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Chapter 603 Suddenly Become A Captain

Han Fei tried his best to be patient, but at the moment he frowned. “Firstly, I got the three-star waist tag with my strength. Secondly, do I know you? What is going on here? Can you explain what’s happening?” The woman frowned and said, “We belong to the Skeleton Sh.o.r.e, the 37th Squad of the Eighth Brigade of the Third Column. We got a message from our superiors that we’ll have a three-star captain today…”.

Han Fei glanced at his waist tag. “So, I am your captain now?”

“Bulls.h.i.+t, I’m not gonna accept it. You are only an advanced Dangling Fisher, but the four of us are all Hanging Fishers. What makes you think you can be our captain?”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei was speechless. Although he was good-tempered and Old Bai told him to be low-key, he couldn’t bear it at all! Why was this girl speaking so offensively?

Han Fei’s face darkened immediately. “Girl, watch your tongue. What kinda question is that? I’m definitely qualified to be your captain. If you’re not convinced, let’s have a fight!” “Huh?”

Beside this girl, a group of people were watching the fun. At this moment, they couldn’t help laughing when they heard what Han Fei said.

“Haha! That three-star kid, are you crazy? This woman is a junior Hanging Fisher anyway. It’ll be a breeze for her to beat the h.e.l.l out of you.”

“Young man, don’t be so arrogant. Keep a low profile in the Unknown Place.”

Han Fei was speechless. I am already very low-key! Normally, I would have thrown a punch at her, OK?

The woman squinted at Han Fei and said, “Are you sure? According to the information on you, you are both a soul warrior and a spirit gatherer. I don’t think you can block my sword.”

Han Fei smiled contemptuously. “Come on! Why don’t you have a try? I am a spirit gatherer, so I can heal myself.”

The woman’s brows stretched slightly. “Nice, but I wonder if you’re a language giant but an action dwarf.”

Han Fei took two steps back and shrugged slightly. “Come, try it.” A long high-quality spiritual-level sword appeared in this woman’s hand instantly. Without any hesitation, she thrust the sword at Han Fei with a swoosh, fast and powerfully.

However, in the sight of everyone, Han Fei just moved slightly and easily avoided all the sword energy. It looked thrilling because every time her sword was only a few inches away from his body.

While evading, Han Fei said indifferently, “Have you used 30 percent of your strength? Why don’t you attack me with all your strength?”

The woman’s eyes turned fierce, and her speed more than doubled.

The sword energy swept across, almost enveloped Han Fei, and whipped up huge waves.

For a moment, everyone turned their eyes to them.

Han Fei still didn’t fight back, but his range of motion increased. He made strange postures one after another and the woman’s sword could never touch his body.

Han Fei still smiled and said, “This is what a Hanging Fisher should be. However, you haven’t used your full strength yet, have you? How much strength have you used? 60%? 70%?”


“Scattered Stars Thirteen Swords.”


In an instant, the sword lights weaved into a dazzling net. Seeing this scene, many people became solemn.

Although she hadn’t used her spiritual beast and contractual spiritual beast yet, judging from her sword technique alone, this woman was not weak.

However, Han Fei’s figure flew back dozens of meters on the water. Then he threw out a punch and his fist swooshed forward with a dazzling golden light. With a bang, the sword net was broken by this punch.

Since Old Bai told Han Fei to keep a low profile, he didn’t use all his strength.

But the woman on the opposite side had leaped up into the air, and the long knife in her hand drew a brilliant arc and cut straight down.

“Whatever, I must get others’ recognition first. I’m not showing off.”

Han Fei’s eyes turned cold. He suddenly patted his hands and clamped the extremely sharp high-quality spiritual weapon between his palms. The billowing spiritual-energy ripples swept across Han Fei’s front and the waves on the water rolled.

“Hiss! He caught the blade empty-handed!”

“This guy’s physique is so strong.”

“Sure enough, no one at the three-star rank is simple.”

“This squad is lucky to have such a captain.”

The woman looked shocked.

Han Fei grinned. “Now, am I qualified?”

The woman blinked, retracted her sword, and cupped her hands to salute Han Fei. “You Lingyun, from the 37th squad of the Eighth Brigade of the Third Column, nice to meet you, Captain.” “Ahem!”

