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Chapter 381: Big Boss Operation

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With his hand behind his head, Zhou Ying watched as Qin Ran disappeared into the laboratory and nodded. “Several teachers of nuclear engineering have said so, so it should be.”


Today's experiment was very important.

None of the teachers and doctors present left the venue.

They all stood outside the hall door on the first floor, waiting for the results.

Everyone knew that today's experimental a.s.sessment carried the heaviest weight.

Because this determined the annual resource allocation.

Out of so many experimental resources, grants, teachers, and places every year, it was impossible to equally divide these to each school.

If a school wanted to get extra resources, to obtain more, they would have to show results and talents. Otherwise, they would receive less of next year's resource allocation.

Laboratory a.s.sessment was one of the most important indicators.

The Physics Department of both Beijing University and University A had been competing for more than one or two years. Recently, because some students from University A had climbed to the position of the research inst.i.tute's management department, they had been allocated a lot of resources, so Beijing University had been overwhelmed by them in the past two years.

Fewer resources every year meant that the talents cultivated every year weren't as powerful as University A's.

This was an endless loop that only grew bigger.

Zhou Shan had found two top scorers, hoping to restore their status quo.

The laboratory a.s.sessment was divided into 6 levels of experiments: S, A, B, C, D, E. From top to bottom, they corresponded to 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, and 50 points.

A score of 70 and above would qualify them.

The scores obtained by all candidates partic.i.p.ating in the experiments by the two colleges were added up. The college with the highest total score would have their proportion of funds and experimental equipment doubled by the end of this year.


However, University A had good resources every year and had a few more people who pa.s.sed the a.s.sessment compared to Beijing University, so their scores were never caught up to.

This time was of no exception.

A total of 50 people partic.i.p.ated in this experiment, 19 from Beijing University, and 23 from University A.

Even if the other 19 people scored similarly, the gap between the 4 people who scored the lowest score 50 was still 200 points, which was too difficult to catch up to.


Acknowledging this difficulty, let alone Dean Jiang, even Zhou Ying had never thought of the possibility of closing the gap.

They only hoped Qin Ran would enter the laboratory. As long as she did, based on her abilities, she could climb further, and it wasn't difficult for her to become a person-in-charge like Song Luting. As long as the two could climb up, they could rectify the Beijing University Physics Department's resource problem from the root.

On the other side.

Qin Ran observed the six various corridors which corresponded to the six levels of experiments. She glanced at the names of the experiments, where experiments from the Automation to the Nuclear Engineering projects were lined up.

Cheng Juan had told her about Beijing University's a.s.sessment's point system last night.

Every student experimented with their maximum ability. After all, everyone wanted to pa.s.s the test and obtain good grades.

The exam lasted 4 hours, from 8 to 12.

She pondered for a while and directly walked to the E-level experiment.


The staff in charge of the E-level experiment was drowsily sitting on a chair. According to his past experiences, few people came to the E laboratory at the beginning. The group of talents would slowly work their way down from at least the C-level, confirming their inability before dropping one level.

Few people came below the C-level. After all, those below that would be eliminated. If they didn't at least give it a try, this group of proud people wouldn't easily give up on the C-level.

“You…” The teacher stared at Qin Ran in shock. “Are you the new Beijing University Freshman King?”


It wasn't that Qin Ran's reputation had spread to the laboratory.

After all, most of the professors and doctors in the Physics laboratory concentrated on experiments and were busy absorbing knowledge of the world. They seldom paid attention to the freshmen, unless the freshman was a genius and did a big research project in the laboratory.

It was because the teacher had invigilated Qin Ran yesterday and had a deep impression of her.

Pulling down her scarf and hanging it on the door frame, Qin Ran revealed her delicate chin and politely greeted the teacher. “Can I start?”

“Of course,” the teacher hurriedly said. He stepped aside and let her experiment. “The E-level experiment is the easiest. How could you come here? You should've gone to the C-level.”

There was no doubt that she would pa.s.s this level in the teacher's eyes, so he wondered why she had come here.

