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Chapter 871: Digging A Hole

This time, the three elders who were already envious that Chi Yuansheng found such a beautiful granddaughter-in-law became even more envious of Old Master Chi.

However, the old master had no intention of being humble. Seeing that the three old men’s eyes were boiling green with envy, he still insisted on inviting them for dinner.

During dinner, the elders were thoroughly occupied by their raving jealousy as they witnessed Zhong Nuannuan’s propensity to care for Elder Chi and Chi Zeyao.

Just as everyone was about to unleash their primeval powers, Old Master Chi continued to laugh as he smacked them figuratively on the face.

“What do you guys think of our Nuannuan? Isn’t she good? Isn’t she cute? Previously, you actually told me to find a man for Chi Yang maybe. What did I say?”

“Pfft…” Cough cough cough!

Nuannuan was enjoying her chicken soup without provoking anyone. When she suddenly heard those words from her grandpa, she could not hold it in and nearly spat out everything in her mouth.

Even though she did not spit on the table, she choked quite badly.

Seeing this, Chi Zeyao hurriedly patted Nuannuan’s back and got someone to bring her tea.

“Little Girl, are you alright? Relax, relax. Chi Yang is my biological grandson. There’s no way Grandpa will push Chi Yang into the fire pit. It’s just how unreliable your three grandfathers are. Previously, when they saw that Chi Yang wasn’t interested in women, they actually asked Grandpa to find Chi Yang a man. What did I say? Our Chi Yang has high standards. Now that he’s found our Nuannuan, we’ll witness how our Chi Yang treats his woman next time! His EQ is so high that it’s beyond mine!”

The three elders were so angry that they could barely swallow their meals.


They were here to be tortured alive!

He kept saying ‘our Nuannuan’.

Everyone knew how formidable, filial, and beautiful your Nuannuan was, but was there a need to rub salt on their wound like this?

Old Master Nangong was still alright. At least among his grandsons, the eldest and second were already married. The eldest even gave birth to a pair of twins for him. As for the second… it was only a matter of time.

But his third, fourth, fifth, and sixth all refused to get married. He was so anxious that his mouth was about to bubble.

In the past, those brats would drag Chi Yang out to be their scapegoat. They would mention Chi Yang’s age and the fact that he did not have a girlfriend either. That led him to keep teasing Old Man Chi by asking him to find Chi Yang a man instead.

In the end… not only did Chi Yang find someone, but he also found someone who looked like his daughter.

This was basically the same as digging out a hole in Old Master Nangong’s heart!

However, it was not the end yet. Old Master Chi suddenly thought of something and said, “Oh, right. Aren’t you all very fond of antiques, calligraphy, paintings, and jade? Previously, you all thought that I’m an expert in this area, right? Let me tell you, you guys have never met a true expert yet! Our Nuannuan is really good at picking jade! That day, she accompanied me to a dilapidated corner of Jiang District to search for goods. She chose a total of 15 stones, and in the end, all 15 of them contained jade. That day, my little girl said that she wanted to give me an imperial jade. I thought she was just kidding. Yet… Come, come, come, let me show you the imperial jade that my Little Girl Nuan gave me!”

Old Master Chi quickly ordered someone to take out the imperial jade that he kept for himself.

Elder Xu and Elder Lee did not believe him at first, but when they saw such a huge chunk of imperial jade, their eyes widened in shock.

“Is… is this really what Nuannuan picked up for you?”

“That’s right! You have no idea how big of an uproar this has caused in Jiang District!”

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