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Chapter 550 Han Fei’s Research

After leaving Fish Dragon Central Primary School, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan went to sea.

The village leader said that he would come to visit him at night, so he planned to go to the fishery to get some seafood. After all, he gave all the ordinary creatures in Forge the Universe to Little Time.

Now he only had Yellow-Blooded Sea Cuc.u.mbers, which the village leader might not be able to withstand.

Of course, in addition to fis.h.i.+ng for some seafood, he also planned to wander around the eight villages.

One hour later.

Han Fei appeared in the sky above the Heavenly Wood Village. Just like its name, the Heavenly Wood Village was basically covered by big trees. Most people lived in trees or built treehouses in the forest.

Only the places near the port had no trees, probably for the convenience of going out to sea.

Han Fei flew around the Heavenly Wood Village several times, drawing something onto a fish skin map from time to time. Xia Xiaochan curiously asked, “Haven’t you studied these villages thoroughly yet? Why are you painting these villages?” Han Fei shook his head and said, “Do you remember Junior Uncle Faceless told us that the level-three fishery is a big array?” Xia Xiaochan nodded. “Yes! Aren’t there arrays among the Floating Islands?” Han Fei nodded. “Yeah! What kind of an array can span hundreds of thousands of miles?! I can’t study the level-three fishery but I can study the arrays between the villages and the town first.”

Han Fei had too many questions about the level-three fishery.

What secrets were hidden in the Sea Gra.s.sland? Why would people transform into fish there? And what was the book in Forge the Universe that he still dared not to open up?

Why did the Underwater City fall, and why did the people in the city fight fish tides in the sea for hundreds of years?

What was the altar on the Steps into the Sea? Where did the sacrifices go, and where did the rewards come from? What was sealed under the Steps into the Sea?

Who made the Abyssal Chasm with a slash? What was hidden in the secret realm that couldn’t be entered and the one that couldn’t be reached?

Han Fei felt that everyone was involved in a series of huge secrets.

Of course, Han Fei had no ability to explore those things now.

However, the trip to the level-three fishery made him fully realize the importance of arrays.

Especially the killing array, that thing was too terrifying and could even easily kill peak-level Dangling Fishers, and ordinary people wouldn’t dare to challenge the killing array.

Xia Xiaochan asked, “What have you found out from your research?”

Han Fei pondered for a long time. “I found that every village must be an eye of an array.” “Puff!”

Xia Xiaochan gave Han Fei a sideways glance. “You’re telling me! Everyone knows that…”

Han Fei shrugged. He was not to blame. He really didn’t know it before.

“OK, let’s go back to the village.”

At the plantation, Han Fei cooked some dishes and smiled. “Grandpa Leader, let me ask you something! Has there been any major event in our town over the past century?”.

The village leader was staring at the steamed lobster. Suddenly hearing this question, he was taken aback. “A hundred years? That’s very long ago.”

Han Fei smiled and said, “It’s a very big event, something that would be unforgettable for a lifetime. For example, the movement of the Floating Islands, or the arrival of a big figure from the Thousand Star City, something like that.”

The village leader grinned. “Are these big events? Over the past 100 years, the Floating Islands have moved seven or eight times. Even our Heavenly Water Village was right next to the Heavenly Heart Village before, but then our village declined and was moved to where we are now.”

Han Fei said in surprise, “Our village used to be next to the Heavenly Heart Village?”.

The village leader picked up a large piece of lobster meat with chopsticks, stuffed it into his mouth, and nodded in praise. “Tsk, the taste is not bad… Our Heavenly Water Village used to have a lot of talents, but many of them died in the level-three fishery, so our village gradually declined.”

Xia Xiaochan was puzzled. “Then didn’t you continue to cultivate talents?”

The village leader smiled bitterly. “Sometimes, it depends on opportunities. When G.o.d’s favored one is born in a village, the whole village will prosper. But if no good talent is born in a village in a certain period of time, then it will decline. This is the rule of this world.”

Han Fei continued his investigation, “Were there any other major events? For example, weird things happening on the sea.”

The village leader said, “Yes! This is recorded in our Heavenly Water Village Annals. About 50 years ago, it was said that a giant dragon pa.s.sed through the ordinary fishery and then plunged into it. However, I didn’t see it myself but just heard of it. You can still go fis.h.i.+ng on the ordinary fishery.”

