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Chapter 638: Shock His Peers

As far as Han Fei’s current strength was concerned, his control range of the Infinity Water was limited. Once it exceeded 500 meters, it would be difficult for the Infinity Water to take effect.

So Han Fei clenched his fist and pounced at the Red Demon.

But what Han Fei didn’t expect was that the Red Demon didn’t fight melee with him at all. He just kept turning seawater into spears and hurled them at Han Fei.

As the strong one among the Inferior Man-Fiss, he wasn’t weak at all, and Han Fei hadn’t attacked him with all his strength, so the two were just chasing around in the sea.

The Red Demon didn’t want to fight Han Fei, and Han Fei’s purpose wasn’t to fight either but to hold the Red Demon and prevent it from attacking the others in the Eighth Battalion.

As for the remaining Inferior Man-Fish, Han Fei was confident that they did not have the ability to slaughter the Eighth Battalion.

After all, the nearly 300 people in the Eighth Battalion were all Hanging Fishers. Besides, they had been equipped with ultra-quality spiritual weapons, so they wouldn’t be afraid of these hundreds of Inferior Man-Fish any longer.

At this time, Cao Qiu had flown over in a fis.h.i.+ng boat.

He flew high in the sky and had no intention of partic.i.p.ating in the battle at all.

Han Fei immediately yelled to him, “Command the battle and pay attention to whether there is a second Red Demon or not. Before reinforcement comes, I will hold off this Red Demon.”

Upon hearing his words, Cao Qiu quickly responded, “Okay, okay. Go about your work. I’ll handle it.”

After a while, Han Fei and the Red Demon had chased each other hundreds of kilometers away, and the distance between them was still more than 800 meters. The level of the Red Demon was too high, and Han Fei didn’t mean to let Little Black take action, so they were in a stalemate.

Han Fei said to the Red Demon via voice transmission, Can you speak? Did you come to investigate the sh.o.r.e? What do you want?

The Red Demon grunted something to Han Fei but Han Fei didn’t understand him at all. Cut the c.r.a.p. I don’t understand your words. Just tell me how you know me!


Han Fei sneered. If you don’t stop, I’m going back. Come on, tell me what your purpose is in luring me here?

Han Fei was sensing the surroundings and was sure that there was no ambush around, so he wasn’t afraid of this Red Demon.

If this guy reached level-50, Han Fei wouldn’t chase him so far away. But this was just an Inferior Man-Fish who was equivalent to a peak-level hanging fisher.

As long as it couldn’t kill him with a single blow, it would be easy for him to run away.


Han Fei yelled angrily, “I told you I don’t understand you. Shut the f*ck up.”

Suddenly, Han Fei sensed that a Half-Mermaid was quickly swimming over from 5,000 meters away.

Han Fei frowned and backed away quickly. Half-Mermaids were completely different from Inferior Man-Fish. He had to deal with it carefully.

As Han Fei flew back, a voice appeared in his mind, Human… Let’s talk…

Han Fei’s face changed. You’re a sea monster while I’m human. We are opponents. I’ve nothing to talk with you about.

Han Fei hurried back immediately and jumped onto the fis.h.i.+ng boat from the water.

The very moment he returned to the battlefield, he roared, “Everyone, retreat to an area within 50 kilometers of the sh.o.r.e. Obey my order.”

It had been less than ten minutes since Han Fei’s entry into the battlefield, but reinforcements had already come.

The reinforcements were headed by a peak-level Hanging Fisher. He glanced at Han Fei. “Wu Yong, the 92nd Guards Regiment, why do you retreat?”

“There may be an ambush. There is more than one Red Demon.”

Wu Yong’s expression changed, and he immediately shouted, “Everyone, retreat.”

Then he came to Han Fei. “How many? Where are they?”

Han Fei looked back. “If I’ve guessed right, there is a sea monster at the level of a Hidden Fisher. I withdrew so quickly because I thought it must be a trap.”

Wu Yong’s face changed drastically. “Hidden Fisher level? Do you mean a sea monster above level-50? In that case, we’ll need more reinforcements.”

Han Fei shook his head. “Don’t ask for reinforcement for now. Let’s see if they chase us or not.”

In the distance, the Red Demon was standing above the sea, looking at this side coldly, but had no intention of coming over.

Han Fei and Wu Yong both saw a figure underwater, swimming quickly into the deep sea. It wasn’t until the figure left that the Red Demon dove into the water and left.

Wu Yong took a deep breath. “Did you meet that sea monster?”

Han Fei shook his head. “No, but I perceived its existence, so I left quickly.”

Han Fei didn’t tell him that it was a Half-Mermaid, let alone told him that the Half-Mermaid wanted to talk to him.

For some reason, he felt it was really strange. Why did the Half-Mermaid come to him and want to talk to him?

Why the h.e.l.l did it want to talk? From a distance of 5,000 meters, it could perceive him and transmit a message to him, indicating that the strength of this Half-Mermaid was definitely much stronger than that of the Red Demon.

Although he was already a peak-level Dangling Fisher, he didn’t think he could win against a creature of the Hidden Fisher realm.

So, no matter if the mermaid really had something to talk to him about, or this was purely a trap, he wouldn’t stay there.

However, since the mermaid and the Red Demon were gone at this moment, it could be sure that this attack was only to get to Han Fei. Those ordinary Inferior Man-Fish and Blue-Patterned Armored Shrimps were just p.a.w.ns.

