The Queen of Everything Chapter 847 - A Sugar Daddy Is a Boyfriend?

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Chapter 847: A Sugar Daddy Is a Boyfriend?

“I’m not worried.”

He was happy.

He mumbled, and Su Cha snorted. “It’s not that I don’t want to announce you, but in the future, no matter what I do, I’ll have to take on the t.i.tle of Madam Bo. Outsiders will always be more interested in you than me, and there will be many people who will bother you. Don’t you find it annoying?”

“No, they don’t have the guts.”

Bo Muyi was firm. Indeed, even if she admitted it, no one would dare to ask Bo Muyi directly about Su Cha.

“I might as well let them think right now that you’re my sugar daddy. Think about it. After we announce it, my ident.i.ty will change from that of a social climber. But if you don’t marry me, the speculations won’t stop. So, once we get married, we’ll announce it together.”

Bo Muyi thought for a while and felt that it was okay. He suddenly thought of something and said, “Cha Cha, didn’t you say that your ident.i.ty card states you are one year younger? Let’s change it back to your real age. We can get married after the New Year.”

How perfect.

Su Cha said, “No, I will always be 18.”

Bo Muyi: “…”

When a woman refused to admit her true age, it meant that she would not want to change her ident.i.ty card.

If she did not change it, she would forever be one year younger. How good would that be?

The man also said gently, “That’s up to you.”

In Bo Muyi’s eyes, it did not matter if they got married or not. Marriage was just a ceremony that Su Cha could use to officially announce the relations.h.i.+p to the world.

In his mind, they did not need to go through so much trouble. Anyway, Cha Cha was always by his side and could only belong to him. Hence, Bo Muyi did not have a deep obsession with marriage.

Of course, when it was time to get married, they still had to get married.

Most importantly, the old lady had recently talked about getting married and wanting to have children soon. At that time, Bo Muyi frowned and said, “I don’t like children.”

He just wanted to have a happy time with Cha Cha.

It angered the old lady.


[The current Little Blossom is so amazing. She announced that she has a boyfriend without anything to her name yet?]

OP: “You’ve seen the big news on Weibo. Su Cha directly announced that she has a boyfriend. Here’s the problem. Other than the recent limelight on her during Chanel’s show, her drama has not been released yet, and her alb.u.m has also not been officially released. Now that she’s directly announced that she has a boyfriend, isn’t she worried that her career will be affected? The key is that I see many people on Weibo speculating that a boyfriend is just a nice name. It might be the sugar daddy behind her. It’s just to deny the current scandal.”

1L: “Celebrities nowadays are getting more and more stubborn. They’re still so young, but female celebrities are always better than male celebrities. They don’t have many girlfriend-fans, so it won’t cause too much of a stir.”

2L: “Didn’t Zou Manni also announce that she was dating at her peak?”

3L: “With Su Cha’s current status, can she be compared to Zou Manni? Is the commenter above trying to be funny?”

4L: “Uh, why do I feel that she has found a new boyfriend not long after she broke up with her ex-boyfriend? It seems that her private life is very rich.”

5L: “Why are some people so strange? Why can’t they talk about love if it doesn’t go against morals? Some commenters above want to spread rumors. Su Cha has sued a few people who’d spread rumors. Do you want to try?”

6L: “…”

7L: “…”

8L: “I don’t understand what this woman is trying to do. I think her fans are quite gentle, but she’s the first one to openly call her sugar daddy her boyfriend…”

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The Queen of Everything Chapter 847 - A Sugar Daddy Is a Boyfriend? summary

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