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Chapter 228: Two Families in One House (1)

“Hum…Where is Chairman Sangman Hong? I don't see him here.”

The person who spoke to me seemed to be in his 50s.

However, I was a little offended when he suddenly asked about my father without even looking at me when I held out my hand for a handshake.

Obviously, when I first introduced myself, I told him I was the current head of the Myongjin Shelter.

In other words, even though I was younger than him, he should have returned my greetings and shaken hands with me. It was basic courtesy.

Anyway, I withdrew my hand, rather embarra.s.sed.

Then I opened my mouth quietly.

“Currently my father is very busy with various things, so he is not here at the Myongjin Shelter.”

“Oh, is he? He really is a busy guy.”

Tramp- Tramp-


Obviously, I was not his subordinate, and I didn't report to him.

However, he seemed to treat me like a subordinate reporting to his supervisor because he just stepped past me after he finished speaking. And one of his aides even gave me something that sounded like an order.

“Please provide us with a s.p.a.ce for a total of 1050 people to stay. We're going to deploy 15 tanks at the s.p.a.ce over there, and we're going to use that building.”

Currently, the Myongjin Shelter is in the shape of a pentagon, with three main bases in the centre surrounded by 20 five storey buildings on the outside.

At first, my father wanted to build a thick wall outside the main bases, but he had no time and resources to do so. As a result, he built 20 buildings outside to protect the main bases.

Honestly, as long as the 20 buildings served their intended purpose, it was possible to maintain the three main bases as well as a pretty large s.p.a.ce.

However, the person who appeared to be Commander Cheoljin Chung's aide spoke as if such an important base was intended for them.

What's more, the problem was the unexpected response of the people in the shelter.

“Oh! They're soldiers!”

“Have they dispatched the army here to defend this place? Myongjin is really great!”

“If Myongjin and the military unite to protect this place, we'll be much safer than all others!”

“Mom, why are the soldiers here?”

“Because they want to protect us.”

It was Myongjin, not the army, who protected them.

However, from their perspective, the soldiers who came here with the tanks were more reliable than the company named Myongjin. So, they began to enthusiastically welcome the army guys.

It was the Myongjin who made all the preparations, but it was the army that got all the credit, which made me very much frustrated. Besides, their intention to take over this place was pretty clear.

However, I tried to hold back my frustration and be patient.

“Okay. I will take the required measures.”

After I said that, I looked at President Kisan Lee.

Although I'm currently in charge of the Myongjin Shelter, President Lee is the best person to properly distribute the available resources here and guide them because he has been working at the shelter from the beginning.

Moreover, I didn't want to guide them myself because Commander Chung ignored me even though I introduced myself as the chief executive of this shelter.

A little later inside Main Base 1.

Main Base 1 was the safest and most elaborate among the three main bases, so I didn't bring Commander Chung and his soldiers into this base.

Fortunately, the three main bases all looked the same from the outside, so they didn't particularly take issue with their placement.

“What do you think?”

I made sure my mother and sister stayed inside the base because they didn't need to go out and welcome the army, so my sister asked me curiously about what happened.

“Well, the commander didn't even pay attention to me. Maybe it's because I'm too young. And…”

“And what?” she asked when I didn't finish, urging me to continue

“Well, their goal is so clear. They didn't even try to hide their intention to take over this place.”

We here at Myongjin didn't ask for their help at all. In that respect, they were unwelcome guests.

Nonetheless, they wanted to take the credit for all the preparation we made here at this safe shelter.

“By the way, I hear they also reached out to the Mirae Guild. Do you know that?” my sister asked.

Of course, I would have burst into a rage if they were making moves on Myongjin only.

At that moment, I would have revealed myself and threatened to reach out to China or even the United States because my value was immeasurable.

But the Korean government seemed to satisfy its desires fully this time.

Actually, they reached out not only to Myongjin but also Mirae, Daesung and Kusan.

My sister continued, “Well, it seems that the Daesung and Kusan Alliance rather actively accept the government's offer. As you know, Jeju Island is so big. So, the Daesung and Kusan Alliance wants to control Jeju Island completely.”

“d.a.m.n it. Why don't these soldiers go to Jeju Island, not here?”

Anyway, I really didn't like the way the army acted at the shelter.

However, there was nothing I or Myongjin could do because the army came here with the excuse of protecting the people. Besides, they had not yet openly revealed their wicked intentions.

Anyway, on that day, I accessed ‘Revival Legend' in frustration and anger because I still had a huge amount of coins despite my rather high 28% actualization rate.

At the Cunning Vampire Garrison.

“Ice Field! Multiple Thin Ice!”


“Pouring Hail! Ice Rain!”

Pitter-patter! Pitter-patter!

Puck! Puck! Puck! Puck!

It was only yesterday when I dealt with the vampires with generosity.

So, today, I spammed all kinds of skills toward the vampires ruthlessly.

Furthermore, I increased the intensity of my attacks at their familiar looks.

“d.a.m.n it! Why do you look like Commander Chung so much? Make my day!”


Of course, the Cunning Vampire in question and Commander Chung did not look alike. However, I felt that the two shared the modifier ‘cunning.'

So I attacked them vehemently with all my might.

As they often said, it was a situation where I went home and took it out on the dog.

No matter how angry I was, I could not vent my anger toward the army that had not yet caused any disturbances.

While Juyoung Hong, or Asirante, was busy hunting like that, the NW held their third regular meeting in New York, USA.

And the biggest topic of the meeting was the same as always, namely monsters.

However, they still didn't know the fundamental reason why this phenomenon occurred or even how it happened even though this incident was so high stakes. As a result, they didn't find any clear solution just like their 1st and 2nd meeting.

But they had a heated discussion to seek an answer from a different angle.

They were trying to figure out how to make people accept this phenomenon naturally.

And the United States, the chairman of the organization, came up with the answer first.

“Is there any reason for us to make such a big fuss over this matter? In my view, this is just like a natural disaster, just like a volcanic eruption, tsunami, typhoon, or an earthquake. And such a disaster has resulted in tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of casualties in history,” the American representative argued pa.s.sionately.

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