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Chapter 1232: Overkill

Fu Shengying calmly leafed through the newspaper and said, “Your brother has been alone for so long and he is busy. We have to go and take a look.”

He had not thought about it before, but after hearing what they said today, he felt even more guilty.

That was why he decided to go and take a look.

They forced him to do this.

Mrs. Fu agreed.

“He is alone over there for the New Year, we should go and take a look.”

“I think we better not go.” Fu s.h.i.+qin laughed dryly.

It seemed that he had betrayed his brother and made his father feel guilty. So much so that he now wanted to console his brother in Dubai.

But his brother was not alone in Dubai. There were four of them.

If they went there, everything they had been hiding would be exposed.

“Why not?” Fu Shengying squinted at him unhappily.

Fu s.h.i.+qin touched his nose guiltily. “Well my brother doesn’t seem to be very pleased with you, so why are you asking for trouble?”

If they ran over there and found sister-in-law and the two children, the plan would be ruined.

But if his brother avoided them so that they would not find sister-in-law and the two children, where would he hide the three living people?

What was more, the entire house was full of their belongings. If they hid it, they would not be able to hide everything.

“That is not your problem,” Fu Shengying said coldly.

Fu s.h.i.+qin and He Chi exchanged a look and decided to leave first.

They two went out and said as they got into the car, “If they really go to Dubai, it will be a big problem.”

They had tried so hard to conceal the fact that Gu Weiwei was also in Dubai and that she had already given birth to children, but they could not conceal anything once they went there.

“If we stop them now, my father will be suspicious.” Fu s.h.i.+qin sighed in distress.

They had just said that they were going to visit his brother, but he was trying to stop them. They should have suspected something.

After all, his parents were not easily fooled.

“Then what should we do? Let them go?” He Chi asked.

There was no time to change the plan.

“We must not let them go,” Fu s.h.i.+qin said.

He Chi looked at him sideways and said, “If something unexpected happens to you or Third Brother, they might not be able to make it.”

“Unexpected?” Fu s.h.i.+qin raised his eyebrows.

He Chi touched his chin thoughtfully.

“Well, it would be best if something happens to you. In this way, you won’t be able to do everything at the company. In this way, your father and the rest will have to help, so they won’t be able to go to Dubai.”

Fu s.h.i.+qin gritted his teeth. “I think you are the only one who wants me to be in an accident.”

What was the benefit of paying such a terrible price to stop them from going to Dubai?

“That is the most effective method,” He Chi said.

If something happened to Fu s.h.i.+yi, he would at most be sent to the hospital and they would still leave.

But if something happened to Fu s.h.i.+qin and he could not focus on the company, they would become anxious.

If they were anxious, they would not be in a hurry to go to Dubai.

“Get out of here,” Fu s.h.i.+qin said as he picked up the phone and decided to tell his brother about it. What was he going to do?

After all, his brother was involved.

However, the call did not go through until the last ring when his brother finally answered.

“Make it brief.”

Fu s.h.i.+qin sighed and said, “Our father plans to visit you in Dubai.”

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