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Chapter 727: Unt.i.tled

Mo Jue stared at her and asked in a deep voice, “What do you mean by that?”

“Literally. You aren’t going to accept her as your mother, right? Then, how about accepting her as your mother-in-law? Gorgeous Mo Jue, if I’m going to live with her in the future, you’ll have to please her. I heard that a mother-in-law would become more dissatisfied with her son-in-law as time goes by.” Ye Wei laughed evilly. She had even snuggled up to kiss his chin on purpose. She felt good seeing Mo Jue’s expression.

“Don’t go too far.”

“Who is too much? Is it too much for a daughter to ask her husband to please his mother-in-law? Try asking all the girls in the world. n.o.body will think that it’s too much to ask for. I’m so considerate of you, but you are not grateful at all. Gorgeous Mo Jue, you’re so unintelligible.”

“Don’t think I have no idea of what’s in your mind. What mother-in-law? She isn’t your mother.”

“In my heart, she is my mother.” Ye Wei looked at Mo Jue with a serious look and said, “Mo Jue, you have to be polite and express your grat.i.tude for she had basically raised me up. Other sons-in-law would usually thank their wives’ mothers for raising them up well. Get it? Why don’t you know how to be grateful to someone when you’ve got such a great deal yourself? You really don’t know how to get along with people.”

Mo Jue stared at her intensely. ‘F***, how can she say that? How shameless…’


Alright, he admitted that she might be right this time. He should be grateful that she had raised Ye Wei well. That really talked some senses into him.

Judging from his expression, Ye Wei knew that she had succeeded. She smiled. ‘Master, your son is really stubborn. It’s so hard to convince him. I’ll have to teach him slowly in the future.’

“Lost for words? I’ll kill you if you dare to deny it.” Ye Wei waved her fists fiercely. Mo Jue sneered coldly, but he was cheered up. He wasn’t feeling awkward and terrible anymore.

His gloomy expression had also changed.

Upon seeing that things were getting better, Ye Wei couldn’t help but ask, “Mo Jue, why do you hate my master so much? Actually, what happened when you were young did not have anything to do with her. It’s mostly because of Beauty Mom.”

Mo Jue looked at Ye Wei and said solemnly, “I have always thought that she was the culprit who destroyed my family. When I was young, my father was scarily insane. For no reason, he would call her name again and again, as if she was right in front of his eyes, wherever he went. If I accidentally ruined the moment, he would be furious. So, I had always thought that Beauty Mom and my father were a pair and she had destroyed their relations.h.i.+p by seducing my father, making him abandon his wife and children. That was why I hated her.”

Ye Wei was flabbergasted.

“By the way, Daddy Mo is really loyal!” Ye Wei raised her eyebrows. ‘Will my master be able to get back with him without bearing any grudges? Mo s.h.i.+tian is a poor guy too.’ Although she didn’t know why and how Su Ruhua had his child, she believed that it wasn’t intentional.

“Are you listening to me?” Mo Jue couldn’t help but growl loudly. He was so loud that he almost overturned the ceiling. Even Chu Li and the others, who were chatting in the garden downstairs because the weather was hot, looked up at the ceiling in unison.

Jason laughed. “Hey, Mo Jue must be really agitated for him to be able to shout at Wei Wei like this.”

“How brave!” Black J commented calmly.


Ye Wei blinked her eyes in confusion. “Wasn’t I listening?”

“Then, why didn’t you feel sorry for me but said that he was loyal instead?” Mo Jue was very dissatisfied that he wasn’t the first person who came into Ye Wei’s mind. In fact, he was very p.i.s.sed off.

Ye Wei was shocked. “Well, it seems like Daddy Mo has a stronger sense of presence. Okay, I’m sorry that I’ve neglected you. Then, why do you still hate her even though you knew that it was Su Ruhua who was in the wrong?”

“Who said that I still hate her?”

“You said you don’t like her.”

“Don’t like doesn’t mean hate. I don’t like anyone except for you and my brother. Do I have to hate all of them?” Mo Jue shouted loudly. The people downstairs burst into laughter.

Ye Wei face-palmed and held Mo Jue’s hand. “Gorgeous Mo Jue, people usually have a generation gap if they are three years apart. I think we have it too. I can’t communicate with you.”

“Oh, scram!”

Ye Wei rolled her eyes and asked, “So, what now?”

“I don’t know. I’m not used to her existence.”

“Cut it out. You have to get used to it no matter what,” Ye Wei said in a deep voice. “Do you know how sad my master would be if she heard you? How dare you say that? You dumba.s.s.”

“It’s just between me and you. It’s not like I’m saying these in front of her.”

“Don’t even think of that,” Ye Wei said. “Continue to be stubborn then. I knew that you are a person who can’t distinguish right from wrong, but I didn’t expect it to be so extreme. This is on me.”

“Who can’t distinguish right from wrong?”

“You!” Ye Wei laughed. “Are you able to tell who’s right and who’s wrong? Do you know who caused your family’s misfortune? Who gave you an unhappy childhood? Who is the most hurt in this grudge? You have never thought of the three of them and only made yourself the victim. If this doesn’t show that you are a person who can’t distinguish right and wrong, then what will? We all know that the two of you are innocent, but Mo Jue, are you the only one who is innocent?”

Mo Jue went silent. After a while, he said, “I can’t afford to hate Beauty Mom.”

“n.o.body’s asking you to hate her. After all, she was kind to you. But, can you also think about it from your mother’s point of view? Give her more care. Can you also slowly convince yourself that she is your real mother?” Ye Wei said and waved her hands. “You fool. I am done talking to you. Again, it’s okay if you don’t accept her as your mother, but try not accepting her as your mother-in-law if you dare!”

“Wei Wei, don’t push me!”

“Get lost. n.o.body’s pus.h.i.+ng you. Is anyone going to heal my master’s heart when she’s sad? I just want her to feel better now.” Ye Wei’s expression turned cold. “You don’t know the pain of losing a child at all.”

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