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Chapter 660: Dog Fight

Gu Mingzhe really wanted to snap at Jiang Shuwan. If it was not because he had more use for Zhong Qianqian, he could kick Zhong Qianqian and Selina would cancel her attack on the Gu family immediately.

d.a.m.nit, he wondered who was the reason the Gu family became like this!

“Mingzhe, you should bring Qianqian to Emperor District.”

Zhong Kuijun told Gu Mingzhe that, as though he finally understood something behind that decision.

Currently, only the Gu family knew Zhong Qianqian’s ident.i.ty. That was why they rushed to collect the marriage certificate like herding ducks. However, if they stopped Zhong Qianqian and Gu Mingzhe from getting together right now, Zhong Qianqian’s ident.i.ty would probably be lost forever once Gu Mingzhe let go.

Therefore, Zhong Kuijun could only let Gu Mingzhe bring Zhong Qianqian to Emperor District.

The Gu family was a third-tier wealthy family and had no way of dealing with Selina.

Gu Mingzhe’s aunt, Gu Mingyan, married into the Huang family. Even though she was now in a second-tier wealthy family, she still could not deal with Selina.

At this time, if Gu Mingzhe and Zhong Qianqian were to get married, and he wanted to bring Zhong Qianqian to Emperor District. That meant…

Zhong Qianqian’s mother… No, it was Zhong Nuannuan’s mother. She must be the daughter of a second-tier or even first-tier wealthy family.

There were only four first-tier families in Emperor District. With the Nangong family taking the lead, the Ning family was ranked second, followed by the Xiao family in third place and finally, the s.h.i.+ family.

These four families could be said to be the hegemons of the entire Camino. They controlled the political, economic, and even the lifeblood of the military base. They were afraid that there were other hegemons in Sea District even richer than these four families. However, just having money was not enough to establish a foothold in a country.

Therefore, whenever Zhong Kuijun thought about how Pu Yu could be from one of the mentioned four major families, it made Zhong Kuijun’s scalp tingle.

Yet now, he had a feeling that the military base had started to suspect him. Even though he destroyed all the information that could threaten him the very next day he felt something was off, his sense of impending doom that had been ruminating at the back of his head exploded ever since he called Zhong Nuannuan on his phone and realized that he had been blacklisted.

At that moment, Zhong Kuijun had no time to complain about Zhong Nuannuan anymore. He only felt that it would be a good thing if Zhong Nuannuan and Chi Yang could stay away from him forever.

However, he was afraid…

Zhong Kuijun did not dare to think about it.

Thus, while initially unhappy with Gu Mingzhe’s thief-like behavior, he could not be more impatient for Gu Mingzhe to help Zhong Qianqian find her true ident.i.ty now.

Only when he got himself connected to those big families would someone come to save him.

Otherwise, based on what he had done over the years, receiving the death penalty was not far from unattainable.

Gu Mingzhe looked at Zhong Kuijun with a thoughtful gaze. The moment Zhong Kuijun returned his gaze with equally unreadable eyes, Gu Mingzhe understood that Zhong Kuijun knew his strategy.

In this family, only Zhong Kuijun was the smart one.

“Don’t worry, Dad. I’ll take good care of Qianqian. My parents will like Qianqian too.”

“Kuijun, how could you let Qianqian go to Emperor District at this time? No matter what, this has something to do with Qianqian. What if Mingzhe’s parents blame Qianqian and treat her badly?”

Gu Mingzhe was angry to death at Jiang Shuwan. He was about to say something in reply but Zhong Kuijun interrupted the conversation.

“Shut up! What do you mean that this has something to do with Zhong Qianqian? This happened because of Zhong Qianqian! If it wasn’t for Zhong Qianqian, would the Gu family get treated like this? That’s utter bulls.h.i.+t!”

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