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Chapter 470: Little Loki VS White Feathered Giant Owl!

This was actually the first time Little Loki got hurt since it hatched from the egg until now.

Tang Li Xue quickly ran to approach the wounded Little Loki with an expression full of worry while taking out another [Talisman of Regeneration +3].

Tang Li Xue wanted to use to [Talisman of Regeneration +3] on Little Loki to heal Little Loki's wounds, but before she could do that...


The most terrifying pressure Tang Li Xue ever felt until now pressed her onto the ground. 

Tang Li Xue stumbled and fell because of the sudden appearance of that terrifying pressure. 

She tried to stand up again, but the pressure was pressing her slender figure like a very heavy mountain, and she could not even move right now.

Tang Li Xue painstakingly raised her head to see where the terrifying pressure came from... 

It was actually coming from the white-feathered giant owl!

Tang Li Xue's expression turned pale in that instant.

She immediately realized that the reason why she could not feel any aura or pressure from the white-feathered giant owl before was because it did not take her seriously at all.

The white-feathered giant owl was only toying with her all this time!

It seems the white-feathered giant owl finally decided to get more serious and released its true enormous pressure and aura after its attack was countered by Little Loki just now.

'Oh, G.o.d... This pressure... This aura... There is no mistake... This fat owl is a genuine Spirit Beast! d.a.m.n, what the h.e.l.l is a creature at this level doing here?!' Tang Li Xue exclaimed in fright and panic.

Tang Li Xue instantly fell into despair.

Even though this white-feathered giant owl was only a False Spirit Beast that failed to take the Human Tribulation Route and only took the Easiest Route to evolve, but it was not something that the current Tang Li Xue or Little Loki could face or defeat yet.

It was truly a hopeless situation...

The white-feathered giant owl kept flapping its huge wings as it hovered slowly on mid-air and looked down on everything.

It glanced at Tang Li Xue for a moment, but its eyes were full of arrogance as if it was staring at a worthless ant.

The white-feathered giant owl clearly did not take Tang Li Xue seriously at all since it felt that it could pitch Tang Li Xue to death anytime it wants.

But the white-feathered giant owl's eyes turned a bit solemn when it stared at Little Loki.

Such a tiny body, but it has enough strength to block the white-feathered giant owl's heavy attack.

Moreover, the white-feathered giant owl sensed a huge threat from the black blood tickled down from Little Loki's tiny furry paw.

That dangerous black blood could probably melt even its steel-like feathers and dealt some injuries to it.

Although it was impossible for Little Loki's tiny body to produce enough black blood to completely drown the white-feathered giant owl and melted its entire huge body, but the white-feathered giant owl still did not want to let down its guard against such a creepy unknown creature like Little Loki.

A lion might toy around a weak ant to relieve its boredom, but it would still use its full strength to hunt the rabbit... It was a perfect metaphor to describe the current situation.

The white-feathered giant owl and Little Loki glared at each other full of hostility.

The terrifying pressure and aura from the white-feathered giant owl did not affect Little Loki at all. 

On contrary, the pressure from Little Loki's bloodline as pure-blooded Tao Tie made the white-feathered giant owl felt extremely threatened and also made the white-feathered giant owl became more serious.

Little Loki lowered its body, ready to pounce toward the white-feathered giant owl anytime.

While the white-feathered giant owl still leisurely flapped its huge wings and hovered in mid-air.

Both of them kept staring at each other without moving in the tranquil meadow accompanied by only the rustling sound of around them.

One second...

Two seconds...

In the third second, both Little Loki and the white-feathered giant owl suddenly moved at the same time!

A black and white shadow crossed against each other with an incredible speed far surpa.s.sing the sound speed. 

But the speed of the white-feathered giant owl was higher than Little Loki due to its enormous wings!

The white-feathered giant owl approached Little Loki first and aimed its huge sharp silver claw to Little Loki's back from above!


'It vanished!' The white-feathered giant owl thought in surprise when Little Loki suddenly disappeared right in front of its eyes, and its silver claw only struck the empty ground.

Right before the white-feathered giant owl's huge silver claw could slash Little Loki's back, Little Loki actually used its [Instant Teleportation] skill to dodge it!

'I got you~!' Little Loki sneered at the white-feathered giant owl.

Little Loki instantly teleported itself above the white-feathered giant owl, then it opened its tiny mouth as wide as it could...

[Heaven's Devour]!

As if a tiny black hole suddenly opened in Little Loki's tiny mouth, the surrounding spiritual energy,, soil, and even the surrounding s.p.a.ce started to get sucked into Little Loki's tiny mouth.

The white-feathered giant owl that was right in front of Little Loki was also get sucked, but before it could get could completely be swallowed by Little Loki, the white-feathered giant owl rapidly flapped its huge wings to resist Little Loki's sucking power and get away from Little Loki.

