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Chapter 1369: Business

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Lil Rui came up with a great idea; his probability of success is greater than 95%. So, to avoid Tianheng Holdings from being impacted, we won’t just be allowing wealthy consumers in by gradually lowering the standards of purchase in Camino’s Tianheng, but there will be more ordinary people coming in to enjoy the environment we provide. Being able to enjoy themselves in our experience zone the entire day will give us an extremely considerable source of income.”

“Focus on children’s experiences,” Nangong Nuannuan reminded Aiden.

“Yes.” Aiden nodded before narrowing his eyes slightly.

Nangong Nuannuan noticed that Aiden was scrutinizing her and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Boss, I realized something.”


“In the past, I thought you had no talent in business management. Yet now, I realize that your talent in business management is extraordinary. How about… why don’t you come to the company and learn management from me?”

“Get lost!”

She was the one earning money, yet they still wanted her in management. Hurk hurk hurk, Nangong Nuannuan would ignore them!

Nuannuan dragged Aiden and Selina along as they visited various shops in Tianheng to buy gifts for her family. When the employees in those shops met their boss, they all received her with the greatest enthusiasm.

They visited the last shop and were about to leave when a group of people walked into the store with workers’ dangling on their necks.

The staff did not understand what was going on and went forward to receive them politely. However, the leader of the group was not being polite at all.

“Get your chairman here.”

They asked for the chairman the second they opened their mouths. The manager who was waiting on the boss—as she purchased some clothing from the shop—frowned slightly before heading out first.

“Sir, may I know who you are? What business do you have with our chairman?”

“What business do we have?” The leader sneered. “Who are you?”

“I am the manager of this store, Vivi’s Children’s Clothing.”

“You’re just a manager. Do you even have the right to deal with the matters I’m about to tell you for your company?”

The manager smiled. “Sir, although I can’t handle it immediately, I’ll submit your suggestions and ideas to our executive officer immediately.”

“Don’t give me trash. Summon your Nangong Nuannuan now. Don’t you ever think that all of you can be high and mighty just because you have the Nangong family backing you up. Our Camino is a country governed by laws.”

Nangong Nuannuan, who became a lawless citizen out of nowhere, “…”

“Sir, Nangong Nuannuan is our chairman. She doesn’t usually handle trivial matters, so if you may voice your concerns to me and I will pa.s.s it on to our vice-president.”

“I already said I want to see Nangong Nuannuan. Hurry up and call her. Don’t dawdle.”

The manager’s robotic smile continued to sit on his face. “I’m sorry, sir. I’m afraid we can’t do that.”

“Can’t do it?” The person did not get angry; he smirked. “If you can’t do it, then don’t blame us for causing trouble.”

After saying that, he instructed his subordinates, “Ask the city building inspectors to seal up Tianheng Holdings.”

Nangong Nuannuan, Aiden, and Selina all blinked in a daze.

Ask the city’s building inspectors… to investigate and seal up Tianheng Holdings?

What was wrong with them?

However, it was obvious that this party had come with the intention to cause trouble. After the person behind him heard the order, he immediately made a call and said, “Get three truckloads of people to come and seal up the place.”

The manager was also dumbfounded.

Tianheng Holdings was one of the major taxpayers in Camino, a well-known pioneer company.. Even those government officials were friendly toward their branch’s general manager. Yet, a group of city building inspectors wanted to come over and seal them up for further investigation?

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My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 1369 - Business summary

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