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Chapter 603 Honeymoon Part II *

The next moment, she was on the bed, fully naked and surrounded by red petals. The vivid red petals were a beautiful contrast against her smooth white skin.

"G.o.d, you're so beautiful…" he uttered. His voice incredibly deep and filled with nothing but love and l.u.s.tful desire. His gaze never left her as he stripped with urgency.

It didn't take long, and he stood before her naked. Despite seeing his nude perfection many times before, Kelly couldn't help but still wors.h.i.+p every part of him. From his gorgeous face to the sleek, tightly muscled surface of his torso, and then down to his… ah... she couldn't stop herself from licking her lips as her insides began to ache and quiver in need at the sight of his mighty sword. She wanted him inside her so bad even though they had just done it yesterday. She really, crazily craved for this man now.

While Kai was standing there, slowly touching his hardness as he looked at her, Kelly's desire for him heightened to an excruciating degree. He seemed to be savoring the sight of her lying on top of the petals. She could see the look in his eyes, and he was wors.h.i.+pping her body the same way she wors.h.i.+pped his. But Kelly could no longer bear it, so she moved, planning to grab him. But Kai didn't even let her sit.

He was suddenly on top of her, pinning her down. His hands were holding her wrists gently against the mattress as he looked down at her.

"Don't… my wife…" he whispered huskily as he bent and showered kisses on her face. "Please let me... this time... It's my turn to make you feel good." He added, and Kelly felt utterly thrilled and aroused. She always loved it when this man showed her his beastly side in bed. She loved the gentle and submissive Kai, but she also loved it when he's dominant.

She nodded as she moaned in antic.i.p.ation, and his mouth was on her breast before she knew it, sucking her greedily as though he had been so starved for her. His lips soft and warm against her skin as his hands roamed around her possessively.

After devouring her breast and making Kelly whimper and moaned beneath him, Kai then pushed her thighs wide. His lips abandoned her breast and moved downwards.

When he reached her s.e.x, he didn't waste a moment and kissed her tenderly at first, licking, circling, and drawing lightly before he hastened his pace and devoured her ravenously. Kelly gasped at the sudden change of pace, and he grabbed his hair. Her scandalous moans had started to fill the room.

"Ah, G.o.d… Kai… I can't…" Kelly strained beneath him, and he slowed down again. It was like the sudden strong wind became a mere breeze. "No… don't stop… please." She uttered in dismay. "Please, I'm wet enough, Kai. Take me, now. Inside me, please." She pleaded, and Kai looked up. His eyes were so d.a.m.ned vivid and deep. The way he looked at her that moment made him looked even hotter and irresistible.

His hand landed gently over her stomach and rubbed her there in soothing circles as his hypnotic s.e.xy voice echoed. "Patience, my wife. We're on honeymoon. We can take our ti –"

"Oh no. I can't wait anymore, husband." She complained as she grabbed his hand and weakly pulled him.

But Kai didn't budge and chuckled softly instead against her s.e.x. Kelly s.h.i.+vered at the sensation of his breath and laughter. "Oh G.o.d, kai… I can't bear much more of this."

The beast didn't listen, but he did resume his ravenous pace as he continued licking over her before his tongue entered inside her, lewd and deep, until she was breathing love words and screaming his name.

And then, finally, Kai moved upward and seized her mouth. His hardness hot and hard against her, and she voluntarily spread her legs to welcome him inside. When he entered her in a thick slide, Kelly gasped and then moaned at the incredible feeling of him finally filling her again.

He paused, staring down at her with dilated eyes. "I love you, Kelly." He uttered, and Kelly's hands reached out for him.

"I love you too… very much…" She pulled him into her as she arched her hips to meet his thrust, causing Kai to close his eyes and quiver in pleasure.

He lifted her head and clenching her hair, he kissed her again, wildly and almost desperately.

"More." she moaned against his lips as her fingers linking behind his neck. "Please." Gasping, she arched to take him deeper, harder.

Kelly began to clutch at his hair hard, too impa.s.sioned to be gentle. Her legs wrapped around his waist as her insides quivered and clenched and tightened around his hardness with ravenous greed.

"Ugh! Kelly!" he growled. His handsome face was ravaged by extreme l.u.s.t and desire that was flooding them both.

He continued his onslaught until his steady hard thrusts brought her to the edge of release when he suddenly withdrew and turned her over, surprising Kelly once again. Oh my…

"May I?" he whispered in haste as his body covered her. "I won't hurt you… this will –"

"Yes. Yes. Take me!" Kelly could no longer take it, and she lifted her b.u.t.tocks as she gracelessly uttered her answer. She was dying for him to go back inside her and fill the sudden emptiness.

Kai's eyes glimmered at her enthusiastic approval, and the next moment, he was sliding impossibly deep inside her. He growled as he hit her deepest part and felt her shudder uncontrollably every time he thrusts. Their flesh slamming against each other echoed inside the room with their moans and groans. They were so d.a.m.n wild they almost couldn't breathe because of the intense pleasure. She had possessed him, and he had possessed her, wholly.

"Ah, Kelly!" he said in a guttural whisper as his thrusts from behind her came even harder, deeper, thicker. "I'm…"

Instinct took over, and Kelly's hips moved on their own until her thighs began to clenched. She fisted in the mattress as Kai's jaw and neck taut with strain. And then, with one last thrust, he started coming, spurting hot and hard inside her as Kelly clamped tightly around him, squeezing him harder than ever before.


A\N: One more chapter before the 3rd volume starts. ^^

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