“I'll go over later.” Qin Ran glanced at the experiment table, her tone calm and slow.

The E-level experiment was indeed the simplest and was on the permeability of water. She performed the main calculation, picking up the experimental equipment with her slender, cold fingers, looking methodical and familiar with the operations.

It was a joy to watch her do the experiment.

The teacher didn't have time to think about what she meant by “later” and just watched her do the experiment.

Twenty minutes later.

Qin Ran handed the completed experiment report to the teacher.

He took a look and confirmed that it was the correct result. He directly gave her an E-level card and told her, “You must go to the C-level.”

Taking the scarf from the hanger, she just hooked it on her hand instead of wearing it. She thanked the teacher before leaving.

She had completed her first experiment in just over twenty minutes.

At this time, no one had come to the E-level laboratory yet.

The teacher walked towards the door to see if she had gone to the C-level laboratory. When Qin Ran entered a laboratory, he looked up to see the sign hanging on the door—


What was she doing?


Staring at her calm back, he couldn't help but think of one possibility. This operation…

The D-level experiment wasn't too difficult. After all, it wasn't the lowest threshold for pa.s.sing the laboratory.

It took Qin Ran twenty minutes to complete it. She obtained the D-level sign and put it in her pocket.

Then, she stood in the corridor and looked around for the C-level laboratory.

As the lowest threshold for entering the laboratory, the C-level had the most people. Qin Ran went to the room with the fewest people out of the three laboratories.

The other two students in the laboratory were still doing the experiment with their heads down. They were completely focused and naturally weren't aware that another person had entered.

The C-level experiment was a watershed and was much more difficult than the E and D-level experiments.

The data was also much more complicated.

However, calculations weren't a problem for Qin Ran. She saved a lot of time doing mental calculations.

The C-level experiment teacher stood opposite her, staring at her for a long time. He watched as she wrote down some data and directly obtained the answer without even using the calculator beside her…

She took almost 40 minutes to complete the C-level experiment.


The teacher next to her blinked a few times before giving her the C-level card blankly.


He doubted life as he watched her leave the laboratory.


After finis.h.i.+ng the C-level experiment, Qin Ran went to the B-level laboratory.

There were two B-level laboratories, each with only one person. Qin Ran randomly entered one.

All experiments were on the watershed above the C-level.

The B-level experiment was much more difficult, and Qin Ran took one hour to complete it, but it was because she didn't spend much time calculating the proportion.


After all, other students wrote down the calculation data on the ma.n.u.script paper and pressed the calculator over and over again, but she obtained the result with just one glance.

Going from the E-level to the B-level experiment, several teachers fell silent after watching her.


Time pa.s.sed bit by bit.

She went to the level laboratory with four signs.

There were also two level laboratories, but only one room was occupied by one person. Qin Ran went to the empty room.

She stopped on the experimental platform and looked around, only to find that this level experiment happened to be a miniature nuclear fusion reactor.

Nothing was prepared on the experimental bench. They had to find equipment in the entire laboratory to experiment on the reaction materials and install energy counting instruments by themselves.


4 hours pa.s.sed by very quickly for the students.

It was a drag for the teachers on the first floor.

The laboratory staff moved over stools and teas and let the doctors sit down with the Deans.

At 11 o'clock.

The doctors chatting in a group couldn't drink tea anymore. They all looked intently in the direction of the corridor.

According to previous years, students came out after 11 o'clock.

Sitting in the center of the hall, the teachers in charge of the laboratory a.s.sessment couldn't help but stare at the door. Two people began making guesses. “Who will come out first? Qin Ran or Xu Wanchen?”

“Xu Wanchen. He should have experience. You can tell from Dean Ge's expression.” He paused and hesitantly said, “But… it might be Qin Ran…”


After all, Qin Ran's operation had been beyond everyone's expectations.

No one could have expected her to obtain 300 points last night…

The two exchanged glances and fell silent.

They didn't dare to make random guesses.

Ten minutes pa.s.sed.

11:10 am.

The corridor door was pushed open, and a figure came out first. In the hall, all teachers and professors drinking tea turned to look in that direction.


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