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Chapter 771: Carry the Elder With Him

Under Blue Feather’s gaze, Han Fei was very uncomfortable, feeling as if this person could see him through.

Han Fei didn’t conceal anything, and directly stated what he had seen.

“The Ten Thousand Demon Valley used to be floating on the sea. Humans occupied this place and the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm wasn’t ours either… In that battle, there were strange beasts flying across the sky, big hands covering the sky and the sun, and surging billows rolled thousands of meters higher… I saw a man being killed by a beautiful, bare-footed woman wearing a colorful gauze dress, his weapon shattered and his battle suit exploded…”

Han Fei seemed to be depicting an epic, and the breathing of Chixue Huan and the others became fast as they were listening. They hadn’t entered the 72nd floor, so they didn’t know what that floor was like at all.

So Han Fei wasn’t worried they would suspect him at all. He thought, If you don’t believe me, you can go onto that floor yourself!

Anyway, even if you go in, what you see would be exactly the same as what I saw. But Blue Feather boasted that Shu Shan was their ancestor just now? Ha!

He thought to himself, Your ‘ancestor’ is in my hand now, OK? What a big mouth!

Han Fei wasn’t telling a lie. Therefore his description was very vivid and convincing. Even Blue Feather could only nod his head.

Besides, others were not so clear, but Blue Feather knew very well that the Ten Thousand Demon Valley was indeed the territory of mankind.

Including the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm, it was also the territory of mankind.

However, he felt that now that sea demons had occupied it, it belonged to them now.

Besides, the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm had been a holy cultivation place for ordinary Half-Mermaids and Half-Mermen since ancient times. No one could deny that place was very good for their cultivation.

Blue Feather looked Han Fei up and down. “Not bad! You can live in the Ten Thousand Demon Tower, the top floor.”

Before, when Chixue Huan was talking to Han Fei, he didn’t plan to let Han Fei move into the Ten Thousand Demon Tower.

From Chixue Huan’s point of view, no matter how talented Han Fei was, he would leave anyway. Giving Han Fei some opportunities now might bring him some unexpected gains in the future.

But Chixue Huan didn’t expect that Han Fei would be so heinously gifted.

The first time he came to the Cultivation Canyon, he walked through the entire Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm! No one had ever achieved this before him in history.

Chixue Huan said to Han Fei, “Go back to the weapon shop first. Someone will lead you to the Ten Thousand Demon Tower later.”

Han Fei nodded and left.

When Han Fei left, someone said, “Master, this guy is very talented, but his heart is not in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley. Shall we kill him?”

Chixue Huan looked at the person and said, “Hai Xinlan, there is finally a peerless talent among sea demons. Why do you want to kill him? Then, how could the Ten Thousand Demon Valley conquer the Scattered Star Island? Yu Fei may not be strong enough now. But just imagine: if he leaves the Ten Thousand Demon Valley and becomes a real expert, don’t you think it will benefit our Ten Thousand Demon Valley?”

Yu Beichen echoed, “It’s really unnecessary to kill him. After all, he’s a sea demon and came from our Ten Thousand Demon Valley.”

Blue Feather pondered for a moment. “Chixue Huan, didn’t you say that he promised to do three things for you?”

“Yes, King Feather.”

Blue Feather said lightly, “As for the third thing, ask him to go to the Scattered Star Island. What do you think?”

Hearing this, everyone behind him s.h.i.+vered.

A person like Yu Fei would surely become the core if he transformed into a human and snuck into the Scattered Star Island. And he might even be able to enter the Scattered Star First Unit, and then he would definitely play an important role in sea demons’ plan against mankind.

Chixue Huan grinned and said, “King Feather, you’re so wise.”

Han Fei didn’t know Blue Feather had made such a decision. If he knew it, he would have laughed out loud on the spot.

I am originally a human, and you ask me to pretend to be a human? How funny!

At this moment.

Han Fei was bombarding Shu Shan with questions.

“It seems that they believe what I said. Will they break into the 72nd floor?”

Shu Shan responded, “It’s extremely difficult. Although the seal on the 72nd floor has been broken, not everyone can enter the 72nd floor. There’ll be at most dozens of them who may be able to enter that floor. Don’t worry.”

Han Fei nodded. “Senior, I have a question. Is there any limit to disa.s.sembling spiritual energy? I feel that my strength has doubled now.”

Shu Shan sneered. “Do you have any Spirit Awakening Fluid? I’m starving and my soul is unstable. Get me some Spirit Awakening Fluid?”

Han Fei was surprised. “Huh? Spirit Awakening Fluid is very difficult to get. I only have a total of several hundred kilograms.”

Shu Shan instructed, “Give me a few hundred kilograms first so that I can stabilize my soul.”