Little Loki's devouring power that was sucking everything and the white-feathered giant owl's flying force that wanted to get away from Little Loki clashed like a tug of war.

Unfortunately, Tang Li Xue, who lied on the ground and still could not move, was actually getting sucked by Little Loki's devouring power too and flew toward Little Loki!

Little Loki did not want to devour Tang Li Xue, so it could only give up its attempt and end its [Heaven's Devour]. 

Little Loki flashed toward Tang Li Xue and caught the collar of Tang Li Xue's clothes on mid-air, then put her gently onto the ground.

'Tsk~! Only a little bit more...' Little Loki sighed in regret.

Meanwhile, Tang Li Xue felt dizzy and sick since she flew up and down with unbelievable speed.

Unlike Little Loki that could ignore the enormous pressure and aura from the white-feathered giant owl thanks to its G.o.dly species as pure-blooded Tao Tie, each of Tang Li Xue's bones was already creaking under the terrifying pressure, and she could not even move her finger.

Her internal wounds were also getting worse, and she coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood again.

The white-feathered giant owl had a lingering fear after it tasted Little Loki's true terrifying ability, so it no longer dared to carelessly approach Little Loki.

But it did not mean that the white-feathered giant owl would give up and go away since it could still attack Little Loki from afar!

Little Loki was worried about Tang Li Xue, but it could sense that the white-feathered giant owl already locked onto it and was ready to launch another attack from afar!

Little Loki immediately dashed away from Tang Li Xue, so the white-feathered giant owl's next attack would not stray and hit Tang Li Xue.

The white-feathered giant owl flapped its huge white wings toward Little Loki from the sky, and many of its silvery feathers were shooting toward Little Loki at once!

[Silver Feathers Storm]!

Hundreds of sharp silver feathers filled the night sky and showered toward Little Loki!

BANG~!!! BANG~!!! BANG~!!! BANG~!!! BANG~!!!

Little Loki swiftly jumped to the right and left to dodge the sharp silver feathers. 

Sometimes, Little Loki also activated its [Instant Teleportation] repeatedly to avoid several sharp silver feathers that flying at once toward it, but it still could not get out from the wide attacking radius of the white-feathered giant owl's [Silver Feathers Storm].

One of the sharp silver feathers managed to graze Little Loki's shoulder and made him bleed again.

Little Loki wanted to open its mouth to activate its [Heaven's Devour] again to devour all sharp silver feathers, but it took at least half-second or one second time to activate it, so it decided to use another skill instead first!

[Earth Locking Heaven Slaying Formation]!

All the sharp silver feathers around Little Loki suddenly stagnated on mid-air!

Then Little Loki opened its tiny mouth and activated [Heaven's Devour], then all hundreds of sharp silver feathers were sucked and swallowed into its mouth in only a few moments.

At a glance, Little Loki seems to look even toe to toe against the white-feathered giant owl... But Little Loki was actually already got injured several times against the white-feathered giant owl, while the white-feathered giant owl still remained uninjured until now.

Actually, the white-feathered giant owl's advantage was much more than that in all aspects such as strength, speed, defense, and abilities, but it was wary against Little Loki's varying strange abilities, so it did not dare to be careless and decided to play safe against Little Loki.

"Cough... Cough... Who is that fat bird fight against right now? Is it Little Loki? d.a.m.n it! Urgh... How could a spirit beast like that fat bird appeared here?" Tang Li Xue complained while coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood.

'Any beast should be greatly suppressed in this Inheritance Ground Tablet, and it should not be able to use any of its divine abilities here too... Then why is this fat bird still so powerful?' Tang Li Xue's mind started to think faster and clearer.

'Eh, it is really strange... Wait a minute... There is something incredibly wrong here... Since this fat bird can stay in this Inheritance Ground Tablet, then it means this fat bird is one of the inheritance guardians here. That was the reason why its strength did not get much restricted here like me!' Tang Li Xue's expression changed to a gloomy expression.

'The h.e.l.l, who can defeat such incredibly powerful inheritance guardian at the Spirit Beast Level like this fat bird?! Aren't only Acupuncture Opening Stage cultivators who can enter this Inheritance Ground Tablet?!' Tang Li Xue complained and cursed again in her mind.

Then Tang Li Xue suddenly realized something very crucial as her topaz blue eyes were s.h.i.+ning brighter and brighter.

'd.a.m.n! Why am I so stupid?! Who said that I must defeat this fat bird to pa.s.s this meadow area?! Since there would be no one that could defeat such a powerful inheritance guardian, then it means there must be some other way for this fat bird to let us pa.s.s this area!!!' Tang Li Xue deduced in her mind with a dumbfounded expression.

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