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Chapter 1715 Murderous Intent

In fact, the Myriad Treasure Tower was often the place where distinguished guests from the thirteen worlds in the outer domain were arranged to stay.

Those who could visit the Heavenly Palaces next door were usually not simple people and had some family background. For example, Han Fei, who sold thirty ultra-quality divine weapons at once, was a VIP. The Myriad Treasure Tower was not far from the Myriad Treasure Pavilion and had more than thirty floors.

Han Fei was arranged to live on the highest level of the Myriad Treasure Tower, which represented his status.

Half of the top floor was for Han Fei to live in. All the facilities here were ready, and it was like a super luxurious hotel here.

Standing on the roof, he could see everything in the distance.

Outside the Myriad Treasure Tower, other than the refining shops, there were mostly some bazaars. However, the types of bazaars were no different from those in the other heavenly palaces except that they had more local characteristics.

Nian’er: “Brother, I want to go out and have fun.”

Han Fei smiled and looked at Xiao Se. “I have something to do. Take Nian’er to play nearby. Don’t go too far.”

Xiao Se nodded slightly. As an intermediate Venerable, it was easy for him to take care of Nian’er.

Nian’er: “Brother, aren’t you going?”

Han Fei said with a smile, “Nian’er, be a good girl. I still have something to do. Go out and buy whatever you need. Don’t worry about money.”

Han Fei threw out a Sun-Moon Sh.e.l.l.

After Xiao Se left with Nian’er, Han Fei waved his hand. The four great techniques he bought from the Myriad Treasures Pavilion were placed in front of Han Fei.

On the boat, Han Fei had planned to learn the refining techniques of the Thunder Fire World. This was actually very simple for him. He just needed to find two mainstream refining techniques of the Thunder Fire World.

The Lightning Strike Technique that he had bought from the Myriad Treasure Pavilion was extraordinary. Although it was a mid-quality Venerable-level technique, it should be possible to deduce the Heaven-Seeking Lightning Drawing Technique with it…

Sure enough, Han Fei only used a wisp of Chaotic Qi, and the Heaven-Seeking Lightning Drawing Technique was deduced in one go.

Heaven-Seeking Lightning Drawing Technique (Venerable-level, Ultra-quality)

Remark: Gathering the power of the heavens, attracting lightning. Draw the power of the lightning in the nine heavens into the hammer body and hammer it with force. Through the power of lightning, eliminate impurities to achieve the effect of pure heavenly power. This is a great refining technique. Unless one is a body refiner, don’t try this technique easily. Deduction Cost: 10 wisps of Chaotic Qi

Note: This lightning is only ordinary lightning

When Han Fei saw that the lightning was just ordinary lightning, he immediately lost interest.

It seemed that this Heaven-Seeking Lightning Drawing Technique was still not strong enough!

His refining skills were not bad, and he could already forge ultra-quality divine weapons. If it was just ordinary lightning, he still couldn’t make a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure… Therefore, Han Fei didn’t plan to stay here.

“Continue deducing!”

A moment later, a new technique appeared in Han Fei’s mind.

Sky Lightning-Seeking Technique

Note: By gathering the power of the heavens to form a lightning array, it can trigger the Great Dao in the sky and seek the lightning of the nine heavens. Draw the power of the lightning in the nine heavens into the hammer body and hammer it with force. Through the power of lightning, eliminate impurities to achieve the effect of pure heavenly power. This is a great refining technique. Unless one is a powerful body refiner, don’t try this technique easily.

Deduction Cost: 100 wisps of Chaotic Qi

Note: When this technique is mastered, there is a certain chance of obtaining purple lightning.

Han Fei nodded in satisfaction when he saw the Sky Lightning-Seeking Technique. If purple lightning appeared, it would be very beneficial for his body tempering. At this moment, Han Fei felt that there was no need to continue deducing. If he continued deducing, it would be a technique in the Sea Establishment Realm. Besides, it consumed a lot of Chaotic Qi.

He should be acc.u.mulating Chaotic Qi instead of consuming it.

After obtaining the Sky Lightning-Seeking Technique, Han Fei still needed the hammer technique.

Originally, Han Fei could deduce the Hundred War Divine Hammer, but he was used to using knives, and the Hundred War Divine Hammer was a combat technique. He probably wouldn’t use this technique much in the future, so he didn’t deduce it.

Han Fei also deduced the Nine Forged Thunder Hammer, the Thunder Devouring Body, and the Heavenly Fire Body Tempering Technique.

The results were:

Treasure Form Thunder Hammer (Venerable-Level, Divine-Quality)

Note: When cultivating this hammer technique, one will have the appearance of the Thunder G.o.d. It requires the cultivator to have an extremely strong physique and be able to wield this hammer with at least ten thousand waves of strength. This technique can also be used as a body-tempering technique.

Shortcoming: This technique consumes a lot of hammers.

Deduction Cost: 100 wisps of Chaotic Qi

Remarks: It may induce lightning. This great technique was both a hammer technique and a body-tempering technique.

He kept reading:

Thunder Body (Venerable Level, Divine Quality)

Remark: It can be used to refine weapons and attract lightning, and can also be used to temper the body and create a thunder body. Once one gains a thunder body, his spiritual heritage is no longer mortal but becomes heavenly. Those who cultivate the thunder body can withstand thunder and lightning. Its effect is more than double that of ordinary people in the same realm.

