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Chapter 661: Between A Joyous Occasion And A Funeral

“Mingzhe is Qianqian’s husband now. How can he not think for Qianqian’s sake? Not giving on Qianqian at this crucial moment proves his feelings for Qianqian. As a mother, instead of giving them your blessing, you choose to drag them down. Don’t you feel guilty?”

Then, he looked at Zhong Qianqian. “Qianqian, I believe that you’re a good girl. For him to not give up on you at this time, he must have a solution. Don’t worry and follow Mingzhe to Emperor District. Call me if you need anything, okay?”

Although Zhong Qianqian was very unwilling to go to Emperor District, she had no choice but to nod.

Zhong Kuijun took out a card and handed it to Zhong Qianqian. “There are 10 million bucks inside. Take it. If there’s anything that you need to spend on, spend it.”

Zhong Qianqian, Jiang Shuwan, and the Jiang family were all stunned.

Zhong Kuijun had always been stingy. It was the first time he had offered 10 million bucks.

“Dad, all this is for me?” Having never seen so much money before, Zhong Qianqian’s eyes lit up.

“Mmm, this is your first time meeting your in-laws in Emperor District. You have to be polite and magnanimous, okay?” Zhong Kuijun’s austere face, coupled with the card containing 10 million bucks, made him the epitome of a good father.

As expected, once Zhong Qianqian received the money, all her dissatisfaction with Zhong Kuijun instantly disappeared. She felt that Zhong Kuijun was the best father in the world.

“Thank you, Dad. Don’t worry, I’ll make a good comeback so that my in-laws love me.”

“That’s good. Then, I won’t keep you guys anymore. You’d better leave tonight. The sooner you resolve this, the better.”

“Alright, Dad. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Qianqian. As for the Gu family’s matter, I know a friend who can definitely help me settle this, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

Zhong Kuijun believed Gu Mingzhe’s promise. After all, the Gu family still needed to rely on Zhong Qianqian’s hidden ident.i.ty to rise to a higher position.

He could only blame himself for not knowing that Pu Yu had such a powerful background before she died.

If he knew, he would…

Ah, just thinking about the past made Zhong Kuijun’s heart ache.

Pu Yu was the woman Zhong Kuijun truly loved. If he had known that he would meet such a woman in his life, he would not have married this evil woman, Jiang Shuwan, before he joined the army in the city.

“Really? Mingzhe, can you really solve the matter with the Gu family?” Jiang Shuwan, who was initially unwilling to let Zhong Qianqian go to the capital with her, stood up with excitement.

Disdain and disdain flashed across Gu Mingzhe’s eyes. Maintaining a gentle and elegant smile on his face, he replied, “Yes, Mom. Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal.”

“That’s good, that’s good. Qianqian, take care and stay at Mingzhe’s side. You have to be polite when you’re there, okay?”

Zhong Qianqian was happy to hear Gu Mingzhe’s confirmation that the matter could be resolved and nodded. “Mom, don’t worry, I’ll be sure to make Brother Mingzhe’s parents like me.”

“Mingzhe, since your friend is so powerful, can you help us get Hongyi out?”

Xie Congrong was furious when she saw how the Zhong family acted like it was a joyous occasion the second they heard that the Gu family would be fine. She felt that they were really selfish.

Her son was still in prison, but everyone in this family was so happy as though they were celebrating the new year.

It was then that Jiang Shuwan recollected herself…

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My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 661 - Between A Joyous Occasion And A Funeral summary

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