally not be possible for Common Existences….The Runic Primordial Dao Line also grants +320,000,000% Increased Primordial Damage, +320,000,000% Health and Mana Regeneration, +320,000,000% Cast and Attack speed…

It was a beautiful result that would make one question just why such a thing was even allowed to happen!

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