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Chapter 1654 Azure Treasure Emperor's ModusOperandi ! ll

The figures of three stellar Clones met on the last Treasure Island as they held everything required to bring to fruition a unique treasure that always remained behind locked doors of all powerful Bloodlines.

Natalya stared at the scene before her in disbelief as from the three Noahs, a few ancient gold glimmering pages flew out until 12 s.h.i.+ning points of light formed!

"The Azure Treasure Emperor's Runic Ecriture of Modus Operandi…let's see what you have in store!"


Noah's eyes released luminous light as he observed everything with great concentration, the 12 ancient pages having been pulling the moment they neared each other as in a chain reaction, strings of golden light shot from each as they connected to each other.


These strings then pulled the pages together as one by one…they were stacked on top of each other akin to archaic metal doors closing every microsecond!

Until in mere moments…


Pristine light of authority and power spread out as when it dimmed ever so slightly, the hidden wonder within was revealed.

Surrounded by a natural golden Halo of light, a smooth golden scroll that had the Runic Ecritures meaning could be seen floating silently!

It seemed like an entirely blank scroll with the only words being AZURE TREASURE, but Noah could feel this single scroll filled with such astounding waves of destiny that the entire Forsaken Treasure Reality could not even compare.

The Destiny Goblins were bowed down while paying obeisance, and the figure of Natalya stared at the glimmering golden scroll with complex eyes as it was everything she wanted!

A Runic Ecriture of Modus Operandi could not even be preserved in memories as to learn it, one had to come in direct contact with it.

This was how Noah had learned the Low Tier Defective Celestial Modus Operandi…and he now reached out to grasp onto the dazzling scroll that had been achieved with a decent amount of effort!


His fingers reached out for it, but the page itself shockingly seemed alive as even before Noah fully unfurled his hand- the page floated over by itself!


Such a scene could barely be thought of for long as in the next instant that Noah came in contact with it, boundless information surged into him as yet another method for one to break their shackles and begin rotating their Origin akin to a genuine Reality showed itself!

HIGH :: A unique understanding of the revolution of Reality that incorporates the weaving of destiny and fortune with the rotation of all stellar bodies. The immense focus on destiny and fortune with the revolution of Reality was studied by the Azure Treasure Emperor long after he had achieved Reality, this High Tier Runic Ecriture of Modus Operandi being a penultimate design he managed to forge after 1 billion years. The Destiny and Fortune of existences that open their Reality Pa.s.sages with this Modus Operandi will experience an immense curve as the resultant Pa.s.sages formed are termed that reinforce greater concentrations of Destiny, Fortune, and Essence of Reality. This Modus Operandi can guarantee up to 20 Destiny Reality Pa.s.sages for the most talented existences with a bountiful foundation, with this number scaled upwards depending on the destiny and fortune of the existence breaking their shackles. The method of plucking destiny and fortune while rotating the stellar bodies is…

A wondrous Treasure landed in Noah's arms as after information about it flowed into his mind, something else also came as Noah heard a deep voice filled with age surge from the golden scroll towards him!

His eyes flashed with sharpness as he allowed it in after examining it, a booming voice ringing out in his mind.

An old voice filled with solemnity and sadness echoed out as it seemed to hold great attachments and regrets, causing Noah to gaze at the pristine golden scroll within his hands as he sighed!

It was a truly stupendous tool, but even the Emperor that forged it had perished.

It guaranteed 20 Reality Pa.s.sages for the most talented of beings as when Noah read on the revolution of the stellar bodies within one's Origin, the same phenomenon that had occurred when he first grasped the Low Tier Defective Celestial Modus Operandi played out again as with his permission, his Cosmos rotated in a certain manner for just a microsecond before he stopped them- this mere moment of rotation causing a shocking illusion to flash behind the True Sanguine Clone in question as it nearly caused Natalya to drop the Heartsplitter Bow within her hands!

Behind Noah's figure- ever so briefly…30 dazzling illusory Mountainous-like Reality Pa.s.sages formed.


Not 20 as the High Tier Modus Operandi stipulated- with Noah's destiny and fortune scaling this number up by 50%!

The Reality Pa.s.sages didn't glow with the stellar color of purple blue similar to all the ones Noah had seen before- with the illusory Reality Pa.s.sages appearing behind him being gold in color as they shone in a mesmerizing fas.h.i.+on!

If Noah chose to proceed and break his shackles at this moment, he could actually build 30 Reality Pa.s.sages as this number must have increased due to his destiny and fortune- as well as his increasingly robust foundation as he broke all sorts of limitations.

"Destiny Reality Pa.s.sages huh…"

Noah nodded his head after affirming this, his actions nearly causing those around him to go crazy as Natalya had an utterly defeated look of disbelief on her face.

"You…can break your shackles at any time and achieve such a feat?"

Her eyes flashed with longing as she asked, imagining the austere sight of golden Reality Pa.s.sages as Noah's figure nodded, his eyes s.h.i.+ning sharply as he began to float towards her.

"I can. But that is me, and you are you. I have other plans for myself, but you can go ahead and learn this Azure Treasure Emperor's Runic Ecriture of Modus Operandi in order to break your own shackles!"


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