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Chapter 789: Honorable

However, Old Master Wu sighed and said to his grandson and granddaughter, “This elderly man is a very honorable man; someone worth all the respect in the world. Since he didn’t reveal his ident.i.ty, it’s not my place to tell you either. I think we’ll all find out later.”

Wu Zongyang and Wu Pingting nodded politely and stopped asking.

The Wu family was able to become the most powerful family in Sea District was not because they had the golden finger or some top-secret business. Rather, it was because the Wu family had always been very united and had taught their children well.

As the saying went, it was difficult for one person to carry a thousand catties, but people could move ten thousand mountains.

The Wu family’s teachings only had one word for their children and grandchildren—Harmony!

Harmony at home brings prosperity.

The people seated behind them were very curious, but Old Master Wu refused to say anything else. However, everyone understood that Chi Yang’s family must be very impressive. How else had they earned the name of being honorable from Old Master Wu?

Previously, everyone thought that although Zhong Nuannuan was pretty, she was not worthy of the young and promising captain, Chi Yang.

However, after Zhong Nuannuan revealed that she was Duke Eton’s daughter, everyone started to feel that Chi Yang was not worthy of her.

After what Old Master Wu said, everyone suddenly realized both of them were a match made in heaven!

At this moment, Duke Eton had already walked up to Old Master Chi. The people seated across the aisle from Zhong Qianqian expected him to shake Chi Yang’s grandfather’s hands politely.

Unexpectedly, Duke Eton walked over and bowed in an extremely humble manner in front of Old Master Chi. Then, he held Old Master Chi’s hands with both hands and greeted him in fluent Mandarin, “Grandfather-in-law, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Sunny’s father. My name is Eton. I’ll be placing Sunny in Grandfather-in-law’s care soon.”

Duke Eton was tall and handsome. He was a man in his forties who looked like he was in his early thirties. He was so handsome that the wealthy young ladies could not help but want to seduce him.

This duke had a status that surpa.s.sed most, but he was extremely humble and polite. He only made an appearance and said a few words but he had already won over the praise of all the guests present.

As expected of a royal prince, his display of sophistication and etiquette was not something that ordinary people could compare to.

The old master had also shown his magnanimity. After all, he was the only grand marshal in Camino. The old master was exuding an outstanding aura naturally. He chuckled and said, “Duke Eton, don’t worry. I’ll definitely treat Nuannuan like my own granddaughter. She’s a wonderful and excellent girl. You’ve raised her well!”

Duke Eton laughed heartily. Whenever Nuannuan was brought up in his conversation, he would not be humble at all.

“Our Sunny is indeed a very outstanding girl. Even in the whole of Luntan, it’s hard to find one like her. I’ve been thinking about what kind of husband I should find for her to be worthy of such an outstanding girl. Who knew that she came to Camino herself and found herself a young and promising military officer.

“When she tells me that she’s found love, I’m sincerely happy. I’m a member of the royal family, but I’ve always dreamed of becoming a soldier. I may not be able to achieve this dream, but my daughter has helped me realized it. In the future, she’ll be a military wife. Even though she’s not in Luntan, I believe that she will be strict with herself and make herself worthy of your country and her husband.”

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