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Chapter 1037: Chapter 1037 She Doesn’t Want It Anymore! (II)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Situ Murong looked at her and his eyes flashed again. Then, he suddenly smiled. He was angered by her.

Fine, she could go. What did she mean by enduring everything he had done to her over the past five years?

Did he make her suffer so much over the past five years?

Other than the initial period, he was obviously very gentle. He let her do whatever she wanted and did everything according to her wishes.

Yet, she spoke as if she was going to an execution ground every day.

One more minute, not even one more second? Her timing was really accurate.

At this moment, Situ Murong really wanted to strangle her to death. Otherwise, he would be angered to death by her sooner or later.

“Liu Ying, do you think that you can leave if I don’t agree?” There was an obvious sense of danger in Situ Murong’s slightly narrowed eyes, but there was also a sense of complexity.

He wanted to know, if he did not let her go, how would she leave?

“Mr. Situ Murong, there’s one thing you have to understand. After the five-year period between us is over, you and I will have nothing to do with each other. At that time, you have no right to control me, and I have no obligation to listen to you.” Liu Ying’s eyes also narrowed slightly, she said these words with absolute certainty.

The dawn of freedom was approaching, and she would never accept any changes.

She wanted to be free.

Her meaning was very clear. During these five years, she could be obedient, but after the five-year period ended, she would no longer listen to him.

He could no longer control her!!!

Situ Murong’s brows raised slightly. Mmm, good, very good!!!

This woman had stretched out all of her little claws today. The way she bared her fangs and brandished her claws at this moment was really infuriating. It was so infuriating that he wanted to bite her to death.

For the past five years, she had been so obedient. He thought that he had shaved off her sharp claws, but it was obvious that she had not done so. Her sharp claws had clearly become sharper.

However, would he, Situ Murong, be unable to do anything to a little girl like her?

Was this little girl not a little too arrogant and too confident?

“Liu Ying, do you think it’s that simple for you to not listen?” At this moment, Situ Murong did not really want to undermine her confidence, but he felt that he should let her see reality clearly.

Situ Murong’s words were very casual, but Liu Ying’s heart suddenly sank. She knew that he had that kind of ability and that kind of capital.

She also knew that she was no match for him in a head-on confrontation.

No, even if she used soft words, she was still no match for him, because this man would never be soft on her.

Liu Ying was a little angry, a little anxious, and also a little scared. She had always thought that after their five-year pact expired, she would be able to leave smoothly. She had always thought that Situ Murong would not stop her.

But she did not know why things had suddenly turned out this way?

She felt that her current situation was like she had climbed up from the bottom of a bottomless abyss bit by bit. When she finally saw a glimmer of light, someone kicked her down again.

That feeling was very desperate, and very angry. So she desperately wanted to hold onto something, and did not want to sink down like this.

“At most, I’ll find someone to marry.” Liu Ying said this in a fit of indignation. She felt that such a thing as marriage was very far away from her.

Could she still marry someone like this? She really did not dare to think about it!

At this moment, she said these words to express her dissatisfaction and also to show her determination.

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My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 1037 - She Doesn't Want It Anymore! (II) summary

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