The Queen of Everything Chapter 744 - How Can You Prove It?

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Chapter 744: How Can You Prove It?

The photos were very eye-catching. They were of Su Cha entering Dawn.

It was no secret that Su Cha went to Dawn. The key thing was that she went a second time to see the Killing Alliance Master and brought Fu Mo along.

There was a whole stack of photos. Back then, Su Cha had destroyed the internal surveillance cameras in Dawn’s territory, but she did not bother about the surveillance cameras outside. Hence, when she saw the photos, she narrowed her eyes and smiled.

She did not panic and looked at Lin Yin slowly. “What do you mean?”

Lin Yin was a smiling tiger. He usually looked crazy, which made him seem more sinister than anyone else.

He chuckled as he looked at Su Cha. “I think Alliance Master Su is not unfamiliar with the scene in the photo. The first time you went to Dawn Club, it was because that kid from the Bo family was attacked. We can understand why you were angry. But the second time, rumors about the Alliance Master of the Killing Alliance had appeared, and you still went to Dawn Club. Everyone knows that Dawn Club is the territory of the Killing Alliance. The Killing Alliance has never been on good terms with us. Dawn prohibits anyone from the Star Alliance and the Martial Alliance from entering. As the Alliance Master of the Star Alliance, you have been entering and exiting Dawn Club repeatedly. It’s hard for us not to make conjectures. Alliance Master Su and this Killing Alliance…”

He paused, but his words were enough to make one’s imagination run wild.

That’s right. The Killing Alliance had never been on good terms with the Star Alliance and the Martial Alliance. If Su Cha could come back safely after going in and out twice, that was akin to slapping that Alliance’s face again and again. How could the Killing Alliance let Su Cha in so generously?

Moreover, Su Cha was the Alliance Master. Even if she could enter, shouldn’t she avoid suspicion?

Moreover, the Alliance Master of the Killing Alliance was here. How did Su Cha come out safely?

Or did she have something to do with the Killing Alliance?

Su Cha immediately understood what he meant, but she was fully confident when she entered the room that day and did not panic.

s.h.i.+ Wei’s expression turned ugly. “Elder Lin, what do you mean?”

Su Cha was selected by him. If Lin Yin suspected that Su Cha was a spy, then what did that make him, the Sect Master of the Heaven’s Secrets Sect, who had personally predicted Su Cha’s existence?

Tang Hefei looked at s.h.i.+ Wei and raised his hand to suppress him. “Hey, Stone Door Master, Elder Lin is doing this for our own good. You might believe that the Heaven’s Secrets Sect’s deductions are never wrong, but Alliance Master Su’s background has always been unclear. What if you made a mistake? What kind of place is the Killing Alliance? It’s too unbelievable for Alliance Master Su to come and go as she pleases.”

These words were almost transparent. Mo Weiyuan did not expect the situation to become like this. He was dumbfounded.

He could only brace himself and say, “Sigh, there are some things that must not be said carelessly. Alliance Master Su is the Alliance Master of the Star Alliance. If such wild speculations are spread, it will cause damage to the stability of our two a.s.sociations. Without solid evidence, the elders cannot speak nonsense!”

Su Cha suddenly held her chin and looked at Lin Yin and the rest with a smile. “Elder Lin, aren’t you just trying to say that I might be a spy who came from the Killing Alliance? Of course, it’s your freedom to suspect me like this, but Elder Lin, listen carefully. I, Su Cha, am not the kind of person who will remain indifferent after being splashed with dirt. I can prove my innocence, but after disproving your allegations, Elder Lin, I don’t know if you can bear the price.”

These words were full of threat. Tang Hefei’s face twitched and he calmed down. He smiled and said, “Alliance Master Su, this is a reasonable doubt. If you prove your innocence, we will apologize if we guessed wrongly. But how can you prove it now?”

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