My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 767 - Chapter 767 Absolutely Shocking and Soul-stirring! (II)

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Chapter 767: Chapter 767 Absolutely Shocking and Soul-stirring! (II)

It had to be said that the Gu family was really ruthless this time. She did not have much time left to begin with and only had less than two days left. What she was most afraid of now was not that Tang Yuncheng would not be able to solve the case on time, but that those terrorists might act at any time.

She had to find the connection and solve the case as soon as possible in order to prevent the next tragedy from happening.

She had not expected Commander Gong that would be so easily convinced by the Gu family. This only meant that Commander Gong did not really care about the lives of the soldiers.

A few soldiers followed Commander Gong’s orders and quickly walked up to Chu Wuyou, wanting to catch her directly.

In fact, Chu Wuyou just stood there. She did not run or even move, but her heart was a little sad. As the highest military officer, he did not think about the soldiers, and was so easily manipulated by and used by the Gu family. It was really sad.

At this moment, it was the command center and Commander Gong was in charge. Chu Wuyou could not resist at all. She knew that it was useless to resist.

“Let’s see who dares.” However, at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

As the voice sounded, Tang Yuncheng directly walked into the data room. “Let’s see who dares to capture her.”

“Tang Yuncheng, are you trying to rebel? We have evidence of her colluding with terrorist organizations. If you are protecting her, it means that you are also colluding with terrorist organizations.” Gu Zhengming looked at Tang Yuncheng, his smile was especially sinister. Commander Gong was here, why would he be afraid of Tang Yuncheng? What a joke?

“I, Tang Yuncheng, will use my head to guarantee that she has no connection with a terrorist organization. If the information is leaked, I will bear all the responsibility.” Tang Yuncheng looked at Chu Wuyou and said each word clearly.

“Chief Tang, it’s not that I want to criticize you, but you are already in cahoots with her. You are still a suspect, how can you vouch for her? Your guarantee is useless, it doesn’t carry enough weight…” Gu Zhengming smiled sinisterly, his face clearly carrying a hint of mockery.

“Then what if we’re included?” However, at this moment, a loud and clear voice suddenly sounded.

Everyone was slightly startled. Following the voice, they quickly looked over and saw Elder Tang standing outside the data room. Behind Elder Tang were a few other elders.

Tang Yuncheng secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, his father had arrived in time. Fortunately, his father had persuaded those elders.

He had found out about the Gu family’s plan, so he could only ask his father to come forward. Only his father could suppress this matter.

When the few members of the Gu family saw Elder Tang, who had suddenly appeared, their expressions changed slightly.

“His weight is not enough. In addition to us old bones, is it enough?” Elder Tang looked at Gu Zhengming. The righteous look on his face was in stark contrast to Gu Zhengming’s sinister look.

At this moment, Elder Tang’s words were even more domineering.

“I’ll put it here today. If she leaks the information, we old bones will be at your disposal.” Elder Tang glanced at Chu Wuyou, and his voice became even louder and more domineering.

“Old buddies, you should also make a statement.” Since Elder Tang had brought a few other elders here, it was naturally useful.

Elder Tang had always been sincere and loyal to others. Those few old generals had received his favor before, so they were related to the Gu family. At this moment, they had to give Elder Tang face.

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My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 767 - Chapter 767 Absolutely Shocking and Soul-stirring! (II) summary

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