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Chapter 658 Exchange of Blood

Perhaps because of the game system, the players were highly resistant to spiritual and soul-related skills and spells.

So, William’s intimidation ability didn’t work; it only enraged the players.

Schuck heaved a helpless sigh when he saw the players jump to their feet.

William was a traditional Saint Samurai, who were famous for their condescension.

They were only second to the pope, and even on a line with him sometimes. Also, they were highly popular and revered by the believers thanks to their capabilities and charm.

The Church of Light, as a major church, had believers dutifully serving the Saint Samurai everywhere they went. Some beautiful girls even wanted to be their bed warmers.

They were spoiled by the entire Church of Light. They were always the center of attention in the church as long as they didn’t make mistakes.

Under such circ.u.mstances, it was inevitable that the Saint Samurai became proud. Therefore, William subconsciously used his usual method to intimidate the players. The Aura of Intimidation was very powerful. Even Warriors of his level might be to it. They would be a lot more restrained under the Aura of Intimidation if they were short-tempered. If they were self-restrained to begin with, they might temporarily become cowards. It was a very useful skill in negotiations. Such a trick wasn’t exactly honest… However, the Church of Light, as believers of light, was frank and forthright. This was just a strategy, not a scheme.

After all, the Saint Samurai’s schemes were not schemes at all.

William had influenced negotiations with other forces in the same way several times, and they all turned out well.

However, it didn’t work this time.

The players weren’t affected at all.

Instead, they all looked his vitals up and down angrily.

The players would’ve attacked him already, if he had actually launched an attack instead of invoking the halo.

After all, n.o.body wanted their username to turn red.

William looked at the Golden Sons who were all glaring at him, shocked. Why had the Aura of Intimidation become the Aura of Taunting?

He was stunned, and the atmosphere was frozen.

Fortunately, Schuck voluntarily said, “My friends, let’s talk about the succubi.” Schuck was one of the players. Also, everybody knew that, exactly like Roland said, they would’ve been fighting the expedition army if Schuck hadn’t been holding them back. The succubi probably would’ve suffered heavy losses.

The two parties were seated, and William dared not speak anymore.

He found that the Golden Sons were all rather strong and threatening to him.

“Roland just sent me a message and said that you had a plan. Can we hear it?”

Everybody looked at Roland.

Roland introduced his plan.

Schuck was obviously relieved after hearing that. “Okay, it’s fine with me. Everything is fine as long as the succubi are restrained. Dinah, William, what about you?”

Naturally, Dinah nodded.

She liked Betta, who was Schuck’s cousin and Roland’s good friend.

Besides, she didn’t think they had to be so harsh on the poor succubi who had surrendered.

She had no reason to object to the proposal.

However, William asked suspiciously, “You can improve the magic contract? That’s unbelievable.”

All the players looked at him as if he were a clown.

Sensing the mockery in the players’ eyes, William frowned and continued, “I’m a Saint Samurai, but I’m a spellcaster too. I know a thing or two about magic. It’s extremely difficult even for the Legends in the Fareins a.s.sociation of Mages to improve a contract. Also, I’ve never heard a contract that can bind two parties equally and let them share abilities. Are you serious?”

Schuck said casually, “I trust Roland.”

William looked at Schuck. “I want to trust him too, but I prefer to see evidence first.”

“So, would you like to contract a succubus?” asked Roland.

“Of course. I’m willing to contract an evil succubus to confirm that you’re not lying.” William scoffed and stood up. This time, the players in the meeting room all whispered to each other.

“You could’ve been more straightforward if you wanted a succubus for yourself.”

“A Saint Samurai and a succubus. Interesting.”

“Even a Saint Samurai and an evil red dragon can be a couple. Why can’t he be with a succubus? Speaking of which, the succubi aren’t even as evil as the red dragons.”

William looked rather awful when he heard all the whispers.

Dinah was secretly giggling.

As for Schuck, he was very calm.

As a player himself, he knew the personality of players too well.

They were all great at sarcasm.

William became so upset hearing all the whispers that he slapped the table heavily and said, “Seriously? I just want to confirm if what he said is true. I don’t want to get a succubus for anything.” All the players put on a smile seeing how enraged William was. They enjoyed their revenge.

You used the Aura of Intimidation to us just now, and yet you’re p.i.s.sed off. That’s just karma.

Schuck extended his hand and pulled William down to his seat. “Don’t get excited. My people like to provoke others. The angrier you are, the happier they will be.”

After a brief daze, William sat down.

Schuck asked Roland, “How much does an equality contract cost?”

“Ten gold coins.”

“That’s so expensive.” Schuck took a deep breath.

Roland shrugged and said, “It can’t be helped. The magic materials are expensive in the first place, and the price of my work is high too.”

“Okay, make one for William.” Schuck pushed ten gold coins to the table.


William looked rather awkward. Being a Saint Samurai, he didn’t want to contract a succubus, but he couldn’t go back on his word.

Very soon, an average-looking succubus walked in.

All the succubi had great figures, but they had different looks. Nevertheless, no succubi were ugly. Some of them were only average-looking. This was already the succubus with the most unattractive face that the players could find.

William looked awful when he looked at this female demon who wore s.l.u.tty clothes.

Roland took out magic materials from his Backpack and quickly set up a magic array.

His hands moved so fast when he combined the materials that they left blurry shadows.

Several seconds later, a magic array appeared and enshrouded William and the succubus at the center of the field.

The bright purple magic array glowed for about ten seconds. Then, William sensed that the back of his hand was hot, and saw a round, green magic symbol on it.

Also, he suddenly felt that he seemed to have learned a new trick. He had a strange feeling in his head.

