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Chapter 789: Unt.i.tled

Ye Ningyuan was aghast. That was his capable a.s.sistant, the pillar of the Top Terrorist Organization! Why did he feel that he, as a boss, was so uncharismatic? There must be something amiss somewhere.

Could one have such a capable a.s.sistant?

Ye Ningyuan really felt that he was too indulgent toward them.

“Azure Dragon, don’t you feel that you have been overly negligent this time?” He laughed as he helped Cheng Anya pick vegetables.

“Boss, Black Tortoise dragged us all to a game of mahjong yesterday and forgot the report. We unanimously believe that you will be able to perfectly resolve the situation despite not receiving any intelligence. Please keep it up, and do not let down our trust in you.”

As Ye Ningyuan heard the chilling words, he shuddered. He sure had the gall to describe it this way. It seemed that things were indeed too peaceful.

“Who put a price on my head?”

“We’ve yet to confirm who put a price on your head, but we managed to confirm the hitman who’s after you: Xunuo from the WM Organization. Yes, it’s the same An Xunuo you have in mind. Hearsay has it that she’s a terrifyingly capable fighter who defeated White Tiger and Rosefinch in ten moves. Big boss, you’re all that stands in avenging the shame of the Top Terrorist Organization. Good luck.”

“Why do I feel that you are gloating at my misfortune?”

“That is just your illusion, boss.”

“Ah. In view of your slip-up, you’ll lose half a year of bonus.” Ye Ningyuan ignored the cries from the other side of the phone and ended the call. Ye Hailan chuckled and said, “Brother Azure Dragon sure is fun to play with.”

“He bullied your elder brother.”

“Relax! I’ll send you a nude photo of him so that you can threaten him anytime.” Little Hailan clenched her fists stoically.

Cheng Anya was lost for words.

Ye Ningyuan jabbed Cheng Anya’s shoulders and said, “Mommy, don’t you feel that our darling princess should be properly kept away from auntie?”

“I’ll seriously consider this problem.” Cheng Anya calmly judged Little Hailan.

“Mommy…” Little Hailan raised her voice. “You’re really mean! How could you bully your unbelievably adorable and naive daughter this way?”

“How in the world are you adorable? How in the world are you naive? That’s such a cold joke!”

Little Hailan feigned crying and behaved petulantly as she held Ye Ningyuan’s neck and pouted. Her eyes suddenly lit up as she waved toward a corner of the supermarket happily. An Xunuo quickly darted to a side, feeling weird. Was she waving to her?

That should not be the case. That little kid…

An Xunuo frowned and walked out of the supermarket before sitting down on the long bench opposite it. She actually had no plans to act today and implicate innocents. In her many years at work, she had never hurt innocents as she was very measured in her actions.

She followed them but did not expect the relations.h.i.+ps amongst the Ye family members. The mother and children were so close to the point there was no room for anybody else. One could tell that they were a very happy family.

She could not help but somewhat envy them. She had nary an impression of her mother and could only imagine how her mother looked through photos. Michael really doted on her and loved her to the point he yielded to her all the time. While she did not have a complete family, An Xunuo had no regrets since Michael poured out double the love on her. Occasionally, she envied the happiness that others with mothers had.

When her thoughts s.h.i.+fted to this mission she accepted, she felt a chill. Who wanted Ye Ningyuan’s life? She really did not understand, but neither did she ask. As killers, all that mattered was to ensure that the task at hand was accomplished without bothering about anything else.

Kill Ye Ningyuan.

However willing, or not, she was, this was her destiny that she could not avoid.

When she stood up and was about to leave, she suddenly heard a warm greeting from behind her. “Miss An, the world is so small. To think I’d encounter you here.”

An Xunuo, whose memory was incredible, naturally recognized Ye Ningyuan’s voice. She calmed herself, turned around, and saw him in casual wear with his hands in his pockets. A few strands of hair were around his eyes, complementing his gaze. His gaze had a mesmerizing charm. As the sun poured down on him, his handsome silhouette was like a clear memory that stood out amidst the blurry sunlight, engraving itself in her heart.

“Yes, the world is really small indeed. I didn’t expect to see you here.” An Xunuo’s cold reply plunged the surroundings into a chill, and the atmosphere became rather intense.

Ye Ningyuan thought that Xunuo was indeed capable and calm. She did not lack the calmness, keenness, and smarts a killer should have. She must be wondering how not to arouse his attention but responded in such a calm manner that one could not discern any sign of weakness. If he did not know that she was out to kill him, it was afraid he would have treated this as another random encounter.

Why did she accept this mission? Did she want to kill him?

“Is Miss An traveling along?” Ye Ningyuan smiled as he walked toward her and stopped two meters before her. A few couples along the way pa.s.sed by and could not help but turn to look at them as they exchanged murmurs.

“I’m here to look for a friend,” Xunuo plainly said as she did not want to become too involved with Ye Ningyuan. “I’ll see you around!” She nodded.

Just when she was about to leave, she suddenly heard a young voice. “Wow! Dear sister, you are really pretty! Are you my elder brother’s friend?”

She felt her wrist held by a small hand and was about to subconsciously shake the hand off when she saw Little Hailan’s beautiful and sweetly-smiling face and stopped.

Would she fling this adorable child out far? Ye Ningyuan clearly saw her actions and his cold gaze relaxed as he looked at An Xunuo in slight surprise.


“You must be my elder brother’s friend. Mommy bought lots of food today, so would you like to be my guest? Dear big sister, I rarely have people play with me, and I’m sure you can play with me, no?” Little Hailan smiled as she held An Xunuo’s hand.

An Xunuo was slightly displeased, but when she saw Ye Hailan’s innocent eyes and pale face, she felt that she could not express her displeasure at a child and was thus in a tight spot.

She was a friend, yet not a friend.

Ye Ningyuan, who stood aside, had no intention of helping. As Little Hailan dragged her toward the car, she sweetly smiled and said, “Dear big sister, my home is really pretty. You will like it.”

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