Han Fei thought, I still have a lot of questions to ask him. Anyway, the Spirit Awakening Fluid is useless to me, I can just give it to him.

Immediately, Han Fei gave 462 kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid to Shu Shan. Giving 462 instead of 460 kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid to Shu Shan, he was trying to show that he had given out all the Spirit Awakening Fluids he had.

The more than 400 kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid was swallowed by the Universe Bracelet in an instant. After about ten minutes, Shu Shan sighed. “It’s too little! Do you still have any?”

Han Fei smiled bitterly. “Senior, do you think Spirit Awakening Fluid is easy to get? You have no idea how hard it is for human beings now. Now we live in the sky and only own a palm-sized territory in the sea.”

Shu Shan said in surprise, “Live in the sky? Celestial palace? How could you possibly live in the celestial palace?”

Han Fei suddenly asked, “Senior, where is the celestial palace?”

“That’s the place where the strong gather. It’s not easy to go there! Huh, if you don’t live in the celestial palace, where do you live?”

“We live on the floating islands, which are floating in the sky with the power of floating stones and arrays.”

Shu Shan nodded. “No wonder. Do you mean the kind of stone that can float? I didn’t expect it to have such a use.”

Then Shu Shan remembered what he asked just now and answered, “This method of disa.s.sembling spiritual energy has long existed since the ancient times. The improvement of one’s realm can lead to an increase in the efficiency of the use of spiritual energy. So people guessed that if a wisp of spiritual energy was disa.s.sembled into two, would there be a qualitative improvement?”

Han Fei was confused. “What I haven’t been able to figure out is that since the amount of spiritual energy remains unchanged, why does its power double after it was split into two halves?”

Shu Shan smiled and said, “It can’t be doubled. Its power seems to be doubled because people haven’t tapped all the power contained in spiritual energy in the first place. By disa.s.sembling the spiritual energy, your spiritual energy control efficiency has been increased by 50%. Correspondingly, your combat power has been greatly increased. However, your strength hasn’t been doubled. When you have the opportunity to fight a battle with all your strength, you will find out.”

Han Fei said in surprise, “What will happen if I can control my spiritual energy 100 percent?”

Shu Shan chuckled. “What are you thinking of? The more you disa.s.semble spiritual energy, the more difficult it becomes. The 72-Floor Soul Realm is just the foundation, and many people can’t even control spiritual energy by 50%, let alone completely control it. This takes time and requires a lot of soul power and spiritual power. This is why the 72-Floor Soul Realm is called the ‘soul’ realm. Otherwise, it would be called the ‘spiritual’ realm.”

Han Fei thought, It turns out that soul and spiritual power are related to the degree of spiritual energy control.

Han Fei asked, “Senior, how does it count as complete control? After completely controlling spiritual energy, what will my spiritual energy be like?”

Shu Shan was silent for a long time before slowly saying, “Paper folding, you know? In terms of spiritual energy control, it’s like folding a piece of paper infinitely. How many times can you fold it? In terms of the amount of spiritual energy, it’s equivalent to splitting a drop of water into two drops, and two drops into four drops. As you keep going, you’ll have better and better control of spiritual energy, but it’ll also be more and more difficult for you to continue to disa.s.semble spiritual energy. Therefore, there is almost no complete control.”

Han Fei imagined it and couldn’t help s.h.i.+vering. It was too difficult!

A piece of paper could be folded at most seven times! So it was indeed difficult to disa.s.semble spiritual energy many times.

However, Han Fei suddenly said, “No! Senior, why do I have to fold so many times? According to you, if I fold it three times more, my control of spiritual energy will exceed 90%? No, it’ll be close to 90% as long as I fold it two more times… By then, everyone is basically of the same level in this aspect…”

For a moment, Shu Shan was speechless. He pondered for a while. “Then this a.n.a.logy may be improper! Let me put it this way, under normal circ.u.mstances, if you are not as strong as an Explorer, you may not even be able to fold it twice.”

Han Fei: “…”

“Senior, forget it. If I were an Explorer, I would have been able to conquer the entire Ten Thousand Demon Valley alone, OK?”

Shu Shan lazily said, “It’s difficult anyway.”

Although Shu Shan’s explanation seemed not quite clear, Han Fei had already understood how difficult it was to control spiritual energy. It was as difficult as climbing into the sky.

No, it was even harder than that.

But in any case, Han Fei had already managed to control spiritual energy by at least 50%! Although his strength hadn’t doubled, it had skyrocketed. He was already very happy with that!

Han Fei immediately asked, “Senior. What is soul energy? You just mentioned when the spiritual beasts’ soul energy was reduced, they might fight and kill each other in the Soul Sea. What does this mean?”

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