Therefore, Han Fei ordered the whole army to attack.

Following Han Fei’s order, members of the Eighth Battalion jumped into the sea one after another.

“B*stards, die!”

“Try the big axe I’ve just gotten!”

“My ultra-quality rod is invincible.”

Upon seeing this scene, the members of the 92nd Guards Regiment were all dumbfounded. In mid-air, on the sea, there were flas.h.i.+ng mystic lights everywhere.

Everyone in the Eighth Battalion was holding ultra-quality spiritual weapons that were radiating dazzling spiritual lights and phantoms of ocean creatures flew across the sky.

Wu Yong looked at Han Fei in shock. “Did your Eighth Battalion find some treasure?”

Han Fei said leisurely, “No, it’s just because I’ve just become a level-three refiner and give a discount to my customers. Brother Wu, I can give your team a 20% discount.”

Wu Yong’s eyes flickered. “Wow, a three-star refiner?”

Han Fei winked. “Yes, do you wanna have a try? Brother Wu, I’ve already given your team a very good discount.”

Wu Yong took a breath. “But the Guards Regiment is not engaged in head-on combat. Besides, we can’t afford it even if you give us a 50% discount!”

Han Fei quickly jumped in, “You can buy on credit!”

Wu Yong paused and pondered. “Let me consider it.”

Just as Han Fei was about to continue persuading, there was a sudden noise from below.

Under the full attack of the 92nd Guards Regiment and the Eighth Battalion, the enemies were wiped out within half an hour.

As for casualties?

These p.a.w.n creatures didn’t cause any casualties in the Eighth Battalion.

After the battle was over, however, the members of the Eighth Battalion started fighting against each other.

Someone yelled, “Mine, this Inferior Man-Fish is mine.”

Someone scrambled. “Yours? I hacked it to death just now. It’s mine.”

Someone was holding three or four harpoons in his hands. “I grabbed these all. Don’t touch them.”

Someone stuffed dozens of Blue-Patterned Armored Shrimps into his Sea Swallowing Seash.e.l.l, but the next minute, he started a fight against the person next to him, because the person claimed that half of those Blue-Patterned Armored Shrimps were killed by him.

Wu Yong watched this scene and his eyelids trembled. Gosh, what’s wrong with these people?

Han Fei quickly coughed. “Discipline, where is the discipline? Watch your manners!”

Then he looked at Wu Yong. “Well, how about a seventy-thirty spilt?”

Wu Yong and his team actually didn’t fight much in this battle. After thinking about it, he nodded. “No problem. But you’ve gotta be careful. This attack is very strange. The Red Demon appeared. There must be something on the Skeleton Sh.o.r.e that attracted their attention. Take care.”

Han Fei nodded. “Thanks. Brother Wu, consider it.”

Wu Yong left and didn’t dare to respond to Han Fei. His team was in a different situation from the Eighth Battalion.

He certainly wanted to own an ultra-quality spiritual weapon, but how could a group of warriors with no stars or only one star afford ultra-quality spiritual weapons with a sealed spirit?

He had heard that Zong Han, the former captain of the Eighth Battalion, had been transferred away and that the Eighth Battalion was taken over by an advanced Dangling Fisher and a junior Hanging Fisher.

Today, to his surprise, Han Fei could actually escape safe and sound from two Red Demons. Obviously, he was quite strong.

And he was even more shocked at how well equipped the Eighth Battalion was.

Therefore, he spoke more politely to Han Fei.

At this moment, Cao Qiu flew down from the sky and landed next to Han Fei. “Have you finished? I originally planned to try my new poison.”

Han Fei gave him a glance. “Have you worked out the antidote?”

Cao Qiu scratched his head. “The effect is not perfect but the antidote works 80% of the time.”

Han Fei was speechless. “Give me some Poison G.o.d later and keep working on the antidote.”

With that, Han Fei shouted to everyone, “Today, everyone happened to be here, and the danger has pa.s.sed. Let’s take the chance to clear the periphery of the Skeleton Sh.o.r.e. Kill as many enemies as we can!”



“I can just try my new weapon.”

More than 300 Hanging Fishers plunged into the sea one after another. They won this battle easily, killing hundreds of Inferior Man-Fish and nearly 5,000 Blue-Patterned Armored Shrimps.

From this battle, they could gain nearly 300,000 points, with around 1,000 points for each member. Coupled with the hunting today, each member could get nearly 1,500 credits.

Of course, regardless of how they divided the credits, the credits were all Han Fei’s and they were still paupers.

After Han Fei sent Cao Qiu away, he hung in the sky alone, musing.

Wu Yong’s words reminded him, he had never heard of a Red Demon coming to the Skeleton Sh.o.r.e before. Wasn’t it said that the Inferior Man-Fish of that level usually stay thousands of kilometers away from the coast, or even farther away?

Han Fei frowned. Could it be that the Inferior Man-Fish spotted him making the breakthrough two days ago?

But why would his breakthrough attract a Red Demon at that level to come over?

The more Han Fei thought about it, the stranger it seemed. If the Red Demon did notice that, it wouldn’t just probe once, it may come again.

Thinking of this, Han Fei immediately prepared to transmit a message to the others, only to find there were less than 30 people left within 5,000 meters around him.

Han Fei gritted his teeth. Humph, these fishers!

Han Fei immediately started the fis.h.i.+ng boat and transmitted the message to each of the members, a.s.semble at camp, a.s.semble at camp…

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