Han Fei frowned. Sometimes, he would rather believe some legends.

His experience in the level-three fishery made him deeply realize that his knowledge of the known fisheries was actually not much.


The village leader took a sip of his drink and said, “It was like eight or nine years ago… When dozens of Hidden Fishers came to the Heavenly Water Village. I remember very clearly that day, there was a big boat in the sky, the clouds and fog in the sky were all dispersed. The Hidden Fishers stood on the bow of the s.h.i.+p and a pitched battle broke out in the sky.”

Han Fei’s eyes lit up. “What battle?” The village leader said, “How do I know? I couldn’t even see who was fighting with whom. Anyway, this battle lasted less than half an hour before they left.”

Han Fei picked up a drunk shrimp with chopsticks and put it into his mouth in disappointment. This battle sounded interesting, but it was a pity that the village leader didn’t know much about it.

The village leader asked, “Why are you asking this? Is that why you treat me to this meal?”

Han Fei chuckled. “I just wanted to know more about the history of our Heavenly Water Village.”

The village leader smacked his lips and said, “Why? By the way, when will you marry Miss Xiaochan? Have you thought of leaving your kid in the village?” “Puff… Cough, cough…” Xia Xiaochan directly spurted out a fishball and her face was flush.

Han Fei was embarra.s.sed. “But Grandpa Leader, am I old? We young people should concentrate on cultivating, to enter the Thousand Star City, and uncharted waters.”

Xia Xiaochan agreed, “Yes, Han Fei is right.”

The village leader shook his head slightly. “Young people like to take adventures. You’re like this, so is Xia Wushuang, and even He Xiaoyu… Alas!”

Han Fei: “…”

Suddenly, the village leader said, “This is the same case for your sickly father, who liked bragging and in the end lost his life in these unrealistic things.”

Han Fei was taken aback. “Leader, did you know my father?”

The village leader sneered. “Sure. Your father’s strength was not great, even slightly worse than mine. But he kept saying that he was going to the Unknown Place although he didn’t know much about it. Come on, he was only a great fis.h.i.+ng master back then! In the end, he died outside of it.”

Han Fei frowned. Huh? This was different from what he remembered!

Although his memory about his father was vague, he remembered that his father died in the Unknown place!

Suddenly, Han Fei froze. No! The Unknown Place?! Didn’t that mean that his father was at least a peak-level Dangling Fisher?

Han Fei couldn’t remember it clearly. In his memory, it seemed that someone told him that his father had died in the Unknown Place outside the level-three fishery. Tang Ge also knew about this.

The key was not about where his father died… But if he was a strong master, why would he stay in a small place like the Heavenly Water Village?

On the next day, Han Fei and Xia Xiaochan went to explore the ordinary fishery again.

Just like Jiang Qin did in the past, Han Fei searched almost inch by inch, especially those places covered by seaweed.

However, he couldn’t find anything unusual.

At this moment, he emerged from under the water and saw Xia Xiaochan’s feet slapping the spray.

Seeing Han Fei, Xia Xiaochan said, “I’m bored.”

Han Fei wiped the seawater on his face and said, “Okay, let’s go back! Let’s inform the village leader and go back to school.”

Han Fei didn’t bother to search here anymore. Jiang Qin had almost turned the ordinary fishery upside down and in the end, found some information about the Sea Quelling Painting by accident.

He didn’t want to stay here for three to five years just to solve a small doubt in his heart. When the two of them were about to return to the village, they saw a fis.h.i.+ng boat flying over in the sky, and He Mingtang stood at the bow and waved at them.

Before the fis.h.i.+ng boat landed, He Mingtang shouted, “Han Fei, save Xiaoyu.”

Han Fei’s expression changed, and he quickly said, “What’s the matter?”

He Mingtang was panting hard. “The village leader just got the news that some teachers and students from the First Academy had an accident in the Deep-Sea Jungle of the level-two fishery. Xiaoyu should be among them. Because the Blue Sea Town is far away and you happen to be here, the village leader asked me to come to find you.”

Han Fei nodded. “Mr. He, don’t worry. I’m going now.”

He Mingtang added, “I’m going with you.”

Han Fei nodded. “Get on the boat.”

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