Shortcoming: When practicing the Thunder Body, you need to use thunder drawing techniques a lot or find a place with more thunder and lightning to temper your body.

Deduction Cost: 100 wisps of Chaotic Qi

Note: The main problem with this technique is finding thunder and lightning.

Han Fei felt that he should be able to refine this Thunder Body after he returned to the Wild Abyss and tempered it in the Thunder Prison for several years.

The next one:

Heavenly Fire Body (Venerable-Level, Divine-Quality) Note: Draw the Heavenly Fire to temper the body and set up the Heavenly Barrier. Using the world as a furnace and the body as a weapon, you can build a place of extreme Yang but it will take 49 years to finish it. Before cultivating this technique, cultivate the Thunder Body. The effect may be doubled.

Shortcoming: Cultivating the Heavenly Fire Body requires an extremely strong physique. Otherwise, you won’t be able to survive the cultivation.

Deduction Cost: 100 wisps of Chaotic Qi

Note: Taking Heavenly Fire as strength, it’s not to be underestimated.

Looking at the Heavenly Fire Body, Han Fei remembered that the Body Tempering Technique that the Giant King gave him was also to draw the Heavenly Fire to temper his body. However, it was to draw the Heavenly Fire to refine a stone first, which was different from directly drawing the Heavenly Fire.

However, it would take 49 years to finish the cultivation of the Heavenly Fire Body. Who could afford so much time? It was 49 years in the outside world!

After reading the three techniques, Han Fei’s heart did a flip. If he added the Ancient Desolate War Body, he should have four body-tempering techniques for peak-level Venerable, right?

He wondered what the Demon Purification Pot’s fusion technique was like. If he could collect some body-tempering techniques, deduce them to the same realm, and fuse them, he wondered if he could create a body-tempering technique stronger than the Supreme Mystic Body.

If he could deduce it, the Thunder Body and the Heavenly Fire Body were just transitions.

At that time, once he cultivated the super body tempering technique, his strength would definitely advance by leaps and bounds, and the effects would be incomparable. Sitting cross-legged, Han Fei smiled. Obviously, these great techniques of the Thunder Fire World were slowly released by the Lord of Thunder Fire after some modifications.

Therefore, when he deduced to the end, the results would be alike.

Or perhaps, the cultivation technique of the Master of Thunder Fire would be different from what he had deduced.

The master of thunder fire probably had at most one cultivation technique that had entered the Sea Establishment realm.

Otherwise, if he had many cultivation techniques that had reached the Sea Establishment Realm, the Thunder Fire World would not have become one of the thirteen worlds in the outer domain, but one of the thirteen worlds in the inner domain. It would even be comparable to a powerful heavenly palace like the Immeasurability World.

However, Han Fei didn’t panic. He had just come to the outer domain, and the Thunder Fire World was the first Heavenly Palace he had come to.

After finding Yin’er, he still had to make a trip to the Supreme Mystic World.

It was said that the Supreme Mystic Body had collected all the unique techniques in the world, so there might be some good body-tempering techniques. If he could get some for himself, he might be able to create an unparalleled technique.

While Han Fei was still immersed in his fantasy, Xiao Se suddenly said, “Han Fei…” Xiao Se simply called Han Fei’s name, and Han Fei’s perception had already been cast over.

At the same time, a perception swept over, and the two perceptions collided in the void.

Han Fei sensed that the other party’s soul was tough and seemed to want to fight him.

“Humph ~”

Han Fei’s soul turned into a thorn and pierced through the man’s soul.

In the next moment, Han Fei activated the Near at Hand Technique and appeared outside a restaurant.

When Han Fei arrived, he saw a trace of blood at the corner of Xiao Se’s mouth.

Nian’er was being held by a young woman.

There were three people on the other side, a young man, a young woman, and a white-haired old man.

The young man was bleeding from the corner of his mouth and staring at Han Fei fiercely.


Nian’er shouted at Han Fei anxiously, trying to break free from the young woman’s hand.

In an instant, monstrous killing intent enveloped the three people opposite Han Fei.

The young man and the young woman felt as if they had fallen into a demonic altar, shocked.

The woman’s face was pale, and she was shocked. “What a terrible killing intent! How many people have died under his hands?”

The man tried to resist Han Fei’s killing intent, but his mouth was bleeding. Han Fei might have killed more people than the rice he had eaten. How could he resist him?

Compared to the two of them, the old man opposite them could still stabilize his figure.

Han Fei looked at the young woman coldly. “Let go.”

The young woman subconsciously let go and did not dare to grab Nian’er again. Nian’er quickly broke free from the woman and ran to Han Fei.

Nian’er was crying. “Brother, they want to take me away.”

Han Fei wasn’t afraid of killing in the Thunder Fire World. Even if the Lord of Thunder Fire came, he could still escape. Once he entered the Infinite Ocean, no one could do anything to him.

The old man hurriedly cupped his hands and said, “Fellow Daoist, it’s all a misunderstanding… Please listen to my explanation.”


Han Fei snorted and his killing intent disappeared. Then he looked at the old man coldly and said, “You’d better think about how to explain it… Whether you can walk out of the Thunder Fire World depends on your explanation.”

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