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Chapter 869: Bicker

“Zhong Nuannuan is also our family’s lifeline. She’s as important as Chi Yang. I’m old, and there are people outside this circle that I can’t call in for favors anymore. If I can have help from you—her crowd of grandpas—at least my granddaughter-in-law can do whatever she wants in Emperor District. However, don’t worry, my granddaughter-in-law is a very good girl. She’s definitely not the kind of person who will randomly stir up trouble. Therefore, I’m convinced that if any conflict ever arises, it’s definitely the other party’s fault.”

Zhong Nuannuan did not know whether to laugh or cry at Old Master’s antics. At the same time, she felt a surge of warmth overwhelm her when she witnessed how protective the old master was.

“Okay, okay, we understand. Don’t worry, you’re not the kind of person who asks for help casually anyway. So, consider us agreeing to your request today. From now on, your Nuannuan’s business is our business. If there’s anything, Nuannuan can just drop our names,” Elder Xu said loyally.

Elder Li immediately agreed. Only Nangong Renyi, after losing Nuannuan, lapsed into sadness.

After a long while, he said, “Little Girl, you resembled my deceased daughter too much. If you don’t mind, you can call me Grandpa. Don’t worry, even if you’re not Elder Chi’s granddaughter-in-law, if you acknowledge me as your grandpa, I’ll definitely take care of you. This… just treat it as fate between us.”

Zhong Nuannuan was not that angry with Old Master Nangong. After all, in her previous life, although Old Master Nangong treated Zhong Qianqian well, he had always been strict with Zhong Qianqian. Hence, Zhong Qianqian had never liked Old Master Nangong.

She was angry, but more than that, she was angry at those young masters who did not know to differentiate what was right and wrong just because they loved their youngest sister.

Zhong Nuannuan’s heart softened when she observed the sadness in Nangong Renyi’s face when he brought up her mother.

“Okay, thank you, Grandpa.”

Hearing the word ‘Grandpa’, Old Master Nangong finally smiled. It was a very happy smile.

Zhong Nuannuan could vaguely see tears welling up in Old Master Nangong’s eyes.

Old Master Nangong was happy, but Old Master Chi was jealous. He pulled Nuannuan to his side like an old hen protecting a chick. “Hey, Nangong Renyi, you old fellow, you’re really too much! Nuannuan is the treasure of this Old Chi’s family. I’ve just paraded Nuannuan for a single round. Yet, you have the nerve to make yourself her G.o.d grandfather? Have you asked for my permission?”

Just like that, the four elders started to argue like children.

Zhong Nuannuan smiled as she watched the four old men—whose power and influence could cause a huge earthquake in Camino if they wanted to—argue over such trivial matters.

Attacking each other and teaming up.

Winter was here. Since it was inconvenient for them to move about and they did not want to trouble their children, the old men had not seen each other for a while.

Therefore, in the cold winter, the few elders started to bicker in the courtyard. They did not even want to waste any time walking into the house.

“Grandfathers, your legs aren’t all well. Why don’t we talk inside?”

After Zhong Nuannuan spoke, the few old comrades finally got someone to push them into the house.

Chi Zeyao had already seen the old generals arrive and ordered his servants to pour tea immediately.

Chi Zeyao knew very well what tea the old generals liked.

Therefore, when the old generals entered the room, every cup of tea they held in their hands was the exact type that they liked.

“I can see that Zeyao’s the one who asked someone to make tea for us.”

“Zeyao is as rea.s.suring as ever!”

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