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Chapter 581: Innocent Little Bunny

Seeing how things unfurled, the old master hurriedly attempted to put things into order.

“Hey, hey, hey, neighbors, allow this old man here to say something. This lady’s acupuncture skills are indeed amazing, but didn’t you see that she only treated me just now because I had a sudden illness?

“In my opinion, we should go to the hospital if we get sick. Otherwise, in case the young lady can’t cure you, or if something happens after she cures you now, who will be responsible then? Am I right?”

The onlookers nodded in agreement. However, they did not want to miss out on the opportunity for free acupuncture by Zhong Nuannuan. Other than the fact that it was free, she was also adept at it.

“Miss, are you a child to any family here?”

“That’s right, young lady. Why haven’t we seen you before? Who are your parents? Or do you have a relative who’s living here?”

This was the dormitory for the leaders in the military base, so everyone knew each other.

“I’m not anyone’s child. I’m the fiancée of the captain of the special forces team, Chi Yang.”

As soon as Zhong Nuannuan finished speaking, the crowd fell silent.

“What? You’re Nuannuan? Hahahaha…”

Zhong Nuannuan took in the look of surprise and happiness on the old master’s face. He had indeed put a lot of effort into his acting. Zhong Nuannuan’s mouth twitched involuntarily at his surprised face.

What a drama king!

Zhong Nuannuan blinked her big innocent eyes and asked, “Grandpa, do you know me?”

“Hahaha, I don’t just know you! I came here just to see you!”

Zhong Nuannuan continued to blink her big, clear eyes, indicating that she did not understand.

The old man could not hold it in anymore. He laughed so hard that his mouth looked like it was about to split all the way to the back of his ears. “I’m Chi Yang’s grandfather—soon-to-be grandfather!”

“Huh?!” Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes widened in shock and her face turned red.

The more he looked at his shy granddaughter-in-law, the more he liked her. “Girl, let’s go. Let’s talk upstairs!”

With that, he left the envious neighbors behind and dragged Zhong Nuannuan upstairs.

“Grandpa, let me help you!”

Old Master Chi’s left leg had been injured many years ago, and he had never recovered. Now that he was older, his injury started becoming more of a nuisance, and he had to use a walking stick.

Meanwhile, the military base’s compound was not an apartment with elevators, so it was quite clear that the old master would have to climb all the way to the sixth floor.

“Sure, sure, sure!”

Although he felt that it was not as convenient for the young lady to support him as it was for him to use his walking stick, he could not deny this young lady that was his granddaughter-in-law! Therefore, the old man agreed readily with a heart full of joy.

He was willing to let his granddaughter-in-law help him up, even if he had to give up his two feet, let alone the inconvenience of going upstairs.

His granddaughter-in-law was so kind!

She was like a pure and innocent little bunny.

The two guards who had been following behind him could not stand watching the old master like this. There many girls who wanted to help the old master in Emperor District. Yet, none of them could make themselves useful to the old master.

However, it was a given that the old master would never let those girls from Emperor District help him. Now that he had met his granddaughter-in-law, the old master must be too embarra.s.sed to say no, right?

Therefore, the guard immediately walked forward and said to Zhong Nuannuan, “Miss Zhong, let us do it.”

Just as Zhong Nuannuan was about to reject him, the old master grabbed Zhong Nuannuan’s hand tightly like a child about to be robbed of his favorite toy.

“Go away, I want my granddaughter-in-law to help me!”

Zhong Nuannuan burst out in laughter, amused by the old master’s behavior.

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