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Chapter 1033: Returning To The Gu Family With Their Bloodline

“Even so, while I took the blame in your stead, what were you and your mother doing to me on the other hand? Yet, you claim that I’m a demon… Zhong Qianqian, you and your mother are sc.u.m that demons wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. I told you not to provoke me. The consequences of provoking me weren’t something you could afford to face, but you just wouldn’t listen. Since you didn’t believe me, have a taste of my revenge then!

“Sadly, what a pity. You’re still Gu Mingzhe’s lawfully wedded wife, and you’re even pregnant. Otherwise…”

Nangong Nuannuan did not finish her sentence, but Zhong Qianqian grabbed onto her last straw.

“Pregnant? What did you say? I’m pregnant? I’m pregnant with Brother Mingzhe’s baby?”

This news was a huge surprise to Zhong Qianqian. A piece of good news that fell from the sky!

Even if the Gu family would not accept her as their daughter-in-law, they would have to consider the child in her belly, right?

As long as the Gu family knew that she was pregnant, she would still be able to rise in her status using her child. When that happened, two billion would be nothing. Twenty years later, the entire Gu family would be under her son’s control.

Although she hated Nangong Nuannuan, Zhong Qianqian’s focus was no longer on her.

She knew that Nangong Nuannuan would definitely not help her. If she wanted to live a stable life in the future, she might as well go to the Gu family.

If she could really use her child as a hostage and continue to be Young Lady Gu, it would definitely be much better than this 1.7 billion bucks.

Therefore, Zhong Qianqian could not be bothered to argue with Nangong Nuannuan anymore, and neither did she have any intentions of continuing this pitiful show. She felt her strength returning to her when she heard the news of her pregnancy.

Thinking about the pain in her stomach over the past two days, Zhong Qianqian’s face paled in fright. She stood up quickly and ran off without even saying goodbye.

At the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

“Doctor, what did you say? Say that again!”

“You’re showing signs of a miscarriage. You must stay rested in bed to protect the baby, or else you’ll lose your child very easily.”

“Then… how long do I need to rest?”

“It’s hard to tell for now. In the best-case scenario, one month. However, worse come to worst, I suggest you rest for three months.”

Zhong Qianqian felt anxious.

Three months. Gu Mingzhe would have filed for a one-sided divorce. How could she wait three months?

“Doctor, do you think you can just give me a progesterone injection and let me leave? I’m not from Jiang District. My family’s in Emperor District, so I must go back.”

“I can prescribe you a progesterone shot, but if something goes wrong, you’re solely responsible for all consequences.”

“Okay, okay, okay! If you give me the best progesterone shot, I’ll definitely be able to head back safely.”

In the end, the doctor failed to dissuade Zhong Qianqian, so he gave her an imported progesterone shot.

After the injection, Zhong Qianqian rested for a few hours. After making sure that her stomach did not hurt anymore, she bought a plane ticket back to Emperor District.

What she did not know was that as soon as she left Lijing Mansion, Nangong Nuannuan immediately told the staff working for RS Bank, “Aren’t you going after the debt? The child in Zhong Qianqian’s stomach belongs to the Gu family in Emperor District. If she can’t afford to pay you back, you can just go after the Gu family straight away.”

Since the bank staff was a foreigner, he could not understand the relations.h.i.+p between these people. Therefore, after Nangong Nuannuan relayed the information to them, the staff was extremely grateful to her. He immediately contacted the debt collectors at the headquarters to collect the debts.

When Zhong Qianqian returned to the Gu family joyously and wanted to tell them that she was already pregnant with the Gu family’s flesh and blood, no one opened the door for her even though she rang the doorbell for ages.

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