Han Fei was speechless. This woman changed her att.i.tude so quickly!

After confirming Han Fei’s strength, she no longer had any contempt for him but rather saluted him. This made Han Fei a little embarra.s.sed.

Han Fei hurriedly said, “Well, Miss You, can you tell me what the h.e.l.l is going on here? Why do you call me Captain? And what is our main task in the Unknown Place… I mean where are we going and what are we going to do?”

At this time, the crowd had dispersed.

You Lingyun grinned, and under the envious gaze of many people, she led Han Fei to a clearing on the side.

You Lingyun said, “Scattered Stars Island is actually a giant battlefield. Almost everyone on Scattered Stars Island has a position.”

For example, we are responsible for reconnaissance missions on the Skeleton Sh.o.r.e. If anything happens on the Skeleton Sh.o.r.e, we have to notify all parties as soon as possible and be ready to fight and sacrifice ourselves at any time.”

Han Fei was stunned. “So, we are here to fight a battle?”

You Lingyun nodded. “You can say that, but it’s not entirely true. To be precise, we are here to grab resources.”

“Grab resources?” A fierce smile appeared at the corner of You Lingyun’s mouth and she said, “All the outer edges of the island are our front lines. We need to fight against sea monsters and scramble for Spirit Awakening Fluid, spiritual stones, materials, and Floating Stones…”

Upon hearing the mention of Spirit Awakening Fluid, Han Fei asked, “So, all the Spirit Awakening Fluid the countless villages and towns of the Thousand Star City get are supplied by Scattered Stars Island?”

You Lingyun nodded solemnly. “Yes, we risk our lives to grab it.”

Han Fei was surprised. Every year, in the villages and towns, so many people carried out the spiritual enlightenment ceremony.

But no one knew that each ceremony had a price to pay.

Han Fei asked seriously, “Is Spirit Awakening Fluid hard to get?”

You Lingyun nodded deeply. “Yes, extremely hard. Even in Scattered Stars Island, the price of Spirit Awakening Fluid remains high. The price of a catty of Spirit Awakening Fluid is as high as 5,000 high-quality pearls or equivalent credits, and the demand exceeds the supply.” “So high?

Han Fei couldn’t help taking a breath. This price was much more expensive than he thought!

Han Fei couldn’t help but think of the price that Junior Uncle Faceless offered him, 300,000 mid-quality pearls per catty. Even if they were exchanged for high-quality pearls at the highest exchange rate, it would only be 3,000 per catty.

But in fact, he learned from Old Bai that the 2 billion mid-quality pearls were only exchanged for 15 million high-quality pearls.

So, when he was in the level-three fishery, Junior Uncle Faceless offered a very good price to them that was almost half of the lowest price of Scattered Stars Island?

Han Fei felt heartache immediately. If he had known this earlier, he would have used all his money to buy Spirit Awakening Fluid!

“Captain, why are you suddenly so pale?”

“Ahem! Well… Nothing, I was just shocked by the price.”

Han Fei secretly took a breath. It seemed that Spirit Awakening Fluid was far more precious than what he had imagined.

He couldn’t come in vain this time. He must find a way to get as much Spirit Awakening Fluid as possible.

Han Fei asked, “Well, why did I become your captain?”

“I guess it was arranged by our superiors. According to the battle losses of different squads, they’ll make corresponding supplements. Three months ago, our captain died on the Skeleton Sh.o.r.e. Therefore, a new captain was arranged for us.” After that, You Lingyun looked at Han Fei’s waist tag. “If you want to be a captain, you must have a three-star rank at least.” Han Fei also looked at his waist tag and then asked, “Under normal circ.u.mstances, what kind of contribution do I need to make to achieve the three-star rank?”


You Lingyun took out her waist tag and said, “In Scattered Stars Island, you can exchange anything for credit, and then exchange credit for many things you need. For example, this high-quality spiritual weapon in my hand requires 500 credits to exchange for it.”

Han Fei was surprised. “Don’t these credits equal to money?”

You Lingyun nodded and then said, “The credits are almost equivalent to high-quality pearls, but they are more valuable than high-quality pearls. There are many things that high-quality pearls cannot buy, but there are very few things that cannot be bought with credits.”

Han Fei asked, “Can I buy Spirit Awakening Fluid with credits?”

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