With his natural instincts, he activated his light magic power and shook his hand. A long golden whip took shape in his hand. He waved it casually, and it let out a noise.

The golden whip waved quite fast. Even the air seemed to twist when the whip pa.s.sed.

This… William took a deep breath.

“Whip of the succubus!”

It was a special method of attack that the succubi had. They could form black whips with their mental power, and whoever was whipped would be plagued by negative effects such as la.s.situde and physical discomfort.

The succubi’s whips were black because they were good at dark elements.

The Saint Samurai’s whip was created by the light magic power, so it was naturally golden.

Also, it seemed to have a very different effect.

The Whip of the succubus was usually used to deal damage and cast negative buffs, but his whip seemed to have positive effects when it hit anyone.

It was a very useful ability.

William stared at his whip in silence for a moment and then dispersed it.

Roland asked, “Do you want me to cancel the equity contract for you?”.

William was rather unwilling when he heard that.

The whip of holy light seemed very useful, and he didn’t want to lose it.

At this moment, hearing that her contract would be revoked, the succubus was greatly shocked and looked at William pitifully.

She looked sad and miserable.

“Forget it.” William gnashed his teeth and said to Schuck, “You can deal with the succubi alongside the Golden Sons. I won’t intervene anymore. I’m sure that you can get everything done.”

After that, he turned around and walked out of the meeting room.

The succubus, having received an equity contract, followed him away happily.

After everybody left, Schuck smiled and said, “Then let’s do what we agreed upon. The Guardians of Light will stay here for about ten days. That should be enough for you to contract all the succubi.”

Everybody looked at Roland.

Roland nodded and said, “I’ll post the spell model to contract the succubi on the forum and simplify it into a level-two spell. A lot of people should be able to pick it up.” There were quite a few Mages in the meeting room. They all cheered after hearing that.

It was because the task could only be accomplished by Mages, who could charge for materials and service when they offered help.

There were tens of thousands of succubi here… and millions more to come.

After they helped the players set up contracts, they could help the n.o.bles in the main plane do the same. It would mean huge revenues.

All the Mages were delighted.

Roland continued, “Allow me to advertise for myself. I can help the players contract one another. Ten gold coins for one couple, including the material cost and my service. Whoever is interested can find me in Delpon.”

Then he stood up and left via teleportation.

Schuck, too, stood up and left with Dinah.

The players who watched the drama in the stream channel kept posting comments.

“LMAO. That stupid Saint Samurai just slapped his own face.”

“n.o.body can refuse their temptation! n.o.body!”

“Do you think it’s better to contract a succubus, or a player?” “Whichever is good. You can get a contracted wife. Alternatively, you can increase your strength.” “You can get a player as your wife too.” “There are few girls in this game… The equity contract sounded like a marriage contract to the succubus. You want to sign it with another man? Hehe!”

“In fact, there are other targets that you can bind. For example, you can contract the local girls in the game. If they receive some sort of skill from you, won’t they be able to take your love?”

“You’re right. That’s definitely one way to use it.”

“Actually… the elves are an option too. The elven girls are all beautiful and have great talents.”

“Actually, the dwarven girls are the best. They can remain young and little for three hundred years.”

“From that point of view, Roland’s equity contract is very useful.”

“I’ve decided to lure an intelligent three-headed dog and then ask Roland to contract it.”

“Upstairs, that’s a weird thought. Who are you? Why are you so special?’”

“That’s nothing. I am Griefwind, a son-in-law in the Aristotle family. I love dogs the best. Other dog people are welcome to contact me.” “I think there’s something more to that hobby.”

“Tsk, tsk. I think Roland will make a fortune again.”

“Isn’t it a famous saying that you can only make as much money as your knowledge of this world? Why can’t he make a fortune when he’s capable and knowledgeable?”

After the advertis.e.m.e.nt, Roland teleported back to Delpon.

He went to the Magic Tower first and let Vivian sit on his legs, inspecting her body as well as the issues in the Magic Tower recently.

Because he did two things at the same time, it took him a while.

The plump bats flew in at one point during the process and immediately left. Roland returned to his manor and cuddled with Andonara. He was about to post the succubus contract to the forum when Morris visited him again.

She had changed her clothes and put on beautiful jewelry, which made her look young and attractive.

Her face didn’t change at all. What changed was her vibe.

She looked like a mature woman earlier, but she could impress anyone as a young girl at this moment.

Roland was quite surprised at her transformation.

He could tell that she wasn’t pretending to be a girl, and that her transformation was real.

“Roland, I want your woman to give me some blood.”

Roland frowned the moment he heard that.

Andonara, on the other hand, didn’t show any emotion.

As if she sensed Roland’s hostility, Morris said helplessly, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to her. She’s my descendant, after all.”

“Why do you want her blood?”

“I’ve been badly suppressed by the main plane recently,” Morris explained. “Because of my features as the Immortal Phoenix, my body is quickly rejuvenating. I cannot control my divine abilities anymore. If this goes on, I’ll become an Immortal Phoenix soon and lose my intelligence for a long time, until I turn into a phoenix egg and get reborn.” Roland asked, “Can’t you return to the Realm of Devils?”

“I can,” said Morris with a smile. “But I don’t want to go back yet. I haven’t had enough fun. I don’t want to waste this opportunity that comes once in a hundred years.”

“Does it have anything to do with Andonara’s blood?”

Morris explained, “Andonara was born in the main plane and is a native of this place. She also has the Immortal Phoenix’s blood. I can stay here for a long time as long as I replace my blood with hers.”

After a pause, she said, “Besides, I won’t be taking advantage of her. I can offer her a drop of the essence of the Immortal Phoenix.”

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