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Chapter 864: Birthday Present 3

Fu s.h.i.+yi and He Chi looked at the man who had disappeared for half an hour and returned.

“Where did you go?”

Fu s.h.i.+qin waved the phone in his hand and said, “I had a call from work and it was too noisy at home, so I answered it outside.”

“I will deal with you later.” Fu s.h.i.+yi let go of He Chi and turned to Fu s.h.i.+qin. “We have finished singing happy birthday to sister-in-law and given her all the presents too. It is so unfair of you to come home now. Our brother is not here, so we can’t do anything about the company. Why didn’t you come back quickly?”

Fu s.h.i.+qin glared at him and sat down at the table, he started eating as if nothing had happened.

“We have given her presents, so shouldn’t you do the same?” Fu s.h.i.+yi urged.

Fu s.h.i.+qin threw a look at Gu Weiwei and said with a smile, “You have received so much, you don’t need something from me, do you?”

“d.a.m.n, so because our brother is not here, you are not going to give her any presents?” Fu s.h.i.+yi said as he stood up to drag him away and punch him.

Fu s.h.i.+qin raised his hands in surrender; he was still holding the chopsticks. “I went outside to arrange for the present to be delivered here. I had left the company too quickly and only realised that I had left it when I was on my way herr, so I asked someone to send it here. it will arrive soon.”

Fu s.h.i.+yi sat down next to him and gritted his teeth. “That is more like it. If you didn’t give her a present, I would have beaten you up.”

The servant brought over the cut cake and gave each of them a slice. The dinner was also very exquisite.

Gu Weiwei received presents one after another and received blessings one after another, making the birthday party very lively.

But the more lively it was, the more she thought of Fu Hanzheng who was absent.

So she went to the bathroom and texted Fu Hanzheng after some hesitation.

[I miss you.]

However, after a few minutes, Fu Hanzheng still did not reply.

After a long while, she returned to the dining room and continued to eat with everyone.

She had just sat down when Fu s.h.i.+qin received a call, put down the bowl and said, “The present I have prepared is here. Sister-in-law, wait for me, I will get it for you.”

Having said these words, he ran out to get the present.

He quickly returned with a small box tied with a bow.

Seeing that the box was only the size of a palm, Fu s.h.i.+yi helplessly said, “Second Brother, are you that stingy?”

Having said these words, he reached out his hand and was about to open it.

Fu s.h.i.+qin dodged the present thief. “Go away, sister-in-law has to open the present herself.”

Gu Weiwei wiped her mouth with a napkin, stood up and walked over.

Fu s.h.i.+qin looked around and pointed at the yard outside.

“This present is more suitable to be opened outside, let’s go there.”

Feeling helpless, Gu Weiwei followed him from the balcony to the garden outside.

“Can we open it now?”

“Right here will do.” Fu s.h.i.+qin held the gift box with both hands.

“Let’s go and see what he is up to.” Fu s.h.i.+yi and the others followed him to the garden curiously.

Gu Weiwei opened the box and found a remote control inside.

“What is this?”

Fu s.h.i.+qin smiled mysteriously. “Sister-in-law, close your eyes and make a wish. Then open your eyes and press the b.u.t.ton on the left and then the b.u.t.ton on the right.”

With the small pink remote control, Gu Weiwei closed her eyes under his urging, but what came to her mind was Fu Hanzheng.

After a long while, she opened her eyes and pressed the left b.u.t.ton, just as Fu s.h.i.+qin said.

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