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Chapter 631: Su Cha Is Acting Big

As she was busier than usual this week, Su Cha took the time to practice her songs.

In fact, now that she was in the top three, many merchants and media were contacting Su Cha for interviews. However, Tan Jinsui, who was backing her up, s.h.i.+elded her and asked her to just compete well.

His goal was clear. From the beginning, he planned to train Su Cha to be different from the current celebrities, so he tried to accept as few interviews as possible.

Therefore, other than the basic Weibo information out right now, Su Cha rarely revealed any information.

Even the variety show she partic.i.p.ated in was low-key. Although it was popular, not many people knew about Su Cha’s situation.

Other than the regular in school, Su Cha also handed in a few embroidery to the Embroidery and Culture Center this week.

Her S Weibo account was also very popular. It was a pity that since the last time she had argued with Myriad Mountain Embroiderer, she basically did not say anything. There were many people who came to learn from her on Weibo. Occasionally, Su Cha would go up to take a look, and she would see many comments that were between laughter and tears.

For example, [I’ll give you 100,000 yuan. Will you embroider a 10,000-strong outfit for me?]

[How much can your work be sold for? Money is not a problem!]

[I want to acknowledge you as my master. Would I get paid OK?]

You have to admit that sometimes, the existence of some humans can surpa.s.s your imagination.

“Cla.s.smate Su, do you know Qin Bei?”

While Su Cha was preparing for the national finals, Fu Mo sent her a message.

It was a link. Su Cha clicked on it and saw an obscure piece of information.

The general idea was that when Su Cha partic.i.p.ated in the “Who Will Be the Parent Today?” show, she had a dispute with Qin Bei. Then, she showed disrespect to Qin Bei and instigated a child-like Li Miyi to treat Qin Bei badly.

The information was reasonable and detailed, just as if the person had been at the scene.

Su Cha could guess who it was.

The comments were as Su Cha expected.

[Why is it her again? Why is she always offending people since she first joined the show?]

[I think it’s fine if it’s just one or two people. Now that she has been exposed to be a big shot on a show, isn’t she turning out to be too hot-tempered?]

[She can enter the entertainment industry with such a personality? Sooner or later, she will fail miserably.]

[Qin Bei is also her senior, yet it’s fine if she doesn’t respect her. Oh my G.o.d, she’s too nasty…]

[Didn’t Li Miyi treat her badly in the previous episode? How could she incite Li Miyi to attack Qin Bei now?]

[I think Su Cha is better. Qin Bei is not a good person.]

[The person who said that about Qin Bei, please show us the evidence. What did our Bebe do? We are discussing someone acting like a big shot. Don’t blame it on our Bebe, thank you!]

Soon, a heated argument broke out. Su Cha’s fans were criticizing the other party, and Qin Bei’s fans were attacking Su Cha non-stop, as well as pa.s.sersby who were waiting to watch a good show.

This piece of news was quickly b.u.mped up by a marketing account. There were a few accounts that Fu Mo had sent to her. She told her that they were instigated by Qin Bei’s studio, and that some of them were instigated by other celebrities. Anyway, it was not a big deal to watch the show, and the goal was to blow it up.

Su Cha and Qin Bei were at loggerheads.

There was no need for them to add fuel to the fire. Su Cha felt that Qin Bei was a thorn in her side.

She did not give her any face during the last recording of the show, which directly led to her and Li Miyi completing the recording of the last episode when Su Cha was not around. The production crew had spent a lot of effort to edit the scene of her and Li Miyi getting along peacefully. They were just short of recording a fake person.

Most of the plot had been taken over by other children.

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